Chris Matthews is an irrelevant dope

Photo By Matt Sayles USA Today

Photo By Matt Sayles USA Today

It was reported today that Chris Matthews on his dopey show Hardball stated, “people are upset because we have a black president…” It’s amazing that somebody as useless, mindless, and untalented as Matthews could actually occupy expensive air time with his dribble. And how many viewers does he have? Three… including Momma?

The truth Mr. Matthews is; the American people are upset about a lot more than the presence of a black president. How about the $100 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities that the Federal Government has racked up? Or, the budget deficit that is over $2 trillion dollars and rising by a billion dollars every day? Too much for you, Mr. Matthews? Let’s talk about the 1000+ page Federal take-over of the nation’s health care that the White House is ramming down our throats.

Or how about Cap and Trade? The bill represents the largest tax increase in the history of the US. It will raise energy costs for every single American – rich and poor. It will hand over citizens property rights to the Federal Government in violation of the US Constitution. And what is it based on? The very dubious theory that man-made pollution is creating atmospheric conditions that lead to global warming. A theory that 31,478 scientists have signed a petition refuting as false.

Or how about the Federal Government’s campaign to disarm its citizens? As if the government could really protect us from criminals. It has been demonstrated worldwide, that you need to defend yourself when attacked. Otherwise, your survivors’ sole satisfaction as your lifeless body is lowered into a grave may only be to see your killer brought to justice – if you can call it that.

How about the Real ID bill that’s morphed into PASS? Here’s another sneak attack that threatens to give the Federal Government powerful additional tools to monitor American citizens. Bio-metric scans that make it easy for digital cameras are perfect for a government that seeks to control its citizens. And they’ll be very useful when the database is merged with the National Medical ID you’ll be receiving – free of charge!

There are countless bills moving through Congress and the Senate that will dramatically remake America forever if they become law. These issues and more are creating a sense of despair for the American people. What does Matthews say about all this? “people are upset because we have a black president.”‘Upset’ is an understatement but it’s not about having a black President at all. Instead, it’s about a once grand experiment in government that’s been steadily eroded by a group of elitist bankers, Bilderbergs, ultra left wing mobsters, and billionaires. A group that seeks world domination where they control every move you make while sucking the tax dollars right out of your wallet to pay for their contrived crisises.

Frankly, Matthews is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the White House. There’s no hard ball on Hardball when it comes to kissing up to the President. There is video of Matthews genuflecting and prostrating himself before the President. It’s pathetic. But that’s why so many Americans have turned away from the mouth-piece media. Who has time to listen to, and then parse a series of lies by government puff piece writers masquerading as journalists?

That’s why I laugh when Matthews makes yet another moronic statement on his teeny weeny little puke-box of a show. One day, he’ll be gone from the airwaves and out mowing grass for a landscaper making minimum wage. He’s obviously in way above his head.



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3 responses to “Chris Matthews is an irrelevant dope

  1. steve

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Chris Matthews has a major malfunction…his thought process.

  2. Robert Heiney

    Hey Steve – great looking blogsite! Well worth visiting.

    Robert Heiney

  3. steve

    Thank you Robert! Right back atcha! Hoping you and yours have a great weekend!

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