US needs money – how about an exhale tax?

Man joggingOh dear. What’s a Marxist Socialist US President to do? The 10 year budget deficit has just been raised to $9 trillion dollars. I know – let’s just say it’s all George Bush’s fault. After all, he was President when this crisis emerged. But uh-oh – weren’t the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate during that same period? Ah, forget those trivial details. The Democrats and Republicans are experts at blaming each other for the problems we face today. Wasn’t it you and I who bailed out the auto makers, insurance companies, and banks with our own money? Didn’t we citizens create all those excessive spending programs while Congress and the Senate stood helplessly at the sidelines begging us to stop?

It gets worse. It has been reliably reported that the federal government currently is sitting on $100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, mainly for social security, medicare, and medicaid. Know any business owners? Ask them what the government would do to them if they had unfunded pension plan liabilities, for example. Nobody to ask because companies are going belly up faster than you can say “Commerce Clause”? I’ll tell you – they’d go to jail. And they would be vilified in the media by the same thugs breaking the same rules – the federal government. The US government’s $100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities makes Bernie Madoff look like a dime store shop lifter.

But back to the $100 trillion dollars the government has committed to take from one group of folks to give to others. The number is staggering: it equals roughly 10 times the value of every single thing produced in the US in one year. Don’t make me say that twice!

So how will we pay for government health care? The cost for that adds as much as $1 trillion to the liabilities shown above. We can’t sell much more debt to the Chinese. I think they’re on to us. And raising taxes is tricky. All those un-American and un-patriotic people have been showing up at those tiresome Town Hall Meetings and Tea Parties saying they hate taxes, Senators, and Congresspersons – and even the President.

One way is create money out of thin air. This is so much more convenient now that we have high speed computers and a willing private bank called the Federal Reserve. The Fed simply adds some zeros to a number in a computer and voila! Like magic, America has more money to spend on health care! It’s a beautiful thing! The public will never know – that is until a loaf of bread costs $20.00.

But my favorite federal government fund raiser is Cap and Trade a/k/a ‘Carbon Tax’. This will permit the government to levy unlimited taxes on just about anything that produces emissions. Expect to see an ‘exhale tax’ after they pass Cap and Trade. Every breath you take produces CO2 and that contributes to global warming doesn’t it? And that’s why the government conceived Cap and Trade isn’t it? Only one problem: global warming is rapidly losing any semblance of credibility. Hey, how about a tax on global cooling …?

An exhale tax is just what a Marixt-Socialist US government needs to generate funds for its utopian worker’s paradise here in America. It will raise unlimited revenue to spend as they choose. And that revenue will come from you – every time you exhale.


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