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RIP Scott and Jean Adam

Dead pirates don't hijack yachts

Solution to piracy: kill every one of them

It’s funny how sometimes two seemingly disparate pieces of information can come together for no other reason than to make its own point. Like recently. Someone sent me an email “forward”. It was a video of a new Government Motors car designed to protect Government Royalty in the US as they waltz from one taxpayer funded pork fest to another.

The new GM vehicle looked pretty conventional. Big, black, typical in-your-face obnoxious GM styling. But suddenly up out of the sun roof popped a man and this compact machine gun that fired so many bullets at once, that the windshield wipers had to come on automatically to clear the spent gun casings. It was an awesome display of firepower. Certainly great for clearing pesky traffic.

At the same time, the sad story of four Americans executed viciously in cold blood by maggots off the Africa Coast, appeared as a brief news item. Two of the victims, Scott and Jean Adam and owners of the hijacked yacht, were Bible Ministers selflessly visiting various countries distributing Holy Bibles. Whether they knew they were in dangerous waters or not is apparently not clear. One thing is clear though – they chose for various reasons to travel unarmed.

“All they had to protect themselves was a flare gun,” said Clayton Schmit, a friend of the Adams according to the Daily Mail. “He said they told him they didn’t carry a gun because they felt it wasn’t appropriate for a religious mission and because they were afraid it would cause complications in foreign ports. ”

But suppose they had the latest machine gun on board like the one in the new Government Motors vehicles? Imagine pirates pulling up to your yacht and whoever’s on watch lets loose with this gun. In about 15 seconds all that’s left of 15 – 20 pirates are bits of flesh mixed with shards of metal. As the bodies sink into the ocean, you cheerfully say, “Have a nice day!”

Can you think of a simpler solution to the pirate problem?

Instead, we incessantly believe the mouthpiece media and its propaganda that if we’re all disarmed, we can travel safely and live without being molested by human scum. And that the big strong government along with its “Partners” will be there when you need them. Here’s the real truth. If you don’t make serious plans to take care of yourself, you run a substantial risk of ending up on the wrong side of the dirt you’re standing on. Sadly, the Adams found out the hard way.

There are some in the US and in the “Global Community” that long to take away your God given right to defend yourself against thugs and government tyrants. If it was up to them, your eating implements would consist of a bowl and spoon. It’s hard to stab someone with a spoon. Yet, self defense is a component of Natural Law. In a truly free land, your right to self-defense is protected.

Watchmaker Lance Thomas decided he wasn’t going to be a victim any longer. After being repeatedly robbed, he purchased a number of handguns and placed them strategically around his shop. He rigorously rehearsed and practiced shooting at a gun range. Ultimately he shot and killed 5 armed thugs who undoubtedly would have robbed and killed him without a second thought.

Of course he could have called the police. But then he probably wouldn’t be alive today. Instead, there are five less thugs on the street.

Pirates are now giving press releases. Yeah – everybody wants to be a rock star. It seems that a pirate who was arrested, tried, and sentenced to 33 years in prison has drawn the sympathy of his comrades. I mean, how dare anyone arrest, put on trial, and sentence some filthy piece of human garbage to jail for 33 years? One hundred and fifty years ago, this pirate wouldn’t have been so lucky as to get a nice prison cell with 3 squares a day. Instead he would have been shark food.

Airforce Times News reports, “Pirates have turned increasingly violent in their attacks, and naval officials say pirates have begun systematically torturing hostages and using them as human shields. ” A pirate appropriately named “Bile” said Americans would suffer “regrettable consequences.” Pirates have recently tied hostages upside down and dragged them in the sea, locked them in freezers, beaten them and used plastic ties around their genitals, the commander of the European Union anti-piracy force, British Marine Maj. Gen. Buster Howes told AP this month, reports Airforce News.

Do you remember the last gun battle in the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”? Determined men got to together and and chased down two bank robbers until they were cornered. And they went down in a hail of bullets.

The solution to the pirate problem is simple. Shove the hand wringers out of the way. Send out luxury yachts armed to the teeth with the latest weapons as pirate bait. And when pirates show up, kill every one of them. I guarantee you this – in six months there won’t be a pirate problem.

It was a sad day when the Adams and their 2 ship mates were killed. May they never be forgotten and may the Holy Bibles they so selflessly distributed be a permanent memorial for these brave and Godly people.



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I opt-out of the naked scanner and go for the deluxe pat down

Military man protecting airport terminal

US Airport Security - coming to an airport near you

They were herding passengers through the naked scanner like cattle at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. No one escaped the indignity of having their whole body including all private parts exposed for government scrutiny. I suppose this is the United States of the future. You will be required to essentially disrobe on demand in front of any federal officer regardless of whether there is reasonable suspicion of a crime committed or not. Due process is a thing of the past.

I noticed on a FBI Crime website that it’s not enough anymore to investigate crimes committed. Law enforcement will increasingly focus on preventing crime. Now who would argue against that? Perhaps America’s Founding Fathers. Because of the way it will be done. For example: once illegal wiretaps on your phone will become legal – like magic. Surveillance from any one of thousands of cameras surrounding you everywhere when you step outside your front door. Rifling through your papers, bills, purchases, and more – all of which will be on-line for every government snoop to spend quality time reviewing.

All of your medical records will be on a national government database soon, as part of the US federal government’s takeover of the private medical industry. Take Viagra? Are you bi-polar? Think bad thoughts sometimes? All your pals in the government who just want to keep you safe, will know all about you. Doesn’t that make you feel safer?

The FBI and the TSA and the rest of the federal enforcers will have plenty of help preventing crime. Those silly constitutional rights just keep getting in the way of good honest crime prevention. We must become more like the rest of the world. So you’ll see continual whittling away at the US Bill of Rights.

But back to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. Do you remember watching TV shows from the 60’s and 70’s? They often depicted a communist police state visually as an airport with military types checking “your papers”. The look and feel of these 60’s and 70’s police state airports is surprisingly similar to the look and feel of today’s US airports. Except the old ones didn’t have the invasive new naked scanners.

These airport scanners violate numerous Constitutional rights. Yet – where is the outrage? Part of this can be attributed to successful media indoctrination that these violations of rights are good for you. They make you safer. You’re under less threat of violence. Most people apparently are willing to give up any rights if you just tell them you’ll grant them greater security. As for me, I’d rather take my chances with the Taliban than trust a hugely powerful federal monstrosity that has clearly moved into the red zone of police state enforcement.

So I decided to “opt-out” of the naked scanner and go for the deluxe pat-down. I was gruffly asked, “Oh, you want the opt-out?” Like it’s some sort of challenge. Then I was told – “Stand over there”. I heard an announcement over the PA system that they had an opt-out and needed a male guard. After waiting a few minutes, I was ordered to follow the TSA guard through a metal detector and stand next to a desk. “Stand on this side”, he demanded.

I was asked about the contents of my computer bag. “Any sharp objects in here” asked the second guard. I wanted to say something sarcastic like, “No, just my box cutter…” but I knew these guys didn’t have a sense of humor. I might have ended up in a FEMA camp for any cute remarks. “No – nothing sharp in there to my knowledge.” Didn’t the bag just go through their x-ray machine? And hadn’t I gone through a metal detector a second time? Oh well – better be safe than sorry my momma used to say!

The TSA guard checking my computer bag removed the padded dashboard mount for my GPS and quizzically turned it over a few times. “For my GPS” I added. He nodded and stuffed it back in the case. Then my belongings were again carried to another security check point where the pat-down began. The first TSA guard explained that the back of the hand and the front of the hand would be used. Hands would be slid down my pants and my groin would be touched. Hands will go up and down my legs. I thought about that dope Chris Matthews when he said Mr. Obama gave him a shiver down his leg. Shiver this Matthews you establishment butt kisser.

The guard took my boarding pass and entered something into his computer. “Oh great”, I thought. “Now I’m on a federal database as an op-out”. This should be good for my future here in the socialist-communist new world order America.

Now the pat-down. I was asked if I would like to have my body check done in private. Being the voyeur I am, I said, “No – right here is fine.” The TSA guard performed as advertised, I was groped from head to toe. He did slide the back of his hand down my pants and he did feel my groin. My legs were checked. My back was checked. My feet were checked. All areas of my body were inspected. However, I’m pleased to report that they left out the body cavity inspection this time. I anticipate this is coming at a future date.

It seemed it was over almost as soon as it started. The TSA guard walked away and entered some more stuff into his federal database. Almost as if he had forgotten me, he suddenly looked back and said I could go. I gathered up my scattered possessions, put my shoes and belt back on, packed my laptop computer back into my computer bag.

I didn’t notice any other people taking the opt-out option. Apparently most people are content to step into some bizarre machine owned and operated by the federal government – and no, just because you pay taxes, that doesn’t mean you own the naked scanners.

You pay for all this. And then the federal police state uses it for people control.

If the American people are willing to accept this violation of Constitutional rights, they are willing to accept much more. Expect to see this in train stations, bus terminals, city streets, municipal buildings – use your imagination. I’ll bet you can think of a great place for naked scanners.

Any place sounds good except maybe our borders.


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Nanny says no to salt and yes to bloated budgets

tortilla chips and salsa without salt

US central government: lower salt in your diet - raise spending

Calling all serfs. The shadowy elitist group in control of Washington DC has issued its latest edict. Thou shalt not abuse … table salt. Fox News ( reports that the US federal government which is in the business of minding everybody’s business but its own, has determined that you can get by on 1/2 a teaspoon of salt a day. Of course that likely won’t apply if you’re a Congressperson, Senator, or any of the other privileged class living on the taxpayer dole. You government royalty just go eat all the salt you want along with your taxpayer funded $299 a bottle glasses of wine.

Foxnews reports that the government will initially focus on bullying big food corporations into stripping as much salt from processed food as the they deem necessary – for your good health. They’re easy prey and like everyone else in the US, they’re scared to death of what the feds will pull next. After bashing the big food makers into submission, they’ll probably begin some sort of campaign to bully the individual.

Naturally, this will make food less appetizing so initially food processors will sell less food. Perhaps there will be layoffs. Profits will decline. Tax collections might suffer. But at least your government cares for you!

For those who believe in a free lunch complete with all the salt you want, this is part of the new ObamaCare “Free” Medical Plan you’ll all be getting. You see, the government now has an interest in your personal health habits because they’ll be paying your medical bills. Since they’re paying, and actually since the taxpayer is paying, your eating habits, your vices, your level of risk taken, your choice of sports, and much more will be closely scrutinized by the federal government. This is one component of medical cost containment.

Government elitists are already moving in on soft drink makers. Apparently this group of producers doesn’t meet government approval either. Too much sugar. Not enough nutrition. Contributes to diabetes, obesity, and other health related problems.

What will be next? How about eggs, cheese, meat, potato chips, pretzels… Really, the government can do anything it wants, right Representative Stark?

While the US federal government is busy making sure you don’t eat too much salt, they’re busy spending too much of your money. They sure do know what is important. Now don’t you worry about the national debt being $14,070,044,009,259.52. That’s $14 trillion dollars. Think instead about that pesky salt intake and how your government really cares about your health and well being. And don’t be concerned that each citizen’s share in this debt is now $45,394.53 and the National Debt has continued to increase an average of $4.14 billion per day since September 28, 2007.

Because the government has your health on their minds – and that’s much more important than that silly debt ceiling. Until of course their mismanagement puts gasoline at $10 per gallon, bread at $10 a loaf, and eggs at $1 each. When that happens, you won’t have much of an appetite for salt anymore.

Call your Congressperson and Senator. Tell them NO to any increase of the national debt ceiling. Stop the spending madness now.

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