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H.R. 2164: Another excuse to legislate instead of mitigate

Bring the whole family!

Bring the whole family!

What do politicians do when they fail to solve the most basic of problems such as the illegal immigrant problem? Why, they simply force the solution on business owners instead. The federal government as an agent for the states, has a number of limited enumerated powers (see the 10th Amendment). One of these is to protect our borders. But while Congress, the Senate, and the President are busy protecting the borders of Afghanistan and Iraq, and keeping 130 or so other countries “safe for democracy”; their solution to a US overrun with illegal immigrants is to place yet another government burden on business owners. The latest assault on business comes in the form of a bill, The Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2164).

In a nutshell, the bill a/k/a Mandatory E-Verify, requires business owners to submit the name and social security number of each new hire to a central federal government database where government bureaucrats get to decide whether your hire is here illegally or not. Of course the federal government never makes mistakes, right? If an employee turns up “illegal”, you the business owner is required to terminate immediately. It all sounds so rosy. Business owner logs into the government database, illegals are identified and unhired, our illegal immigration problem is solved.

According to, “With the current error rate of .8%, 8,000 of every million workers would receive an erroneous response from the government. But that’s probably underestimating the error rate. Places already using E-Verify have experienced much higher error rates. L.A. County, for example, audited its use of E-Verify and found that between 2.0% and 2.7% of E-Verify findings were erroneous. According to Tyler Moran, policy director at the National Immigration Law Center, this means that in a mandatory system, 3-4 million workers would have to fix their records. It would be as if all of the residents in Los Angeles had to visit a Social Security or DHS office to keep their jobs.

There are many horror stories about people trying to correct errors in government databases. It can take weeks, months, and even years to fix an error. In the meantime, what would you do if your records were incorrect and you were terminated? I suppose you could always emigrate to another country.

But going back to the beginning, isn’t it the federal government’s responsibility to protect our borders? Article 1. Section 8 of the US Constitution gives the job of defending US borders to the federal government: “The Congress shall … provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States.” We can readily see that they are derelict in that duty with some estimates of 20,000,000 illegals living in the US.

The President of the United States is required under the US Constitution to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.” (Article 2. Section 3)

Yet Congressman Lou Barletta reports on his website; “The Legal Workforce Act will be another federal law that goes unenforced. The federal government has been unwilling to aggressively enforce immigration laws in the workplace, and this law will be no exception. There is zero likelihood that the current administration will go after employers who fail to use E-Verify or who knowingly help their employees circumvent the system (which is very easy to do by using a U.S. citizen’s stolen name and Social Security number). In contrast, states like Arizona have been very effective in enforcing their own laws. In Arizona, dozens of worksite raids have occurred. That is why the number of illegal aliens in Arizona dropped 16 percent between 2008 and 2010 — more than double the national average (of 7 percent).”

If the law won’t even be enforced as predicted by elected officials such as Congressman Barletta, why bother? Here are some possible reasons:

  1. It gives the federal government another handcuff to place on American business and opens the door for further intrusions.
  2. The Legal Workforce Act gives a “workplace amnesty” claims Congressman Barletta; “ to virtually all of the illegal aliens who are already employed in the United States. Illegal aliens already working in the United States cannot be subjected to E-Verify unless they work for state or local governments (sec. (b)(3)(A), p. 26). The Legal Workforce Act is clearly designed to keep the current population of illegal aliens employed and working in the United States in the country, so they would still be here if amnesty is granted in the future.
  3. “Special Interest Groups want to take the immigration issue off the table in the 2012 elections. Knowing the huge popular support for these state laws, Special Interest Groups want to eliminate them, and at the same time (falsely) claim that the issue of illegal immigration in the workplace is now resolved. Illegal immigration is an issue that voters consistently rank in their Top 5 issues of importance, and it needs to be used, not buried, in the 2012 elections, claims Congressman Barletta.
  4. Democrat victories can be assured if the illegal immigrant issue is not resolved. And it’s likely H.R. 1264 won’t solve any problems but deliver yet another false promise from a government increasingly lacking in credibility.

The illegal immigrant problem can be fixed by:

  1. Enforcing existing federal laws. Tea Party Organizers report on policy at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), “Our officers are already under orders not to make arrests or even talk to foreign nationals in most cases unless another agency has already arrested them; you won’t find that written in any public ICE policy, alleges Chris Crane. With regard to the entire idea of prosecutorial discretion, Agents say they will have none. “Tell any ICE agent he or she will have the final say on making an arrest or holding someone in custody and they’ll tell you you’re crazy, officers will be ordered not to make arrests and failure to comply will result in the end of the agent or officer’s career, that’s business as usual at ICE.
  2. Complete the border fences on both borders, Mexican and Canadian. The US Government Accountability Office says, “Much of the United States’ 6,000 miles of international borders with Canada and Mexico remains vulnerable to illegal entry of aliens, criminals, and cargo.” reports, “Department of Homeland Security officials told us they have finished 649 out of 652 miles of fencing (99.5 percent), which includes 299 miles of vehicle barriers and 350 miles of pedestrian fence.” That means that just over 10% of our borders have some sort of security fence in place. And that’s if you can call this “security fence”. Much of it has been characterized as something “your grandmother could hop over”.
  3. Elect true Constitutionalists to office who understand the limits and enumerated powers of each level of government.

NumbersUSA, an advocacy group aimed at lowering illegal immigration reports 4 more co-sponsor the Mandatory E-Verify bill (H.R. 2164). The new sponsors are, Reps. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), and our own Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.).

The bill is unconstitutional and delivers more power to an already out-of-control US federal government. It should be killed and a more responsible solution sought.


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The US federal government’s insurgency against Arizona

AZ Governor Jan Brewer

AZ Governor Jan Brewer - Courage and Integrity

The US Federal government has declared war against the people of the state of Arizona. And guess what – they’re using your money and mine to do so. The feds recently sued AZ in a federal court with a federal judge to stop SB 1070 and surprise – the feds won. Aren’t you glad you contributed to the federal attack on a sovereign state with your tax dollars?

It’s a sad day in America when the federal government initiates an insurgency against a state in the union. It’s even worse when you consider that AZ tried to get the federal government to simply do what they are highly paid to do – protect our borders. But they can’t. They are too busy dismantling our health care system, encouraging our manufacturers to move into Mexico, Canada, and other off shore locations, and protecting Americans from table salt. The one area where the federal government is empowered by the Constitution – even mandated – they fail.

What’s even worse is that its been widely reported that the AZ bill nearly mirrors federal immigration law. The bill isn’t even stricter than US federal law.

Let’s take a little walk over to the EPA – another US agency that does whatever it pleases regardless of that pesky US Constitution. The EPA has generated thousands of regulations and countless fines in its never ending battle to control our air and water. Pesticides and the evil people who apply them are under strict scrutiny by the ever vigilant EPA. The states are obligated under EPA regulations to follow a set of guidelines for pesticide application, storage, transport, labeling – ad infinitum.

So what does this have to do with immigration?

The EPA permits the states to be stricter in its enforcement of EPA regulations. According to the New Mexico Pest Control website, “State pesticide laws can be more stringent but cannot relax, overrule, or conflict with federal law. Careful study and a clear understanding of the state pesticide law as well as federal law is necessary to pass certification tests. Some local jurisdictions have pesticide laws and regulations. Local statutes may not relax federal or state law.

The EPA on pages 28, 30, and 44 in its document titled, “Legal Compilation, Statutes and Legislative History, Executive Orders, Regulations, Guidelines and History”, assures us: “Generally the intent of the provision [EPA regulation governing pesticide use and application by individual and companies] is to leave to the states the authority to impose stricter regulations on pesticides use than that required under the Act.

Well well well. It’s OK to bash people over the head with excess regulations when it suits the federal government’s purposes – like in promoting their radical environmental agenda through its unconstitutional agency. But when a state has the audacity to protect itself against illegal aliens running a muck, the feds sue to relax, overrule and conflict with its own law.

Don’t ask for logic from the feds. The actions of Congress, the Senate, and the White House over the past few decades is proof that the US is in a transitional stage from Republic to ReThuglic. Just watch the travesty of justice unfolding in AZ where the federal government uses your money and mine to sue a sovereign state over its right to protect itself.

In the state of GA, former gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry helped write and sponsor a series of bills meant to refocus the state on its constitutional foundations. Each of the bills is written from the perspective of the 10th Amendment – an amendment that has long been ignored by the occupiers of the federal government. One bill that is especially compelling when taken in context with the federal government’s law suit against AZ is the “State Authority and Federal Tax Funds Act”.

The bill creates a board that reviews all tax dollars collected for the federal government. The board members are guided by this paragraph in the bill; “(b) The General Assembly finds that the federal government, its agencies or agents, or the United States Congress does not have the power under the Constitution of the United States of America to appropriate or otherwise expend funds for purposes that are outside the scope of the powers enumerated in the Constitution of the United States of America for the federal government.

Essentially the bill says; hey, this state is not sending its citizens’ tax dollars to the federal government to engage in unconstitutional activity. Period. Implementation of this bill might stop an out of control federal government from taking your tax dollars and mine at gun point, for the purpose of imperial adventurism.

The Founding Fathers warned that the federal government would move toward tyranny if they were permitted to bypass our government limiting Constitution. It’s obvious that we are much closer than ever to a tyrannous police state. And a huge vortex of your dollars and mine are flowing into Washington DC to fund it. Americans must join in solidarity with the people of Arizona and demand an immediate halt to the federal government’s insurgency there.

Here’s a place to start:

You can donate on-line to the Arizona Border Security Legal Fund. All donated funds go strictly towards the state’s legal defense against the US feds. I urge you to donate. You’ll be in good company.

31,436 people have donated $1,452,907.60 as of today.

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It’s the Voter stupid

Two Cigars for Debbie Dooley and her back room buddies

2 cigars for Debbie Dooley while contemplating back room deals

“This is a pathetic attempt of Mr. McBerry to smear his victim”

Debbie Dooley

FreedomWorks organizer Debbie Dooley insists that the voters were served when Ray McBerry was abruptly uninvited to their phony debate a week ago. Her reason for slamming the door on McBerry? False accusations initiated by some opportunists from his past. They have subsequently been exposed as the perpetrators of a smear campaign. Thus, it’s ironic that Dooley now is calling McBerry’s efforts to clear his name – an “attempt… to smear his victim.”

In fact, this is a pathetic attempt by Dooley to back pedal and put a positive spin on her obviously biased and discriminatory decision to keep McBerry and Jeff Chapman out of the debate so you couldn’t hear them. While she absurdly says McBerry was trying to tell her how to run her debate, the real truth is she imperiously decided which of her hand picked candidates the voters would get to hear.

And that’s the issue behind this silly back and forth. FreedomWorks staged a debate but left out any candidate that didn’t meet their neo-con qualifications. Candidates like Ray McBerry, Ron and Rand Paul, and Debra Medina are continuously attacked by the mouthpiece media and phony Tea Party wannabees like FreedomWorks. How do I know they are fakes? Because they used  contrived smear products to put a spike in at least one campaign – Ray McBerry’s. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out they were behind other smear campaigns as well.

A true Tea Party activist would welcome Ray McBerry into a public forum because he reflects much of what today’s voter is thinking. His issue platform is Constitutionalist and straight forward. No mumbling, jumping, and jiving on issue questions like you get from the other candidates. I mean, let’s be real here:  Oxendine, Handel, Johnson, & Deal are all career politicians with a long history of Washington DC attachments. And Johnson is an architect who wants to spend GA tax dollars on big building projects like a rail system from Macon to Atlanta. He calls this putting hardhats to work. I call it a big government boondoggle.

During the Clinton Presidential campaign, strategists developed the slogan, “It’s the economy stupid.” So please indulge me as a resurrect an old slogan with a contemporary twist.

It’s the Voter stupid. This election is not about Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians or Debbie Dooley and FreedomWorks. It’s about the concerns and growing frustration of an electorate that is increasingly disconnected from its government. Voters are tired of politics as usual. Hijacking the freedom movement is the only way to get a favored neo-con candidate into  office today because voters are more aware now than ever.

Aware voters deserve and want a close look at all the candidates running – not Dooley’s hand picked Washington DC insiders. Canceling an invitation to a debate at the last minute creates a strong suspicion that there is funny business going on at FreedomWorks. It also creates  the impression that the choice for GA’s next governor has already been made by a shadowy group and the election is a mere formality.

Debbie Dooley and FreedomWorks operatives mouth Tea Party stands on issues in a deceptive attempt to place the same old faces back into the same old jobs. And then they launch ad hominem attacks on the League of the South and Sons of Confederate Veterans to draw attention away from the fact they really support the good old boy network. It’s a deception that has been perpetrated against the American voter for decades.

And speaking of the League of the South, here’s a quote out of the Grey Book that troubled Dooley:
The treason of the Left involves such unconstitutional and immoral enormities of globalism — the selling-out of American national sovereignty to international agencies and interests; radical egalitarianism’ feminism; sodomite rights; abortion; Third World immigration; gun control; hate crime legislation (always meant to be used against whites); judicial tyranny; burdensome taxation; multiculturalism and diversity (code words for anti-white, anti-Christian bigotry); the universal rights of man; and other manifestations of a new brand of politically correct totalitarianism.”

Tea Party activists increasingly are sticking solely to tax issues and letting important political  issues slide. If  Americans need only worry about taxes, then we hardly need much of a political movement. All we need to do is elect politicians who swear to spend less. But as you can see from the above quote from the League of the South, these are many of the issues that concern regular Americans in all parts of America. While the Debbie Dooley’s of the world will try to spin themselves as ‘freedom workers’, they’re really just another group of people who want to bully others into their politically correct totalitarianism.

Globalism, national sovereignty, killing babies in the womb, gun control, immigration, and over-zealous government regulations are important issues. If the Tea Party and FreedomWorks aren’t up to the challenge, perhaps organizations like the League of the South have ideas worth considering. Of course, don’t discuss the LOS with Debbie Dooley because she doesn’t like them.

Visit the League of the South yourself. Make up your own mind instead of listening to the ad hominem attacks from neo-cons like Debbie Dooley. The LOS has many solid, Constitutionally based ideas on solving the complex problems facing this nation. And then go listen to Ray McBerry speak. See if the Winds of Freedom are blowing again for you in this election.


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Who’s really behind “immigration reform”?

Mexican Flag over upside down American flag

Mexican flag flying over HS in California

The Socialist Party USA claims that Arizona’s new immigration law transforms “Arizona into the equivalent of a police state where anyone with brown skin becomes a suspect.” That’s rich when you remember that violent, anti-citizen police states flourish in Socialist and Communist countries. Let me assure you – you don’t even think an independent thought in communist countries unless you like 10 years hard labor with a moldy piece of bread for dinner. That’s of course if the communist-socialist government doesn’t torture and kill you first.

They’re experts at killing. .. and torturing. After all, the communist-socialists killed close to 200 million of their own people in the last 50 years alone. They are the biggest killers of citizens ever. And they want to kill people in a town near you.

Both the Socialist Party USA and Communist Party USA are working behind the scenes to take advantage of the confusion surrounding the illegal alien debate. Immigration ‘reform’ (May Day) rallies were scheduled and organized for May 1st in 104 cities across the US by the Communist Party USA. 20 cities or 19% of the total were in CA, one of the hotbeds of illegal alien activity. Most Californians know the tremendous economic cost of illegals. Many however do not know that the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA are stirring up dissent among people who shouldn’t even be in the US to begin with.

A recent YouTube video circulating showed a Los Angeles “teacher” exhorting a group to “revolt” against the capitalists and imperialists in America. The speaker claimed there are 40,000,000 illegal aliens in the US – more than enough to liberate large parts of the SW for Mexico. He was obviously a communist agent in the classic mode of street agitator. He’s actively working to start a revolution using illegal aliens as urban guerrilla fighters. Incredibly, 2nd Amendment Gun Rights supporters are the ones the US federal government considers dangerous. Communist revolutionaries who street preach revolution against America are simply immigration reformers.

9 ‘dangerous’ Hutaree militia men are arrested instead. The US federal government is leaving the door wide open to illegal aliens, many who are vicious gun toting criminals, while working to disarm legal US citizens.

Because you see, the issue isn’t about racism, or unfairness to suffering people just trying to get a better life. It’s about a federal government that wants to enslave Americans with rigged elections and banana republic style legislation. Inviting 20,000,000 undocumented aliens to become American citizens is treason – not reason. This is all about cementing socialism and communism in America by giving 20,000,000 clueless people the right of citizenship along with voting rights. It’s one more nail in the coffin of America.

The US federal government does not care who these people are or where they are. Besides adding another 20,000,000 people to the new government health plan, amnesty will further destabilize the US economically and politically. And if you think that’s suicide, you’re right. This will destroy the ability of the United States to function as a free Republic.

And that’s the goal of the Communist Party USA, the Socialist Party USA, and their comrades in Congress, the Senate, and the White House.

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