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Haeckel's faked drawings - 1874

Haeckel's faked drawings - 1874

Have you heard about ClimateGate? If you watch mainstream television news, you probably haven’t. ClimateGate blew the lid off the global warming movement. Here’s ClimateGate in a nutshell; thousands of emails from the formerly prestigious University of East Anglia were ‘hacked’ and placed on the internet for all to see. In case you don’t know, the University of East Anglia is the central clearing house for all the global warming propaganda that the one world government United Nations has been peddling.

And what was in those emails? Lies, distortion of facts, efforts to blacklist global warming opponents – a virtual look into the minds of the ‘scientists’ who promote the theory that the world is burning up and the only way to stop it is to enact world wide taxes and strict limitations on output of goods. And why would these ‘scientists’ lie, distort the facts, and try to blacklist global warming opponents? Maybe because the power to tax, regulate, and enslave the entire world was so tempting to them.

When will we hear about EvolutionGate? Evolution is taught as fact in all the government schools by the same group promoting global warming. Any discussion about the fallacies of evolutionary ‘science’ are quickly and viciously trampled into the dirt. What do evolutionists have to fear? After all, if evolutionary science is so compelling and airtight, why the desperate attacks on anyone who questions it?

Maybe because  ‘evolutionary science’ isn’t science after all. Instead, it’s simply one group’s theory on how life began here on earth. Consider the belief system of the evolutionist. They tell you life began billions and billions of years ago in a primordial ooze on earth. An amino acid miraculously birthed a living cell (odds are far better of you winning the lottery 5 times in your life) and then, from that one cell, sprang all the diversity of life we see today. Now that’s faith.

But OK. Evolutionists call me ‘religious’ and claim to stand behind ‘pure’ science. So why do evolutionists like the ClimateGate scientists, desperately blacklist all scientific evidence that calls into question the very foundations of evolutionary ‘science’? Excellent scientific books have been written that ask serious fundamental questions about evolution. Questions on genetics, age of earth, geology, mathematic probability, macro-evolution where fish become land dwellers – and much more.

When you read scientific journals opposing evolution, you start to realize that there is a whole other side to the story that you’re not being told. In fact, it is deliberately withheld from you. The same way the ClimateGate ‘scientists’ purposefully and knowingly withheld information that called into question the very foundation of ‘global warming’.
The people selling you global warming  are the same people selling you evolution. And they have the same agenda.

Real science is defined as, “a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.” ClimateGate reveals that global warming scientists clearly violated that definition and sought instead to promote an agenda. When the body of facts got in the way, they simply lied. When opponents tried to present good science, they were vilified in the media, removed from their positions, and blacklisted – all for presenting an opposing position.

And scientists who present science that oppose evolution get the same treatment. Wouldn’t you like to hear the other side of the story? Especially if it’s good sound science? I know I did. The evolutionist desperately wants to keep you in the dark – the same way the global warming thugs did.

Don’t let them. Read a few books on the other side of evolution. But I warn you, you’ll be outraged after you read them. Because evolution and global warming are just plain junk science. It’s about time people know that.


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