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New Hampshire takes a cheap shot at homeschooler

May I help you?

May I help you?

“If I want her in
public school, she’ll be in public school”

Government Goon
New Hampshire Family Court System


When considering whether to turn your health care decisions over to a monolithic group of government bureaucrats, it’s instructive to look at how our government serves the taxpayers elsewhere. Take for instance the heart warming way the New Hampshire Family Court system treated a mother and her young daughter over mom’s decision to home educate, something she had been doing since her daughter was born.

While it’s not entirely clear from the World Net Daily story,,
it appears that a Court ordered parent plan for the divorced couple was in the process of being finalized when someone, maybe the ex-husband, or perhaps a government socialist mole, spotted the homeschooling program administered by the mother.

A ‘Guardian Ad Litem’, the person appointed by the court to look out for the best interests of the child during the course of legal proceedings, decided that the daughter “would be best served by exposure to a public school setting”. Marital Master Michael Garner reportedly told the mother, “If I want her in public school, she’ll be in public school.” Oh, Sieg heil, Herr Garner!

The highly trained government official evidently knows better than the child’s mom about bringing up her daughter. World Net Daily reports he said, the homeschooled girl must be exposed to “different points of view at a time when she must begin to critically evaluate multiple systems of belief … in order to select, as a young adult, which of those systems will best suit her own needs.” In other words, we socialists want to make sure that this child is fully brain washed before she becomes an adult. And we’ll use the power of the government to force her into our government training camp.

Ah yes – the American peasants need a good daily dose of old fashioned socialist, humanist, atheist, exposure to keep them ‘balanced’. Why, if our children were educated in private, Christian, or homeschools – how would the US voters elect more socialists to key offices like President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority Leader? We might have – oh No! – a return to a Constitutional Republic like the Founding Fathers envisioned.

So let’s lock our precious children away 20-30 hours a week for intense training on ‘how to be a good citizen’ or shall we say ‘comrade’. And then we can further their training in the ‘Citizen Corps’ a/k/a the New American Peoples Liberation Army. Now, some families do need a government nanny to keep them out of the gutter. Where would those poor souls be without the endless government hand-outs to keep them housed, clothed, and well fed?

Even today, as we slip-slide into the dark abyss of socialism/communism; the New Hampshire court system has no Constitutional authority to force this young lady into the government school system. This is another case of government running hog wild without regard for the rights of the people. These people need to be removed from public office. But they probably could never get real jobs in the private sector and we’d end up housing, clothing, and feeding them – just like we do now.

It’s a good bet that the Guardian Ad Litem himself was educated in the government indoctrination camps and simply doesn’t know any better. The socialist government school system has been cranking out new socialists like widgets in a factory, for decades. I don’t know about you, but I’d pack up my daughter and move out of that perverted state as fast as my vehicle would take me.

Back to health care. If you look at the imperious, arrogant, and condescending treatment this family received from government thugs in the New Hampshire Court System, you can easily make the connection to government goons administering a health ‘care’ system. Can’t you just picture the treatment you’re going to get when you’re sick, or old, or disabled – and walk into the government clinic? Picture a Motor Vehicle Office with a bunch of extra pissed off bureaucrats who have seen 10 times more patients than they wished. And once they’ve got the power of government behind them, you’ll have little say about the level of care they decide to shovel out to you.

Remember, the Guardian Ad Litem who said, “If I want her in public school, she’ll be in public school.”? He was backed by New Hampshire Court Judge Lucinda V. Sadler. Let’s not forget who was just made a Supreme Court Justice. Stay tuned: there’s more government take-over coming.
Here is a great resource for Christian parents who are concerned about their childrens’ education:
Follow these links for updates on the government health care take-over:


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US needs money – how about an exhale tax?

Man joggingOh dear. What’s a Marxist Socialist US President to do? The 10 year budget deficit has just been raised to $9 trillion dollars. I know – let’s just say it’s all George Bush’s fault. After all, he was President when this crisis emerged. But uh-oh – weren’t the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate during that same period? Ah, forget those trivial details. The Democrats and Republicans are experts at blaming each other for the problems we face today. Wasn’t it you and I who bailed out the auto makers, insurance companies, and banks with our own money? Didn’t we citizens create all those excessive spending programs while Congress and the Senate stood helplessly at the sidelines begging us to stop?

It gets worse. It has been reliably reported that the federal government currently is sitting on $100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, mainly for social security, medicare, and medicaid. Know any business owners? Ask them what the government would do to them if they had unfunded pension plan liabilities, for example. Nobody to ask because companies are going belly up faster than you can say “Commerce Clause”? I’ll tell you – they’d go to jail. And they would be vilified in the media by the same thugs breaking the same rules – the federal government. The US government’s $100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities makes Bernie Madoff look like a dime store shop lifter.

But back to the $100 trillion dollars the government has committed to take from one group of folks to give to others. The number is staggering: it equals roughly 10 times the value of every single thing produced in the US in one year. Don’t make me say that twice!

So how will we pay for government health care? The cost for that adds as much as $1 trillion to the liabilities shown above. We can’t sell much more debt to the Chinese. I think they’re on to us. And raising taxes is tricky. All those un-American and un-patriotic people have been showing up at those tiresome Town Hall Meetings and Tea Parties saying they hate taxes, Senators, and Congresspersons – and even the President.

One way is create money out of thin air. This is so much more convenient now that we have high speed computers and a willing private bank called the Federal Reserve. The Fed simply adds some zeros to a number in a computer and voila! Like magic, America has more money to spend on health care! It’s a beautiful thing! The public will never know – that is until a loaf of bread costs $20.00.

But my favorite federal government fund raiser is Cap and Trade a/k/a ‘Carbon Tax’. This will permit the government to levy unlimited taxes on just about anything that produces emissions. Expect to see an ‘exhale tax’ after they pass Cap and Trade. Every breath you take produces CO2 and that contributes to global warming doesn’t it? And that’s why the government conceived Cap and Trade isn’t it? Only one problem: global warming is rapidly losing any semblance of credibility. Hey, how about a tax on global cooling …?

An exhale tax is just what a Marixt-Socialist US government needs to generate funds for its utopian worker’s paradise here in America. It will raise unlimited revenue to spend as they choose. And that revenue will come from you – every time you exhale.

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John Oxendine – Professionally likeable but not as Governor

OxRockdaleGOPBBQSep2008024My son and I recently had the opportunity to see John Oxendine in the flesh. Later, I asked my son what he thought of Oxendine after listening to a 30 minute presentation and he answered with one word: ‘fake’. Fascinated with this 12 year old’s political wisdom, I asked him why? He simply responded, “C’mon Dad, couldn’t you tell…?”

While I think my son was a little hard on the career Atlanta politician, he alluded to the prevailing persona surrounding most individuals running for public office today. They all seem to be intent on delivering sound bites – little chunks of ‘feel–goodisms’ that make the targeted group comfortable. Of course the targeted group is researched prior to the event to ensure that the right message is delivered and that maximum investment is made of the politicians’s time. But Oxendine is professionally likeable. He has the winning smile, light answers, and somewhat distracted friendliness that is characteristic of most candidates for public office.

Oxendine certainly didn’t disappoint the attendees at our meeting. He touched on all the obligatory issues important to conservatives, Republicans, middle of the roaders, and celestial galactic voyagers. Fair tax, roads, property taxes, and state tax, were all given a perfunctory discussion that suggested much but gave you little to hold against him if he chose to change his mind after an election. As he addressed the group in his expensive designer suit pants, custom dress shirt, loafers without socks – he looked more at home in an Atlanta sushi bar than small town grill.

His best moments were spent detailing how he had turned a 300+ employee state agency (as Commissioner of Insurance)) into a model of civil service. He even shared that his people came into work on a snow day when virtually all of Atlanta was shut down. Oxendine spent the last 15 years working as a ‘dedicated public servant’ and I think he probably has been a pretty good Insurance Commissioner.

But that doesn’t mean he should be elected Governor of GA in 2010.

Georgians need and in fact must have, a principled States Right candidate running for Governor to push back against an increasingly un-Constitutional federal government. Many of us have looked on helplessly in horror, as the federal government tramples on the Constitution almost on a daily basis. From cash bailouts to banksters and insurance companies, to bailouts of auto makers, to serious attempts to end our 2nd amendment rights – just to name a few – it seems that the federal government has gone mad.

Ray McBerryAnd the last thing Georgians need is another Governor who takes orders from Washington, DC insiders. That’s why I support one candidate only – and that’s Ray McBerry. He is the only candidate who gives you straight-up answers on exactly where he stands. And where he stands is where you stand – unless you’re fringe radical socialist. Most GA folks really appreciate his common sense positions on States Rights, taxes, smaller government, the 2nd amendment, and abortion.

He flat out will tell any federal flunkie that the Governor stands between GA citizens and the federal government. After all, that’s what the 10th amendment is all about. The Founding Fathers intended for the majority of power to rest with the States and the people that live in them. The US Constitution grants the federal government limited powers, relegating this entity to serving at the pleasure of the states.

That was until the 1860’s when the federal government used the Civil War as an excuse to implement a program of taking power from the states – without Constitutional mandate.

Today, we have rule by executive branch with Congress and the Senate rubber stamping with increasing frequency the demands of the President – who is ruled himself by a group of Washington insiders. Now more than ever, we need a strong, Constitutionally principled Governor who will defend the Constitution against an entrenched group of people who for decades have worked to destroy it.

Some people prattle on about taxes. Taxes, taxes, taxes. The real issue in front of Americans today is the continued erosion of our rights, freedoms, and liberties. A government that adheres to the Constitution will inevitably reduce spending because they’ll see that most of it is un-Constitutional use of other people’s money. Go listen to McBerry and hear his very specific position on States Rights and you’ll see that the real benefactors of a McBerry victory in 2010 are the everyday working people – the same ones doing all the heavy lifting to support a totally out of control federal government. You and me.

The rest of the gubernatorial candidates running are delivering the same old lip service – that’s why the country is where it is today. Our schools are deteriorating, our dollar is worth a tiny fraction of its worth a 100 years ago, government spending is beyond excessive – it’s suicidal. Georgians are going to need a Constitutionalist Governor in 2010 with an emphasis on States Rights to survive the vicious attacks from an out of control federal government. The only candidate running who speaks for you and me – the ignored citizens of Georgia, is Ray McBerry.


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Chris Matthews is an irrelevant dope

Photo By Matt Sayles USA Today

Photo By Matt Sayles USA Today

It was reported today that Chris Matthews on his dopey show Hardball stated, “people are upset because we have a black president…” It’s amazing that somebody as useless, mindless, and untalented as Matthews could actually occupy expensive air time with his dribble. And how many viewers does he have? Three… including Momma?

The truth Mr. Matthews is; the American people are upset about a lot more than the presence of a black president. How about the $100 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities that the Federal Government has racked up? Or, the budget deficit that is over $2 trillion dollars and rising by a billion dollars every day? Too much for you, Mr. Matthews? Let’s talk about the 1000+ page Federal take-over of the nation’s health care that the White House is ramming down our throats.

Or how about Cap and Trade? The bill represents the largest tax increase in the history of the US. It will raise energy costs for every single American – rich and poor. It will hand over citizens property rights to the Federal Government in violation of the US Constitution. And what is it based on? The very dubious theory that man-made pollution is creating atmospheric conditions that lead to global warming. A theory that 31,478 scientists have signed a petition refuting as false.

Or how about the Federal Government’s campaign to disarm its citizens? As if the government could really protect us from criminals. It has been demonstrated worldwide, that you need to defend yourself when attacked. Otherwise, your survivors’ sole satisfaction as your lifeless body is lowered into a grave may only be to see your killer brought to justice – if you can call it that.

How about the Real ID bill that’s morphed into PASS? Here’s another sneak attack that threatens to give the Federal Government powerful additional tools to monitor American citizens. Bio-metric scans that make it easy for digital cameras are perfect for a government that seeks to control its citizens. And they’ll be very useful when the database is merged with the National Medical ID you’ll be receiving – free of charge!

There are countless bills moving through Congress and the Senate that will dramatically remake America forever if they become law. These issues and more are creating a sense of despair for the American people. What does Matthews say about all this? “people are upset because we have a black president.”‘Upset’ is an understatement but it’s not about having a black President at all. Instead, it’s about a once grand experiment in government that’s been steadily eroded by a group of elitist bankers, Bilderbergs, ultra left wing mobsters, and billionaires. A group that seeks world domination where they control every move you make while sucking the tax dollars right out of your wallet to pay for their contrived crisises.

Frankly, Matthews is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the White House. There’s no hard ball on Hardball when it comes to kissing up to the President. There is video of Matthews genuflecting and prostrating himself before the President. It’s pathetic. But that’s why so many Americans have turned away from the mouth-piece media. Who has time to listen to, and then parse a series of lies by government puff piece writers masquerading as journalists?

That’s why I laugh when Matthews makes yet another moronic statement on his teeny weeny little puke-box of a show. One day, he’ll be gone from the airwaves and out mowing grass for a landscaper making minimum wage. He’s obviously in way above his head.


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My Son Made Me A Baseball Bat

Dalton Heiney and his homemade baseball bat

Dalton Heiney and his homemade baseball bat

My son Dalton loves baseball and the Atlanta Braves – in that order. He’d rather be playing than watching. One of my jobs as his Dad is to throw and bat him balls so he can be assured of making the Braves in 6 years. To this end, I dutifully throw him my best Jair Jurgens fast balls, sliders, and any change-up I can think of. But Dalton doesn’t really feel like he’s had a professional work-out unless I hit him some smokin’ line drives and high flies.
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We will punch back twice as hard

Kim Jong-ilPresident Obama recently said through a paid mouthpiece, “We will punch back twice as hard”, in response to the firestorms flaring up at town hall meetings on government take over of health care. The statement reminded me more of what you’d hear coming from Kim Jong- il in North Korea or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, than the President of the United States. In fact, he sounded like the bellicose communists who rule Russia and China – as they rally their head bashers to put down any resistance to socialism.

While the federal government tries to portray the opponents to government health care showing up at town hall meetings as Right Wing Extremists, the truth is, they are grass roots activists. Little old ladies, young adults, rich, poor, black, white; all with a common purpose to stop the madness emanating from the US federal government. What’s the madness? It’s trying to pass a bill to create a massive take over of the American health care system by the US government; that virtually no one in Congress actually read.

By the way, who actually wrote the bill?

In the meantime, this conflict is not about right wing or left wing politics. The propagandists in Washington are using the old communist tactic of dividing up the citizens into angry opposing camps. Any casual student of history will immediately see the strategy used by Obama and his minions. It’s not a black vs. white racial issue. It’s not about keeping health care from poor people. And it’s not about a benevolent government trying its best to care for people dying in the streets.

No, it’s about a group of insiders who have hijacked the federal government and are using its power to create a socialist state with them in control – like dictators in a banana republic. They have used the government public school system to brainwash our youth, in order to eliminate any resistance to the scams and schemes perpetrated on the American people by Washington insiders.

As the announcement was made today that the US deficit now stands at $1.3 trillion dollars, many called for an end to discussion about government run health care. And rightfully so. Obama is correct when he says he the fiscal problems started long before his administration. But his solutions of more deficit spending fly in the face of good economic stewardship over use of taxpayer money. If private businesses did what the federal government does, their officers would be in jail. Implementing a huge new government spending program is the utopian dream of the fringe lunatic left.

Even if the US was on sound footing, government run health care is a bad idea. It does not address the fundamental flaws inherent in the current health care system which is largely run by big corporations. The major cause for skyrocketing health care premiums is that the patient does not pay the bill directly for health care. The insurance company does. As the Cato Institute pointed out in their excellent book, Patient Power, we really have a system of pre-paid medical care – not health insurance. When you disconnect the payment of fees for health care from the patient, costs are going to go up and up and up. Government health care will address this problem of payment by simply denying health care to anyone that’s deemed unimportant. And once the costs start escalating out of control, that will be everybody except…

… Folks like Kennedy, Pelosi, Durbin, Reid, and others in the government royalty will always have the best health care. Why? Because they won’t participate in the government clinic plan being forced on the US peasants. And that may be the strongest reason why everyone is running to town hall meetings to yell at the dopes occupying space in Congress and the Senate.

Here it is again: we don’t want your stinkin’ government health plan! You take it.

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