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Government myth #3 – “we’ll lower health care costs”

3724332 Listen to me a minute. Government take over of the health care industry is not going to lower costs. In fact, they will continue to go up. There’s one simple reason why: covered individuals are no longer writing a check directly for each visit. Or if they are, the co-pay is artificially kept so low, the patient doesn’t mind the small added expense. Use your common sense. What’s going to happen if you an opportunity to get a free something – anything? You’re going to drink deeply from that well, right?

We have disconnected the payment of the fee from the doctor provided service. Think about that for a minute. You don’t need a degree in economics to understand human nature. Free health care? Look out – the demand is going to stress the health care industry to the tune of 40,000,000 added people covered while at the same time, the government cuts funding.

And here’s how stupid this really is; government health care is simply a continuation of private style health insurance – only now the federal government has all your medical records right at their computer keyboard. And they can bully you around when it comes to your care. They can dictate to doctors, nurses, and other health industry workers. Nobody stops the feds. I feel healthier already!

But isn’t private health insurance good for the people, Mr. Capitalist Bob Heiney? No! They’re the other ‘white meat’ in the government equation. They’ve been busily ripping off insureds for decades. Just like all the big company insurance companies do, they lavish gifts on their servants; Congresspersons and Senators, to get all kinds of favorable legislation to help them grow their piggy profits. Insurance companies are just like the government. Only they don’t have the magic button: the ability to directly snatch money out of your wallet at gunpoint, like the government does. They have to actually ask their stooges in the government to legislate those new insurance premiums, regulations, and laws to force you to ‘purchase’ insurance.

Let’s face it: private health insurance destroyed the doctor – patient relationship a long time ago. They replaced it with a doctor – insurance company relationship. You are incidental in the process. Our current system is not all that different from the socialist version being forced on America. Just a visit to one of the ‘clinics’ the private insurers have set up for your ‘care’ should convince you of that.
But’s let’s give the Keynesian economists at the White House the benefit of the doubt.

Imagine waking up one day soon and discovering that all your health care worries are gone. You no longer have to stress over how you’ll pay for that next doctor’s visit. Your cancer, heart problems, diabetes, even your abortion; will be quickly treated or in the case of your abortion, that troublesome ‘fetus’ will be eliminated. In this new America, created by your federal government, you’ll no longer have to pay for your prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, hospital care, or abortions.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Ask yourself: have you ever seen the federal government lower the cost of anything? But let’s go with the federal government claims that it will do something completely uncharacteristic such as lower costs and provide better service. How will they do this? One of the ways is to let socialist planners who have been tampering with the system for decades, to dictate to doctors, nurses, and the rest of the health care industry how much they can charge – and vicariously how much they can earn. And they are going to add as many as 40,000,000 new people into the system.

To put perspective on this grand scheme, let’s use the government template on a different industry such as plumbing. We’ve decided to give everyone free plumbing insurance because federal government planners decided it was a ‘Right’.  Joe is a plumber making $22.50 an hour.

But the government has decided to cap his hourly at $18.00 an hour instead to control costs. And because everyone now has free plumbing, Joe is faced with a crushing increase in customers that he is servicing for less money. So now Joe tells everyone there is a 120 day wait for service. Since Joe is now making less money per customer, he is none too keen on performance. Instead he now rushes through every job. Does he care? No.

What’s Joe going to eventually do? Find a new line of work. And that’s what you’re going to see in the health care industry. Doctors and nurses will move on to better opportunities or find a specialized niche serving the rich.

Government take over of the health care industry is so wrong in so many ways, that’s it’s frightening to watch Congresspersons and Senators demand this huge unconstitutional change in America. It is truly a socialist/communist inside job being perpetrated on the American people. The health care industry take over comes from  years of patient underground efforts by a few dedicated individuals who parlayed their small numbers into key positions within the American government.

The take over is continuing and will extend to nearly every area of your life if you don’t take a stand now – today. That’s why you must get active where you live. Here are some helpful websites:

Do not delay. The federal government is working overtime to create new legislation that robs you of your Constitutional Rights and replaces it with tyranny. Your efforts will make a difference. Start today.


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Overweight? You’re gonna pay

766821_blogRed hot alert from the government that truly cares, about you. Fat kills. That’s right – fat kills. For all of us who are overweight; we finally have someone who feels our pain. The US federal government along with health leaders from virtually all over the globe are now going to do something about your obesity.

Government health officials world wide have stated publicly that fat people are a contributing factor in the global warming crisis. According to these ‘experts’, they eat more, creating a need to produce more food which leads to more C02 emissions. Overweight people tend to drive more thereby wasting more fossil fuels. They exhale more – adding to the C02 ‘crisis’. And overweight people are accused of driving up health care costs for the rest of the presumably thinner and healthier population.

These talking points have been made with increasing frequency to the press by a variety of university, government, and non-profit advocacy groups . Governments worldwide and in the US are gearing up for an assault on the obese. It will be similar to the successful template employed against cigarette smokers. They were helpless pawns when faced with a powerful US federal government bent on making them pay for their habit.

So what will the federal government do to stop this urgent health care crisis called obesity? They plan to tax everything they consider to be ‘junk food’. With backing from The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Rudd Center For Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, and other groups; they have initially targeted soda pop and other sugary drinks for a 3 cents per 12 oz drink, junk food tax. They are also a driving force behind other new junk food taxes that ultimately would be funneled into the new government health care system. This tax alone could generate $50 billion new tax dollars for our bloated, and in need of its own diet, federal government. Expect state governments to follow.

The US federal government is adept at finding a new crisis to solve. Guns, health care, junk food, the internet – anything to restrict your rights and take more money out of your wallet each payday. But they’re strangely silent when the discussion turns to illegal aliens infiltrating the US. It’s estimated that there are 20,000,000 foreigners living in the US illegally. That’s nearly 20 times larger than the People’s Liberation Army in China. Common sense dictates that this represents a real crisis of epic proportions. Didn’t members of Congress and the Senate swear an oath to protect the citizens of the US from foreign threats? Obesity isn’t in there.

Instead, these career politicians who make their living taking your living away from you, devise ever more clever schemes to defraud the taxpayer. A private business drumming up new revenue this way would be ripped to pieces by taxpayer funded Attorney Generals and government courts. Maybe it’s time these government thugs themselves are charged with false advertising, fraud, extortion, and malpractice. Because the real obesity crisis in America is at the federal government.


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Are you my mother?

453229_blogI have often wondered why a country that had so much going for it, is rapidly descending  into a socialist humanist banana republic. Undoubtedly the breakup of the family has had much to do with it.

Children are still running around in adulthood looking for their momma or daddy. Children never quite get over the breakup of the family. Even when there is an amicable divorce, the children are set ‘off-balance’ by the change in addresses for each parent. And the shuttling back and forth from one parent to the other depending who has custody this week. The parents new ‘significant other’ also has a destabilizing effect on the children. Unfortunately, these scenarios represent family break-ups in the most benevolent situations. Often as is sadly reported, children suffer far worse after their parents separate.

In PD Eastman’s children’s book Are you my mother, the reader is taken to a place where an increasing number of children have already gone. A baby bird becomes separated from its mother and wanders around asking a variety of different and thankfully benevolent animals, “Are you my mother”? The baby bird is so lost, confused, and desperate for its mother that it asks a car, boat, and plane the same question. The brief separation highlights how young children in family break-ups can exist in a world where they don’t even know where they came from. Thankfully this story has a happy ending – the baby bird is ultimately reunited with its mother.

As the story unfolded however, you could almost hear the baby bird saying, “please – anybody – step up and be my parent!” Because children need their parents. You might think you can casually get married and then dump your spouse for the next great love to come by. If you don’t have children, you’re only affecting yourself. If you have children however, you’re doing irreparable harm to them that they’ll never quite recover from.

Our society has taken the convenient path down the humanist trail. On this road, you can do anything you want while the humanists cheer you on, encouraging you every step of the way. The world says it’s OK to marry and divorce and marry and divorce. And don’t worry about the children. They’s adjust…

But God says through His Holy Word The Bible, to even look at another person with lust when you’re married is adulterous. In fact, intimacy with a divorced person is  considered adultery by God. Don’t like what He says? You tell Him. Surely He’ll take direction from you.

God set up the system of marriage to provide nurture, protection, and training to children from both parents. He intended you to marry once and then provide a stable environment for your children – the children He gave you. God expects parents to be parents – not perpetual children. But when children emerge into adulthood from a broken family, they usually take the same path as their parents. Thus begins the next round of divorce, dragging helpless children behind them like excess baggage. This failure chain can go on for generation after generation resulting in a huge number of dysfunctional people trying to cope in society.

Is it no wonder that our society today embraces big government programs such as government health care, food stamps, and the government ‘education’ system? With the disintegration of the family, government will be glad to step in and be ‘your momma’. They will bring up your children, feed you when you can’t feed yourself, and even put a roof over your head. Just like your parent should have done but didn’t. And like a parent, they might just take the keys to your car when you’re naughty.

The first step to a healthy America is a return to the Christian home. Where parents honor God by nurturing, training, and loving their children. And bring them up in the admonition of the Lord. Parents who provide a stable home with a mature value system prepare their children for victorious living in this world. Until we get back to the Christian home, children will be sadly asking, ‘Are you my mother’?

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“I hope you knew to use a condom”

Kevin Jennings Safe and Drug Free Schools Czar ; AP Photo

Kevin Jennings Safe and Drug Free Schools Czar ; AP Photo

One thing that you can be sure of in America besides taxes, is the truly compassionate nature of your government. Take for instance Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, and now the illustrious head of the Orwellian sounding Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. When a 15 year old student visited him to ask advice about having gay sex with an adult he met in a bus station restroom, why Mr. Jennings very helpfully admonished him saying, “I hope you knew to use a condom.” Just the kind of heart warming advice you’d want an educator to give your son or daughter, right?

Mr. Jennings has not been hiding in the closet. He has been an aggressive promoter of the gay lifestyle in the government public schools for years. He’s even written several  books – presumably because someone is interested in anything he’s done? Jennings history was well known prior to his appointment to high federal office. But let’s go back in time a bit.

Jennings has been very busy in the gay marriage state of Massachusetts. This once great state resting in the cradle of our first colonies,  is steadily integrating the homosexual agenda into the school system virtually from kindergarten on up. For a horrifying look at how the gay agenda is affecting school children and their families in this state, go to The homosexual indoctrination template has been set in place and is fully operational there. Kevin Jennings has been highly instrumental in making sure that homosexuality is promoted in all grades as normal and healthy.

Drug use by this high official in the Obama Administration, was glorified as well. According to, on page 103 of his autobiography,  “Mama’s Boy, Preacher’s Son: A Memoir”, he reminisced about “his high school years in Hawaii in the early 1980s, Jennings wrote: I got stoned more often and went out to the beach at Bellows, overlooking Honolulu Harbor and the lights of the city, to drink with my buddies on Friday and Saturday nights, spending hours watching the planes take off and land at the airport, which is actually quite fascinating when you are drunk and stoned.”

Isn’t he just the perfect choice for Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools?

Of course, he is. After all, he’s been there and done all that. Who else is more qualified to discuss drugs, sex, and the gay lifestyle with your child then Kevin Jennings? Thank you once again, Mr. President! With Mr. Jennings in control, I am sure my school will be much safer!

It’s encouraging to know that today, Mr. Jennings is tasked with bringing his version of change we need to all the government schools nationwide – not just Massachusetts government schools. Although that ‘feel-good’ feeling may only apply if you’re a secular humanist. Christians may be alarmed at having their children taught to live the gay lifestyle in the public schools. And you can be sure that your opinion is not welcome if you disagree with the new educational mandate to teach homosexual normalcy to your children.

The secular humanists in control today demand that we adhere to their version of right and wrong. They display their complete intolerance for others who don’t agree with their idea of freedom and liberty. And what is the secular humanist idea of freedom and liberty? It’s allowing, even encouraging school children to engage in ‘safe sex’, handing out condoms and sexual advice without parental approval. Gay sex among school children is also considered normal and acceptable in a growing number of school districts, but nowhere as ‘in-your-face’ as it is in Massachusetts. And that will spread nationwide.

The American Government is a reflection of the people who run and lead it. The decadence, corruption, and growing tyranny in the government are there because of a voting public that has turned lazy and apathetic about the process. Meanwhile, generation after generation of school children have their lives ruined by an education system that has been hijacked by socialists, gay agenda evangelist/preachers, and Keynesian Economists.

It will only stop when enough citizens put down the remote and pick up the phone to call their elected officials. And when enough people write their elected officials. And when enough citizens get together in groups and visit their elected officials. Want term limits? Just vote the bums out. And let’s start today with the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

Kevin Jennings must go – and must go now. Not because Americans are hateful and intolerant of homosexuals. Instead, because our children don’t need instruction on how to be gay in school. They need a sound environment of higher learning that prepares them to live in victory without a past that may haunt them for the rest of their lives.


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