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The US government’s war against Natural Law

Two gay women

Right is wrong - wrong is right

Most people know that homosexuality goes against natural law and has been considered deviant since the dawn of recorded time. Homosexuality is nothing more than one in a basket of sins that violate natural law. Some of these natural laws include adultery, stealing, and murder. So why then does the US government continue to promote, celebrate, and give special privileges to homosexuals? Could it be because one of the biggest enemies to police state totalitarians is natural law? Consider the following recent story.

The US federal government recently gave yet another plump hand-out to homosexuals. Fox News reported January 7, 2011 on its website that the State Department is making passports gender neutral. (read the heartwarming story here) Apparently, the use of “Father” and “Mother” caused homosexuals to wring their hands in collectivist, global, agony. Why, this is discrimination claimed Jennifer Chrisler, lesbian “mother” of twin sons. It doesn’t matter that Ms. Chrisler could not conceive a child without a man. She has made a conscious decision to go against all things natural and create a family unit headed by two women. And, she is bringing up twin sons in this environment.

Let me stop here and say, it’s not the government’s job to legislate morality. And the US government was formed from intellects who thoroughly understood Natural Law and how it translates to a truly free society. But the US government has an ally here in the battle to create the modern permission based society. Simply side with homosexuals who already violate Natural Law. Use the power of government to construct a new class of privileged citizen and elevate these people to the same level of royalty that our current CongressThugs and Senators enjoy.

Tearing down the logical thinking that supports Natural Law is critical in the war for or against liberty. Once you have a society that takes its values and morality from government agencies, really just about anything goes. When right and wrong become something that’s issued by edicts from elected officials, society breaks down. And we’re quickly headed in that direction. You have to ask yourself today, what is right and what is wrong – now that so much has been challenged by an overtly aggressive, self-seeking central soviet style government.

Incredibly, the US has descended to new lows in its decision to meddle with passports. Now the terms “Mother” and “Father” are considered offensive and hateful. Please children, from now on address your parental units as Parent 1 and Parent 2 so as not to offend like those hateful right wing bigots.

Fox News reports, ““Even though my partner was their legal mother, [sic] had adopted them after I gave birth to them, she still had to put her name in the father field, and that is both discriminatory and makes us feel like second-class citizens,” she said.” Hello Ms. Chrisler. Knock Knock anybody home in the mouthpiece government puff piece media? It is WRONG for homosexuals to pair up and adopt children. It has always been wrong and it will be wrong forever because it falls under Natural Law.

Natural Law is God given. It gives people rights that cannot be taken away. Of course, that’s under a free society. These rights might include; the right to own property and have it unmolested by government meddlers. It says you have the right to commerce with your neighbor unencumbered by government agents. You can grow your own food and sell or trade it with others. You have the right to defend yourself in whatever means necessary to protect you and your family. You even can pair up with another individual of the same sex in the privacy of your own home. It violates natural law but frankly what you do in your own home is your business provided you’re not violating another’s civil rights.

There are a few things that God considers sin. Murder, adultery, stealing, drunkenness, rape, homosexuality are a few. Adopting children, sponsoring homosexual proms, setting up a system where homosexuals can “marry” is wrong and in clear violation of natural law. But in today’s modern society, government assists in defining what is sin and what is not. To promote a New World Order, a globalist dream, the state has legislated homosexuality as legal and proper. Natural Law need not apply when corrupt politicians can do whatever they please without regard for right and wrong.

The United States was founded under principles of Natural Law. There were few things you couldn’t do. Taxes were almost non-existent. Your property really was yours. You didn’t have to pay the government “rent” to live on your own property. And they couldn’t just up and take it the way they can today. If thugs came to rob or threaten you, you took your gun out and defended yourself.

Natural Law is despised by those in today’s US government. It limits the control they have over you and that’s the last thing our President, Vice President, and all the merry thugs occupying space at taxpayer expense want to accomplish. Just look at how the nation has regressed over the past 100 years. Your property belongs to the government. Don’t kid yourself – it does. They can toss you off anytime. And you must get permission from your government crime boss to do many things with your property that in the past weren’t even an issue. Protecting animal species, access to water on your property, use of water on your property, building a home, planting a garden – all now come under the watchful eye of the government.

Trading, selling, planting, harvesting all are under federal government control. With the passage of S510, the government has taken over the nation’s food supply from seed to your dining room table. The special feature of the law: it’s not completed yet. Like the Patient Protection and Care Act, it passed in a new tricked out evolvable form where much of the law will continue to be written over the years as needed! This is exceedingly dangerous and flies in the face of Natural Law.

There are thousands of laws, regulations, fees, and taxes passed onto the American serfs by an increasingly hostile government. Most violate basic Natural Law and come into complete contravention against the US Constitution. Nobody should be surprised then when George W. Bush called the US Constitution, “a goddamned piece of paper.” According to, Representative Charles Gonzales (D-TX) who represents the Texas 20th District, which includes much of San Antonio stood up and said, “the Constitution of the United States a [worthless] “…piece of paper (that) is no longer relevant.”

Remember, the purpose of the US Constitution is to limit the power of the government in the spirit of Natural Law. It is divinely inspired to force government to act as the protector of our rights. Today, this precious document is routinely trampled by thugs in the government who possess a globalist, atheist, totalitarian vision for America. This is in complete contrast to the divinely inspired vision of America’s Founding Fathers.

It’s not surprising that the US government would promote homosexuality from the Executive Branch on down. Homosexuality violates Natural Law. While just about anything you do today in the US has a law attached to it, the US government pronounces homosexuality free, virtuous, and something to be celebrated. It’s lawful today for two homosexual men to adopt three young boys. Incredible but true. But just about anything else violates some Federal, State, or Local law. Have you ever wondered why a garden variety sin such as homosexuality is passionately defended by the current regime in Washington, DC yet you must ask permission to build a house on your own land?

Natural Law has a natural enemy in totalitarian government monopolies. Homosexuality lines up with government cronies who wish to put an end to the liberties guaranteed us by God Himself and the US Constitution.

When you see the government pretending to be libertarian with homosexuality, look right through the scam. It’s purpose is to destroy the concept of Natural Law and replace it with a permission based, command and control government entity. This way, they create your values so you don’t have to. You’ll happily accept whatever tyranny they dish out.

Government edict takes Mother and Father and disposes of them in place of Parent 1 and Parent 2. If this isn’t the epitome of evil, than nothing is.



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Are you my mother?

453229_blogI have often wondered why a country that had so much going for it, is rapidly descending  into a socialist humanist banana republic. Undoubtedly the breakup of the family has had much to do with it.

Children are still running around in adulthood looking for their momma or daddy. Children never quite get over the breakup of the family. Even when there is an amicable divorce, the children are set ‘off-balance’ by the change in addresses for each parent. And the shuttling back and forth from one parent to the other depending who has custody this week. The parents new ‘significant other’ also has a destabilizing effect on the children. Unfortunately, these scenarios represent family break-ups in the most benevolent situations. Often as is sadly reported, children suffer far worse after their parents separate.

In PD Eastman’s children’s book Are you my mother, the reader is taken to a place where an increasing number of children have already gone. A baby bird becomes separated from its mother and wanders around asking a variety of different and thankfully benevolent animals, “Are you my mother”? The baby bird is so lost, confused, and desperate for its mother that it asks a car, boat, and plane the same question. The brief separation highlights how young children in family break-ups can exist in a world where they don’t even know where they came from. Thankfully this story has a happy ending – the baby bird is ultimately reunited with its mother.

As the story unfolded however, you could almost hear the baby bird saying, “please – anybody – step up and be my parent!” Because children need their parents. You might think you can casually get married and then dump your spouse for the next great love to come by. If you don’t have children, you’re only affecting yourself. If you have children however, you’re doing irreparable harm to them that they’ll never quite recover from.

Our society has taken the convenient path down the humanist trail. On this road, you can do anything you want while the humanists cheer you on, encouraging you every step of the way. The world says it’s OK to marry and divorce and marry and divorce. And don’t worry about the children. They’s adjust…

But God says through His Holy Word The Bible, to even look at another person with lust when you’re married is adulterous. In fact, intimacy with a divorced person is  considered adultery by God. Don’t like what He says? You tell Him. Surely He’ll take direction from you.

God set up the system of marriage to provide nurture, protection, and training to children from both parents. He intended you to marry once and then provide a stable environment for your children – the children He gave you. God expects parents to be parents – not perpetual children. But when children emerge into adulthood from a broken family, they usually take the same path as their parents. Thus begins the next round of divorce, dragging helpless children behind them like excess baggage. This failure chain can go on for generation after generation resulting in a huge number of dysfunctional people trying to cope in society.

Is it no wonder that our society today embraces big government programs such as government health care, food stamps, and the government ‘education’ system? With the disintegration of the family, government will be glad to step in and be ‘your momma’. They will bring up your children, feed you when you can’t feed yourself, and even put a roof over your head. Just like your parent should have done but didn’t. And like a parent, they might just take the keys to your car when you’re naughty.

The first step to a healthy America is a return to the Christian home. Where parents honor God by nurturing, training, and loving their children. And bring them up in the admonition of the Lord. Parents who provide a stable home with a mature value system prepare their children for victorious living in this world. Until we get back to the Christian home, children will be sadly asking, ‘Are you my mother’?

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