Dear Sue Everhart… you blew it at the RNC

Dear Sue,

Letter from Sue Everhart

Sue Everhart’s recent “handwritten” letter to “My Dear Friend” (me) was so personal and inspiring!

Thanks so much for your recent handwritten note – it was great to hear from you. I’m so glad you were able to personally experience the excitement at the Republic National Convention. I too watched the events unfold in anticipation that history would be made.

After all, the nation has reached a point where it may no longer function economically or even politically except as just another run-of-the-mill socialist/marxist oligarchy. Certainly not a reflection of the great experiment in liberty and economic freedom that America’s Founding Fathers worked so hard and sacrificed so much to create.

I do have a few comments about your letter though.

As a 35 year member of the Republican Party, and a faithful voter as such, I cannot agree with your assessment that there is a “sharp contrast between our Republican nominee and Barack Obama”. Are they really so different? Does RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare really give Americans much of a choice? Are their policies and thinking that much different? History doesn’t agree.

Consider this: America already has a heavily socialist political and economic system:

  • The nation suffers under a heavy Stalinist style of mind boggling, business killing series of regulations. Reportedly over 165,000 pages of federal regulations. Add to that state and local regulations.
  • There’s the insane federal spending that both Republicans and Democrats can take credit for. Federal spending exceeds federal income by $2.7 billion dollars per day.
  • Federal debt is nearly $16 trillion and federal liabilities are between $120 trillion and $205 trillion depending on which economist you favor. Even the lower number is unsustainable. We have a government that preaches “sustainability” yet its own actions render it unsustainable.

I see nothing from Romney that offers specific proposals to change this except more ear candy. And I don’t see any coherent and focused solutions from either party on these problems – at least nothing that will bring America even close to digging out of the pit the Republicans and Democrats dug the nation into.

But let’s be realistic for a minute and accept that Mr. Romney is Socialist lite next to Mr. Obama’s Marxist revolutionary. Calling Romney a conservative is absolutely laughable but he’s better than four more years of Obama. Given the lack of differences between Romney and Obama, you would think RNC leadership would be a little smarter in they way they conducted the Convention. Instead, they blew it by steamrolling new rules that effectively changed everything in mid-game. Instead of letting Ron Paul and his supporters be heard, Paul and his ideas were tossed into the dumpster and his delegates not seated.

Since everyone knew he wasn’t going to win, could he not have been granted the dignity to be heard and his delegates who worked so hard, be seated?

Evidently his message was so foreign to you, you couldn’t bear to let him speak at the Convention. Big mistake. His message resonates with the rapidly growing Liberty movement and is backed by credible economists. Paul’s legacy will not go away. But voters will. You have effectively helped Obama gain another four destructive years in the White House through pathetically poor leadership in all levels of the Republican Party. The RNC should have been about real solutions to solving the systemic problems facing this once great nation. Instead it was cheerleaders and backslappers as usual. The ones who had real ideas were shown the door.

Those Ron Paul supporters are now regrouping and will likely throw their support around a third party candidate. Of course when they do that, Romney will lose. Republican Leadership will be outraged but they have only themselves to blame. Their actions at the District, State, and National Conventions demonstrated that they are only concerned with maintaining some obtuse level of status quo while implying that they really don’t want to fix America’s problems. Maybe it’s even worse.

The actions by RNC leadership were incredibly stupid. In fact, their actions were so counterproductive, some may wish to sit back and wonder about them. Was it stupidity? Probably not, because RNC leadership isn’t stupid. Did they simply make a mistake? Could be, but this was a stupid mistake and leadership isn’t stupid. Did they deliberately sabotage Romney’s best chance of winning the election?

You and the rest of Republican Leadership should step down but history shows that your type of leadership somehow endures. But remember, if Romney is not elected, you are to blame. Not Libertarians, not Ron Paul supporters, not Mr. Obama – just you.


Robert Heiney
Republican District Convention
Republican State Convention



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7 responses to “Dear Sue Everhart… you blew it at the RNC

  1. Way to stand up to the Establishment …. One day our message will prevail !

  2. Melanie

    If u choose to support a third party kudos…Perhaps its time…we need a party that is fiscally responsible, like’s the constitution and cares for its people in a realistic way. There has to be a way for a society to care for ill, old, needy without bankrupting the whole kit and kaboodle! Hope we don’t end up like Greece.

  3. Linda Lovett

    The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
    H. P. Lovecraft
    When the RNC refuses to listen and learn what people are saying, such as Ron Paul, then this can be their only response to the fear they create within themselves. Just a bunch of scared rabbits who unfortunately hold some powerful keys to my grandchildren’s futures. Makes me sick to my stomach!

  4. bosocks1

    What an outstanding article….your best I’ve read in my opinion. I often have wondered why you aren’t doing a regular blog, a la REDSTATE…if that yahoo can get a following and be successful with his rank and bull, his globalist talking points, surely you can be successful, though, he has the backing of the corporate media and yours would be an uphill climb.

    Thanks Ron

  5. DSQ

    Actually Ron where I agree with your frustration as a delegate at the state convention myself. And with its leadership from the county level to the state level. If people choose to pick the third party candidate and go with Ron Paul. And Help Obama when his 2nd term then they have no one else to blame but themselves. They are the only ones standing in the voting booth and they should know before hand what that vote is going to do. In Spite of the blatant need to vote in a new chair for new year and new officers in general. We should hold ourselves accountable for who we vote in.

    • Robert Heiney

      I am trying to pick through your comment and determine what your point is. Correct me if I’m wrong. You’re saying the following:

      1. “they[the voters?] should know before hand what that vote is going to do

      2. “people choose to pick the third party candidate and go with Ron Paul”

      On your first point, the voters have been screwed again by the entrenched power brokers in the Republicrat party. The only candidate that represented the interests of the citizens, and not those of the corporatists, banksters, and military fascists, was Ron Paul. He was shown the door. You did not have a free selection process at the District, State, or National level. It was rigged from the start. So when you say ” they should know before hand what that vote is going to do.” I have to hope you mean that the voters should recognize they have not been given a choice but a selection of two nearly identical candidates. That should trigger votes for anyone but a Republicrat or Demuplican. Of course, this may mean another 4 years of the Marxist Revolutionary. But at least he’s honest about his intentions. We know he’s a Marxist Revolutionary who’s trying to dismantle America because he’s said so. The other candidate masquerades as a “conservative” when his voting record clearly indicates he’s not. So who do you vote for? Rip off candidate #1 or Rip off candidate #2?

      And that leads me to your second point. Yes, I think Americans should vote en masse for the third party candidate. But since most get their information from the mouthpiece government-corporatist media, there’s not much hope of gaining enough truly informed voters to make a difference.

      There’s a growing number of citizens who are aware of the growing tyranny of the US government and they will be heard increasingly at the voter’s booth. That is … if we have a voter’s booth that isn’t rigged.

  6. DSQ

    Sorry for my typo’s in my first comment. But No Robert where I may have liked Ron Paul and would have supported him had things not gone they way they did. I do believe we should get more involved at a local level and remove the Sue Everharts from their offices and elect those we want in their stead. I’m afraid Ron and his ego along with his die hard supporters (as Obama’s has his) will run & split the vote that will get Obama re-elected. Then who ya gonna blame?

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