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Sneak Attack – How the federal government will launch the final take-over of the US health care industry

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Resistance is futile...

The mainstream mouthpiece media has been dutifully publishing government puff pieces on how the health care bill probably won’t go for a vote till January at the earliest. But don’t you believe it for a second. This is just part of the scam – they want you to go back to sleep. You have been far more vocal than they ever thought you’d be. In fact, you’re really making a lot of socialists mad as heck. Government hijacking of the US health care system should have been a slam-dunk.

After all, the socialists control the public schools, they’ve infiltrated the churches, they have seized the federal government and many state government offices. They also control the media.

You need to understand that this is part of a program that was started over a century ago. Yes – government seizure of the US health care system is part of a long term commitment by socialists to remake America into a state much like the old Soviet Union and China. The people driving this effort will never give up. Past experience assures them that the set-backs they’re experiencing today are temporary and will be overcome by their consistent effort.

Using the state run media, they will work to cool things down. Stories will appear in the newspapers, in magazines, and on government tv ‘news’; suggesting that the government take over of the private health insurance industry is moving to the back burner for awhile. You’re expected to forget about the issue and concentrate on the holidays.

That’s when they’ll spring their trap. One Saturday when no one is paying attention, the bill will come up for a sudden vote thanks to the corrupt Speaker of the House, Pelosi. It will be rammed through as they’ve done a thousand times in the past. Once the bill passes the House, it goes to the Senate, and finally to Obama.

Now is the time to be vigilant. You must pay close attention to every move Congress makes. I believe that some of the House Representatives and Senators care more about taking over the health care system than re-election. It’s my guess they are sacrificial lambs – in position there to place that historic vote.

We need to reach out and call every sitting Congressperson and Senator daily. And tell them we do not want a federal take over of the US health system. But let’s not stop there. We do not want the government involved in the health industry beyond protecting our basic constitutional rights. Let’s work together to stop the madness in the federal government. There are many great solutions to the relatively small number of problems in our health care system. Demand that elected officials end the tyranny that has gripped this nation. Demand that they begin to look at American solutions to our problems – not old, tired, worn-out European anachronisms that serve the ultra-rich and turn the rest of the people into peasants.

If we’re not extra vigilant for the next 6 months, we’ll be getting our government medical ID cards in 2013.


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