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It’s the Voter stupid

Two Cigars for Debbie Dooley and her back room buddies

2 cigars for Debbie Dooley while contemplating back room deals

“This is a pathetic attempt of Mr. McBerry to smear his victim”

Debbie Dooley

FreedomWorks organizer Debbie Dooley insists that the voters were served when Ray McBerry was abruptly uninvited to their phony debate a week ago. Her reason for slamming the door on McBerry? False accusations initiated by some opportunists from his past. They have subsequently been exposed as the perpetrators of a smear campaign. Thus, it’s ironic that Dooley now is calling McBerry’s efforts to clear his name – an “attempt… to smear his victim.”

In fact, this is a pathetic attempt by Dooley to back pedal and put a positive spin on her obviously biased and discriminatory decision to keep McBerry and Jeff Chapman out of the debate so you couldn’t hear them. While she absurdly says McBerry was trying to tell her how to run her debate, the real truth is she imperiously decided which of her hand picked candidates the voters would get to hear.

And that’s the issue behind this silly back and forth. FreedomWorks staged a debate but left out any candidate that didn’t meet their neo-con qualifications. Candidates like Ray McBerry, Ron and Rand Paul, and Debra Medina are continuously attacked by the mouthpiece media and phony Tea Party wannabees like FreedomWorks. How do I know they are fakes? Because they used  contrived smear products to put a spike in at least one campaign – Ray McBerry’s. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out they were behind other smear campaigns as well.

A true Tea Party activist would welcome Ray McBerry into a public forum because he reflects much of what today’s voter is thinking. His issue platform is Constitutionalist and straight forward. No mumbling, jumping, and jiving on issue questions like you get from the other candidates. I mean, let’s be real here:  Oxendine, Handel, Johnson, & Deal are all career politicians with a long history of Washington DC attachments. And Johnson is an architect who wants to spend GA tax dollars on big building projects like a rail system from Macon to Atlanta. He calls this putting hardhats to work. I call it a big government boondoggle.

During the Clinton Presidential campaign, strategists developed the slogan, “It’s the economy stupid.” So please indulge me as a resurrect an old slogan with a contemporary twist.

It’s the Voter stupid. This election is not about Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians or Debbie Dooley and FreedomWorks. It’s about the concerns and growing frustration of an electorate that is increasingly disconnected from its government. Voters are tired of politics as usual. Hijacking the freedom movement is the only way to get a favored neo-con candidate into  office today because voters are more aware now than ever.

Aware voters deserve and want a close look at all the candidates running – not Dooley’s hand picked Washington DC insiders. Canceling an invitation to a debate at the last minute creates a strong suspicion that there is funny business going on at FreedomWorks. It also creates  the impression that the choice for GA’s next governor has already been made by a shadowy group and the election is a mere formality.

Debbie Dooley and FreedomWorks operatives mouth Tea Party stands on issues in a deceptive attempt to place the same old faces back into the same old jobs. And then they launch ad hominem attacks on the League of the South and Sons of Confederate Veterans to draw attention away from the fact they really support the good old boy network. It’s a deception that has been perpetrated against the American voter for decades.

And speaking of the League of the South, here’s a quote out of the Grey Book that troubled Dooley:
The treason of the Left involves such unconstitutional and immoral enormities of globalism — the selling-out of American national sovereignty to international agencies and interests; radical egalitarianism’ feminism; sodomite rights; abortion; Third World immigration; gun control; hate crime legislation (always meant to be used against whites); judicial tyranny; burdensome taxation; multiculturalism and diversity (code words for anti-white, anti-Christian bigotry); the universal rights of man; and other manifestations of a new brand of politically correct totalitarianism.”

Tea Party activists increasingly are sticking solely to tax issues and letting important political  issues slide. If  Americans need only worry about taxes, then we hardly need much of a political movement. All we need to do is elect politicians who swear to spend less. But as you can see from the above quote from the League of the South, these are many of the issues that concern regular Americans in all parts of America. While the Debbie Dooley’s of the world will try to spin themselves as ‘freedom workers’, they’re really just another group of people who want to bully others into their politically correct totalitarianism.

Globalism, national sovereignty, killing babies in the womb, gun control, immigration, and over-zealous government regulations are important issues. If the Tea Party and FreedomWorks aren’t up to the challenge, perhaps organizations like the League of the South have ideas worth considering. Of course, don’t discuss the LOS with Debbie Dooley because she doesn’t like them.

Visit the League of the South yourself. Make up your own mind instead of listening to the ad hominem attacks from neo-cons like Debbie Dooley. The LOS has many solid, Constitutionally based ideas on solving the complex problems facing this nation. And then go listen to Ray McBerry speak. See if the Winds of Freedom are blowing again for you in this election.



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Tea Party Alert: Freedom Candidate Shut-out of Freedom Debate

“Straw polls don’t mean a thing and they can be easily rigged toward a candidate and so can polls on web sites.  I have helped rig straw polls myself.”

Debbie Dooley
FreedomWorks/GA Chapter


Freedom doesn't work for FreedomWorks

Ray McBerry, Republican gubernatorial candidate, was abruptly uninvited to Saturday night’s FreedomWorks debate where presumably a real debate over serious issues confronting GA would be held. Of course in reality, this was a staged event hosted by Washington DC insiders and their lackeys in Atlanta.

McBerry is recognized as the most conservative, Constitutionalist, and visionary candidate running. His presence at previous debates electrified audiences. People clearly get excited when they hear his message of liberty, lower taxes, protection for the unborn, and his unwavering stance on 2nd Amendment gun rights. His last minute uninvite is not only shameful, it is an affront to every voter in GA. Dooley and her stooges decided they were going to control who you  listen to.

So why was McBerry boorishly uninvited at the last minute? Debbie Dooley, FreedomWorks organizer explains…

“We raised thousands of dollars to hold this debate and decided to exclude Ray McBerry and Jeff Chapman in the debate.  They are polling below 2% two months out from the primary.  We want to be focused on issues during this debate and not controversy.  We feel strongly that two of the top four will go to a runoff and want to be able to fully discuss the issues. ”

Dooley apparently knows poll numbers. The McBerry Campaign sent out an email with the following Dooley quotes:

Straw polls don’t mean a thing and they can be easily rigged toward a candidate and so can polls on web sites.  I have helped rig straw polls myself.

Well … well. What have we here? So Dooley helped rig straw polls… Just what Georgia needs. More backroom deal making as usual. Dooley is an example of what you can expect out of the electoral process here in GA. Imagine if her chosen candidate is actually elected Governor. Seems to me that anything goes with the FreedomWorks group as long as one of their insider elites grabs power. But what about those polls?

It’s laughable to think that Dooley would actually conduct a straw poll after the FreedomWorks debate. She had to eliminate McBerry or he would have taken the lead and embarrassed the entire group. That’s the real reason why he was uninvited. And lookee here – guess who came in first? Surprise surprise. Karen “I can’t handle it” Handel of course. Handel is a dim candle next to McBerry. So she made sure McBerry is off the debate list by using someone’s fake smear job as an excuse. Convenient.

FreedomWorks Straw Poll

Guess who won? From

Handel has never won any debates until this establishment orchestrated event last Saturday. Don’t forget, Handel was Deputy Chief of Staff for New World Order George H Bush. She is a career political insider and has a long history of political pandering to ensure she keeps moving up the power ladder. Read more about Karen Handel from the Political Vine .

You can be sure she is nothing but another power grabbing political opportunist. Handel hardly qualifies as a “Tea Party” candidate. She easily fits the big money, power elite model of politician. You know the kind – backed by Washington DC insiders and other shadowy power groups.

If you’ve reached the same conclusion many other Georgians have; that the process is rigged and the Governor has already been selected by a back room group of insiders, you have three choices.

1. Hold you nose and vote for their candidate. Problem: you’ll regret it when your nose is rubbed in policies that have gotten America where she is today

2. Don’t vote at all. Problem: you’ll have no say in the outcome. If you vote, at least you made your statement

3. Vote for Ray McBerry. A vote for McBerry is a vote to return to Constitutional government, liberty, and your right as a citizen to participate directly in the governing of your home state.

Remember one thing. McBerry has won in every debate where he was permitted to speak. What does this tell you about the process? Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. The Winds of Freedom are blowing again. Can’t you feel them? Make a statement to the establishment insiders that you won’t be fooled again.

No more “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss”.

Your vote for Ray McBerry will send the same message Kentucky voters sent when they selected Rand Paul instead of the establishment picked contender in the Senate race. This is your time. This is your place. This is your chance. McBerry is your Freedom Candidate.

Freedom works when you let it.


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FreedomWorks just another establishment front?

Dick Armey

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America

This is really juicy. FreedomWorks, which bills itself as just “a group of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.”, is staging a debate tonight, Saturday May 22nd in Atlanta GA. But get this – they boorishly uninvited the one candidate who is undoubtedly the strongest Constitutionalist in the race.

To top it off, FreedomWorks lackeys in GA singled out establishment republican machine career politicans to ‘debate’ on less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. Naturally, these are the ones who have cozied up to all sorts of special interest groups who gave them plenty of mouthpiece media support – and oh yeah – plenty of money. It’s business as usual in Atlanta.

But FreedomWorks wants you to believe that they are a Tea Party like group that really, really, honest and truly wants to return America to its Founding Fathers roots.

Of course, FreedomWorks “members know that government goes to those who show up, and are leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. Join us!” But when it comes to real freedom fighters, you best not show up. “Join us” from FreedomWorks means join if you support the good old boy network that got America into the sad state it’s in today.

To add extra excitement to the ‘debate’, straw polls will be done after the staged event. This will be rich. Watching a bunch of stuff shirt blow hards try to out do each other while the straw poll winner of the last 4 debates (McBerry) is excluded from the event. Head FreedomWorks Stooge Debbie Dooley offered a few feeble excuses for telling McBerry he could not attend after he had been invited.

Hey Dooley, this wouldn’t have anything to do with Karen “I can’t handle it” Handel, would it? By the way, when you exclude a legitimate candidate that consistently evokes a strong positive reaction from the audience, you slash your own credibility to zero. You demonstrate to everybody that you’re not really for “less government, lower taxes, and more freedom”.

Instead, you support more good old boy politics, more back room deal making, more lining of politicians pockets, and more big government. Ms. Dooley, you don’t sound like a Tea Party activist to me.

As for Karen “I can’t handle it” Handel, Bill Simon weighed in with this from the Political Vine coincidentally this very evening: “Politician Karen Handel clearly does not possess a consistency of character or integrity.” Yet she apparently has enough integrity for FreedomWorks.

Let’s take a closer look at FreedomWorks starting with Chairman Dick Armey. Michele Malkin called Armey, an “amnesty stooge” and “a clueless promoter of bailout-happy, big government Republican Sen. John McCain. reports, Armey was “under scrutiny from the left regarding the overlap between his FreedomWorks chairmanship, which tax returns show paid him $550,000 in 2008, and a more lucrative gig as a lobbyist for the powerful firm DLA Piper, which Brandon said paid him $750,000 a year. Congressional records show that Armey at times lobbied for clients ostensibly at odds with the tea party movement, including bailout recipient General Motors, a wind farm developer that stands to benefit from proposals to cap and trade carbon emissions and at least two pharmaceutical companies that supported the earlier stages of the health care overhaul.

(Read more:

Armey is hardly what you’d call a poster boy for the Tea Party movement and the grassroots citizens that support it.

Robert Lansing of Chicago based Litchfield Advisors is another FreedomWorks Board Member. He donated $2,300 to the presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. You’ll recall good ole Mitt presided over the socialized medical program levied on Massachusetts citizens that is stunningly similar to ObamaCare. Anything in common here with people who want “less government, lower taxes, and more freedom”?

And what does billionaire and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) connected Board Member Steve Forbes have to gain from all this? Maybe someone should ask him.

No wonder McBerry was uninvited. The audience might actually awake from a sound slumber and discover a people’s candidate out there that supports the Constitution of the United States. But to label this debate a legitimate discourse for the people of Georgia is so laughable it’s ludicrous. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see the results of the ‘straw poll’.

Friends, the Republican Party is finished. You may as well vote for a Democrat. One thing I can say about Obama, he told us how he would govern and he has kept his word. Republicans talk conservatism, less government, lower taxes. Then they pass the Patriot Act, The Prescription Drug Act, and other big government spending programs.

You can vote Democrat and receive full socialism. Or you can vote Republican and receive socialism lite. Socialism lite is creeping socialism that makes you feel like you slowed it down some – like you actually stopped its advance.

And the FreedomWorks Republican Club can be counted on to continue the Republicrat-Demuplican policies that have destroyed our economy, enslaved our children and grand-children with regulations and taxes, and left our borders open so terrorists can get even with America for Washington DC insider meddling in foreign affairs.

When someone from FreedomWorks comes talking, be sure to send them walking.


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Handel – get a grip

Karen Handel's empty chair at recent debate

Karen Handel's empty chair at recent debate

Hey, has anyone seen Karen Handel? There was a lively debate among gubernatorial candidates Friday night in Statesboro and Handel was nowhere to be found. Not that she was missed. Her absence took nothing away from the electricity of the debate. Ray McBerry, Eric Johnson, John Oxendine, Jeff Chapman, and Nathan Deal were more than enough to fill the small gap left by Handel’s churlish decision not to share the debate stage with Ray McBerry.

So why was Handel AWOL from the debate? According to a recent Handel campaign press release, I quote; “Saturday, at the GA GOP 6th District debate, Karen announced that it would be the last event where she appears on the same stage as Ray McBerry. She called his participation in Republican events an embarrassment, and our candidates and party are better than this.

You see, despite the fact that McBerry was never charged nor even arrested for any crime, that’s not good enough for Karen Handel. She is above police investigators, the DA, and the GA Court system. Like a Queen in the fiefdom she hopes to control one day, Handel sits in judgement on McBerry herself, pronouncing him guilty of a crime he was never even charged with – over 8 years ago.

Wow Karen- get a grip.

You’re not fooling anyone. Read  comments posted by average Georgians in newspapers and blogs. Most see right through your attempts to bully McBerry off the debate stage. Your real goal is to get other lackeys like the Columbia County Young Republican Club to exclude McBerry from debates, effectively shutting out his message from the general public.

Is this the kind of governor you’ll be? Just another fat cat big city politician using her weight to shove folks around? Will you use the power of that office to smear your political enemies? Shame on you Karen Handel. Georgians have had enough of politicians who use their position for political gain. But there’s more to this story.

Karen Handel won’t debate Ray McBerry because she can’t. McBerry blows Handel away at every debate so it’s understandable that she is desperate to do anything to keep him far away. Handel is an intellectual lightweight next to Ray McBerry. That’s why she would love to bully McBerry out of any future debates. Handel has little of the educational background that makes McBerry such a strong candidate for the important office of GA Governor.

But she does Washington DC experience. For example, Handel worked for New World Order promoters George H Bush and Dan Quayle as Deputy Chief of Staff – 2 men that are hardly bastions of freedom and liberty. From there, she spent most of her time in big city – machine politics. While some might suggest that qualifies Handel for the job of governor, do you really want a New World Order staffer and a product of the Washington DC – Atlanta GA political machine as our next governor?

I ask all freedom lovers out there. Are you tired of  Washington DC – Atlanta GA Elitists ramming their chosen candidates down your throat?  Now is the time – today is the day. Take back your government from the Washington DC control group. The winds of freedom are rapidly moving across the United States. There are Ray McBerrys in other states  running races for freedom and a return to Constitutional government. Your vote for Ray McBerry will send chills down the spines of all those who are trying to enslave and control you using big government as the hammer.

The next time you seen Karen Handel, ask her, “Why don’t you have the courage to debate Ray McBerry on the issues?”  Ask her every time you see her at a debate where McBerry was shut out. We’ll understand her answer. Because you see, truth is electable. And the people of GA can spot a fake a mile away. Karen, sorry you weren’t there at the Statesboro debate. But the show went on without you.


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Oxendine – New York Liberal?

Oxendine2How would you like to have a guaranteed job and even an annual cost of living increase – all this personally promised by a candidate for GA Governor? You can if you’re a school teacher. Just give Oxendine your vote. He’ll make sure you get your payback after he’s elected. John Oxendine, Republican candidate for GA Governor, made that generous offer to school teachers in a recent email missive. The promise was so familiar to me that I felt like I was magically transported back to my home state, the People’s Republic of New York. In fact, Ox sounds much more like a New York Democrat than a Republican.

Promises to enrichen government employees with your tax money are common among career politicians. Nowhere is this more evident than in New York (where I’m from) or California. Every politician on Long Island is in the teacher’s unions pockets. Either you promise to continue the cost of living increase and benefits gravy train – or you don’t get elected. That’s why property taxes on Long Island are typically $10,000 per year. That’s right. $200 a week just for the privilege of owning a home on Long Island. And property taxes are double and triple that in the ‘better’ neighborhoods

Long Islanders of course love to brag how great their school district is. Meanwhile, their children can’t read, spell, or do any math beyond adding and subtracting. And as for knowledge of history, current events, or the Founding Fathers of this great nation – well as they say in New York – forget about it. When you’re paying $200 per week to live on a tiny piece of land in a crowded suburb I guess all you can say is – ‘Our school district is the best… ” And you’d think they would learn. But they haven’t. So taxes go up every year and nobody says a word. They just move away – in droves. That’s why New York state is in dire financial shape. So let’s elect the same kind of people here – right?

Oxendine is a career politician who could run for Governor in New York with his sound bite platitudes. And he’s expertly doing what all career politicians do. Using the power of government to take from one person and give to another, he’s making promises to voter’s blocks like the teacher’s union that if he’s elected, he will guarantee jobs and regular salary increases. How many of us would love to have that cushy arrangement?  Wouldn’t it be a great stress reliever to have a great big sugar daddy in government to remove all our job stresses?

It’s incredible that Oxendine would have the gall to run as a Republican. But he has demonstrated that the days of knowing what a Republican or Democrat stands for are long gone. And he has proven that you must scrutinize the words and actions of each candidate and forget about labels. Candidates that promise to hand over your hard earned wages to another group of people so they can get elected, deserve to be defeated – Republican or Democrat.

That’s why I have supported Ray McBerry from the beginning. McBerry’s promises  are completely different from the career politicians running for Governor. He actually will work to eliminate state income taxes and property taxes and replace them with a fair sales tax. This benefits everyone in Georgia that works for a living and doesn’t depend on the government for hand-outs. This policy creates a strong environment for business growth that leads to good paying jobs for those who wish to work. And more importantly, it puts real dollars back into the pockets of every Georgian – not the privileged few that politicians love to appeal to.

But there’s more to McBerry than lowering taxes. He stands on a firm foundation of liberty and freedom that is refreshing in a time where every politician seems bent on eliminating our rights and taking our money. Taxation is a government form of tyranny. They take – you give. If you don’t give, the government enforcement agents take you away.

That wasn’t the vision of the Founding Fathers of America. Limited self government and personal responsibility were the foundations of our exceptional success as a nation. Career politicians concerned only with making themselves richer and more powerful have corrupted this once great country and left us in the crisis we’re in today.

Ray McBerry,  Constitutionalist, Christian, Statesman, Father, and local businessman, promises to do his part as Governor to create more jobs, lower each Georgian’s cost of living, and restore liberty and freedom for all. And he’s the only one making those promises. That makes it very easy to choose your next Governor for the sovereign state of Georgia.

If you like big government, regular tax hikes, and more restrictions on your life, just pick any of the brand ‘X’ candidates running for Governor. If you are passionate about liberty, freedom, opportunity, and the right to own your property without having to rent it from the government, then vote for Ray McBerry.


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