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With the federal government operating well out of its Constitutional boundaries, different solutions have emerged that claim to have the “silver bullet” answer to unconstitutional federal activity. One of the most dangerous and insidious is the call for a Constitutional Convention a/k/a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution. While the promoters may have good intentions, they fall far short on historicity and understanding of the words and intentions of America’s Founding Fathers.

A Convention of States would open up the US Constitution and all its protections of rights, to meddling by contemporary politicians, many whom have already failed to hold back federal usurpations against it. The failure of elected officials to act to hold back federal power grabs suggests a fundamental lack of knowledge by the very elected officials who are sworn to uphold and protect the US Constitution. Yet a Constitutional Convention would be in their hands.

This very dangerous and chilling effort to rewrite the Constitution under the banner of a Convention of States could easily lead to a total remake of the Constitution and elimination of many protections now afforded US citizens. Here’s an example of how just five words could make a difference in an amendment. From The New American on-line comes a quote from Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens; “Stevens proposes adding five words to the present version of the Second Amendment. Stevens’ revised Second Amendment would read:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed.”

Chief Justice Warren Burger had this to say about a Constitutional Convention, “I have also repeatedly given my opinion that there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda.” Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg said, “one of the most serious problems Article V poses is a runaway convention. There is no enforceable mechanism to prevent a convention from reporting out wholesale changes to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

The last Constitutional Convention in the US was 1787 and it resulted in the Articles of Confederation being tossed out and a completely new Constitution written.

In these times of bitter partisan bickering over different issues, does it really make sense to call a Constitutional Convention and risk a major rewrite to our precious document?

Promoters of a Constitutional Convention have legitimate goals and concerns. However, there are other far less dangerous methods to solve the nation’s ills. One is nullification. Founding Father James Madison had this to say about nullification, “The Constitution of the United States was formed by the sanction of the states, given by each in its sovereign capacity. … The states, then, being the parties to the constitutional compact, and in their sovereign capacity, it follows of necessity that there can be no tribunal, above their authority, to decide, in the last resort, whether the compact made by them be violated. “ In other words, the states are the highest authority – not the federal government.

Please contact your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to vote against any support for a Constitutional Convention and Convention of States.


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Let’s Get Rid of the “E” Word

Rep. Paul Broun wants to be a senator, but the Georgia Republican’s far-right legislative record might make it difficult for him to prevail in a statewide race. Particularly damaging for Broun, who is running in 2014 for a seat left open by Republican Saxby Chambliss’ retirement, could be his penchant for pushing amendments that are viewed as extreme, even by many in his own party.”*

Emma Dumain
Rollcall Blog

George Orwell anybody? What we have here from “Emma Dumain” is more 1984 style brain washing propaganda from the current government insider power base. A power base that consists of the real extremists; the Democrats and their lackeys, the “moderate” Republicans. Together, this group has led America to the brink of a socialist police state complete with 24 hour a day, seven day a week surveillance by agencies that answer to the Executive Branch of the government and no one else.

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, MD is running for Saxby Chambliss’s Senate seat. Remembering for a minute that America is now ruled by extremists (Democrats) and so called moderates (their Republican allies in Congress and the Senate), Dumain peppered her blog post with “extreme”, “extremist”, and extremism to characterize Paul Broun and his candidacy.

Her answer to Paul Broun’s sensible efforts to serve the people instead of the government royalty, is to serve up anonymous quotes from “Republicans”, who of course consider Broun to be … too extreme. For example, she writes in response to Broun’s efforts to cut TSA spending, “This isn’t the first time Broun has sought to eliminate funding for the TSA, and it follows two years of attempts to make deep cuts into what he considers to be wasteful spending on a variety of government programs. As a prolific participant in the amendment-offering portion of legislative debates, he has narrowed in on cutting money from the Smithsonian and the United States Botanic Garden, the National Weather Service and the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.

You may have thought the Republican platform included downsizing government and cutting spending. Not according to these Republicans. Dumain writes, “And while this aggressive approach to fiscal conservatism makes him a favorite among libertarian and tea-party-minded voters — former Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas recently endorsed Broun — GOP operatives and strategists predict that it will ultimately cost him support with the more mainstream Republican base that makes up the Peach State’s electorate.”

Now this is on the website; “GOPPERS, Inside the mind of the House GOP”. Among the encouraging posts is this hopeful one: House GOP Chairwoman: ‘Probably Not Realistic’ to Defund or Repeal Obamacare. You see, Paul Broun is for libertarians, Tea Party sympathizers, and Ron Paul supporters. He just doesn’t represent the “mainstream” voter. Sensible Republicans really do support ObamaCare. Isn’t that why you vote Republican?

While a CBS poll found a majority of Americans – 54 percent – disapprove of the health care law, Republicans really don’t have any real desire to do so. If they did, the bill would be well on its way to being repealed or at least defunded. Broun is among a minority of lawmakers who is actively working to repeal or defund the govspeak named “Affordable Care Act”. Never mind that the federal government has severely mismanaged the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid accounts to the tune of trillions in unfunded liabilities. So ignoring the $100 trillion elephant in the room the “tag-team” will let the government mismanage the nation’s health care system too.

Let’s review these few tidbits from GOPPERS. Paul Broun is an extremists because he wants to “zero out the TSA budget”. The GOPPERS response: “ Americans are concerned about unemployment numbers and airport security”. Repeat after me: Americans want the federal government to cut spending. That’s how you balance the budget. Americans are also tired of the TSA and their heavy handed, Gestapo tactics.

GOPPERS: Paul Broun “has narrowed in on cutting money from the Smithsonian and the United States Botanic Garden, the National Weather Service and the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.” A Republican wrote this?

Economist and Author Richard Maybury calls the participants in the choreographed charade known as the American two party system; Republicrats and Demuplicans. Both parties work in concert to dismantle the Constitutional Republic Americans once enjoyed and replace it with a powerful central government run by an executive committee. This is fact – not partisan politics.

But the American people are wising up. When the bloated Republican leadership put liberal socialist Mitt Romney up against Barack Obama, Obama won – because Obama is a better socialist. The American voter had no choice in the election so they went back to sleep. And that’s perhaps why Romney was selected in the first place.

Ron Paul is a constitutionalist and would have worked to stop federal government overreach, end the deficit spending, stop the incessant wars, and restore balance of power in the federal government.

In the end, it was Republicans who put the liberal Romney up as the Republican candidate for President of the United States. This is the template for failure that the Republican Party has embraced.

The same template is now being applied to the Paul Broun Senate Campaign. If Georgia Republican leadership is successful, GA citizens will be treated to yet another “moderate” in the Senate. A moderate who will work with Democrats to ensure the US federal government gets bigger, stronger, and more in your face.

Consider this. Do you really have a choice when the candidates are essentially pushing the same agenda? Aside from the fake debates staged nightly on the mouthpiece media, how are the candidates all that different when they ultimately support each others agendas? And if this isn’t true, how did America arrive at this sad point in her history where she is more like a third world banana republic than the brilliant experiment in limited self government thoughtfully constructed with great sacrifice by America’s Founding Fathers? To see how far the US has fallen, consider that the Department of Defense (DoD) recently characterized the Founding Fathers of America as “extremists”.

When uninformed people call a candidate “extremist”, it’s time to take a close look at that candidate. Either they’re a Democrat (socialist) or they’re a Constitutionalist. They’re either looking to further government control or they’re seeking to limit government overreach. It’s time to take sides on issues. Who really wants another lukewarm “moderate”? Moderate Republicans and socialist Democrats are dragging the US into oligarchy. If Republicans are going to remain relevant, they must make choice on whether to support the Constitution or embrace socialism.

It’s time to give constitutionalist candidates a chance. Stop pandering to the left and support candidates who truly understand the vision of limited self government – the system that made America great. If that’s extremist, bring it on.


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Smart Meters: The Latest in Home Security?


“Smart Meters” are being installed in homes and businesses all across Georgia by local utility monopolies. What makes “Smart Meters” smart? They collect your electric use data in “real-time” and transmit it wirelessly back to the utility (in Barnesville the utility monopoly is Southern Rivers Energy). This information is stored on the utility’s servers for a variety of purposes. The main advantage cited by Southern Rivers Energy (SRE) is greater service reliability, better quality of electric and quicker restoration of service after an outage. SRE claims Smart Meters will lower their costs because they no longer have to send a meter reader out. Instead, and this is important for you to understand – your use data is sent wirelessly, directly to their servers. SRE soothingly assures us, your use data can’t be hacked.

In spite of all the rhetoric for and against Smart Meters, there’s good reason to believe the following. Your electric use data will be on a utility’s server. That means any interested government party can demand that information from the utility. And the utility will hand it right over. In fact, the new NSA facility in Utah could simply tap directly into utility servers permanently – to fight the war on drugs, terrorism, and crime, of course. For those paying attention, the NSA, CIA, and the DHS have been very busy spying on ordinary citizens because doggone it, you just never know if those neighbors of yours are supporting Al-Qaeda, drug lords in Mexico, or are growing marijuana in their basement. SOMEONE has to watch out for you and that SOMEONE is Big Brother in the US federal government.

If you’re comfortable with that, then you’re going to be very comfortable and sympathetic with all US government 1984 Orwellian style surveillance programs. Go ahead and have your Smart Meter installed and let the government eye ball your electric use in real-time.

Another aspect of Smart Meters that SRE insists is not true is the future potential for remote control over your appliances in your home. You see, Smart Meters give the utility (SRE) powerful tools for controlling your electric use. Initially, this will be primarily at the meter pan level where they can remotely shut off or turn on your electric service. Any casual observer of computer networking systems will quickly understand that much, much more can be accomplished when you’re on the Smart Grid.

For example, smart appliances are now being manufactured that will communicate with your smart meter and consequently with the utility and your very helpful US government. The utility and the US government are interested in your electric consumption in context with the campaign for “Energy Independence and Sustainability” and mitigating those dangerous Green House Gasses (like CO2). If you refuse to get with the US government program and voluntarily cut your own energy use, the utility will be capable of remotely turning off or limiting the use of selected appliances through your Smart Meter.

But wait, let’s triple size your electric order. As you know, certain politicians are heavily invested in green technology. And their government position helps to ensure their investments are safe and sound. Solar power for example is “free” energy from the sun, right? From a utility electric generating position, solar and wind are actually far more costly on a cost per kilowatt than fossil fuels such as coal. Fossil fuel driven electric generators must be kept running on whatever fossil fuel they use because sun and wind are intermittent. That adds significantly to the cost of electric production. Lawsuits have been brought against Georgia Power to force it to purchase high priced solar power from one connected producer. PSC Commissioner Stan Wise has fought this and reports agendas like this have caused electric rates in Germany to soar to three times what we pay here in Georgia.

Smart Meters are capable of charging you based on the utility’s cost at the time of generating that electricity. As the utility is forced out of cheap coal and into expensive solar, you likely will be charged for your usage of the utility’s source for electric at that precise time of day. That means you could pay much higher rates for electric when the utility is purchasing solar or wind power. The US government has taken billions of your tax dollars to set up a system that artificially raises your cost of electricity, based on their political objectives. This is not free market – this is a Marxist centrally planned economy being constructed right before your eyes. And the bonus investment from your tax dollars is the government can monitor your electric use directly off the utility server.

SRE Annual Meeting: Saturday August 24 starting with registration at 8:30am.

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Boy Scouts End Ban on Open Homosexual Members

Boy Scouts going the way of the 4 Cent stamp?

Boy Scouts going the way of the 4 Cent stamp?

One of the tenets of a secular humanist society is to deny the natural order of the universe. Out goes all reason and sanity and it’s replaced with modern humanist parables designed to create a new world order. A new world order that continually throws you off balance because it just plain doesn’t make sense. For example, evolution and global warming. These two philosophies are routinely force fed to unsuspecting children in government schools even though science does not support either. So it should be no surprise that homosexuality is promoted and even encouraged in schools, churches, and now the Boy Scouts. 

Before many leaders in the United States went totally mad, there was a time when you didn’t have to say the things I’m going to say. They were clearly understood by clear thinking individuals. For example, you wouldn’t send boys and girls out together on a weekend camping trip. Why not? Because they’re naturally attracted to each other. Duh. Why wouldn’t rational parents send their sons out with male homosexuals on Boy Scout camping trips – bingo – homosexual boys are sexually attracted to other boys. And your son may get “hit on” by other boys. So why did The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America recently vote to admit openly homosexual boys?

Was this to extend some sort of compassion and acknowledgement of tolerance to a small but loud mouthed group of counter-culture people? If so, this decision throws all the rest of the boys in the Scouts under the bus. From January 1, 2014 forward, BSA policy forces Boy Scouts into the uncomfortable position of having in some cases to share a tent with an individual who may wish to have sex with him. Homosexuals who “declare” their open homosexuality are also declaring they’re ready to engage in sexual encounters. And those members are now welcome to openly proclaim their preference – around the campfire and while tying knots with each other, thanks to the National Council of the BSA.

Perhaps the Girls Scouts are next. And why not transgendered youth – why should they be left out? Parents, you undoubtedly believe and expect for rational reasons that homosexual adults will be banned from the Scouts, but not so fast. It’s predicted that (“even though the proposed resolution would not apply to adults immediately, legal experts estimate the new rule will also extend to everyone in the BSA, including adults, within only a couple of years because of lawsuits that will be brought by gay-rights activists under state non-discrimination clauses around the country once a gay Boy Scout turns 18 and is removed from the program. The resolution is the first step in a two-step process in the whole program.”

Imagine sending your son into this snake pit where your son is exposed to adult leaders and scouts who are active and open homosexuals. The precedent has already been set in Massachusetts and California. Boys in touch with their feminine side may now use the girl’s room in Massachusetts public schools. Of course girls who are feeling full of testosterone may use the boy’s room. Adult homosexuals chaperone homosexual proms. ( For those that argue it’s no big deal and this is an exercise in compassion and tolerance – let’s tell it like it is. This is a total remake of society in the image of corrupt man, not God. The moral compass swings in all directions today and this madness extends all the way up to the highest levels of society.

There was a time when you could reasonably expect that The National Council of the BSA leadership would protect your sons from bunking with openly homosexual boys. The National Council is now subordinating the demands of a small group over the lives and futures of many in the Boy Scouts. Where are the Men, the Leaders in the National Council of the BSA? Placing young men into this potentially explosive situation is absolutely abominable and National BSA leadership should be immediately replaced and the ban permanently reinstated.

Why were homosexuals given these special privileges by the BSA? You wouldn’t permit grown men to take 14 year old girls (Scouts) on a weekend camping trip. And for the same reason, rational people wouldn’t send boys out into a captive situation with homosexual boys and adults. Once again, the secular humanist culture in America force feeds its own morality on another once great institution, The Boy Scouts.

Remember, humanism is the only religion permitted in government schools. And this action is another dividend, the fruit, the harvest, of humanist thinking and theology.


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A national discussion on US government gun purchases

Photo of US soldier armed to the teeth

Armed to the teeth: US federal government attempts to disarm US citizens as it purchases heavy arms at an alarming rate

If you haven’t heard about the recent guns and ammo purchases by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), don’t feel like you’re out of touch. It may be because most of the mouthpiece media outlets chose to ignore it. For those of you who haven’t seen the news; the domestic security agency DHS has issued a standing purchase order for nearly 2 billion hollow point bullets. This is in addition to an order for 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles. Oh, don’t forget the 2,712 mine resistant personnel carriers complete with gun ports, that are more at home in Afghanistan than on Main Street, USA. All supplied by you, the taxpayer.

Of course, this frantic purchasing of heavy guns and ammo is occurring at the same time government royalty figures like Dianne Feinstein are demanding, “Turn ’em in Mr. & Mrs. America”. From New York City Roman Emperor Michael Bloomberg to his Supreme Highness, Barack Obama; officials charged with guarding your constitutional rights are busy trying to take them away from you.

But back to these DHS purchases. The US federal government is buying enough hollow point bullets to kill every man, woman, and child in the US five times over. That’s right. There’s five bullets for each of you. And wait a minute: aren’t hollow point bullets illegal for use in war, by international treaty? Oops. Well, the US federal agency DHS isn’t going to use them internationally – they plan to use them against domestic terrorists. So, no worries!

And while your AR-15 and AK-47 is in government sights for confiscation, the DHS is actually purchasing real assault rifles. You know, the kind that can shoot all the bullets in its big magazine while simply squeezing the trigger. You can’t do that with the pedestrian AR-15 and AK-47s being peddled by government pundits as “dangerous assault rifles”. The dangerous assault rifles are the 7,000 going to a domestic security agency that wouldn’t even be in existence if our elected officials in Washington did something other than buy each other drinks in expensive restaurants on the taxpayer dime.

But wait. There’s a reasonable explanation for all these purchases. Those DHS folks are just trying to save the taxpayers money by purchasing in bulk. You’ve got to hand it to them. Practice makes perfect and this will give them 100,000,000 hollow point bullets to shoot per year for the next 20 years. And if gun owners tell you that you use less expensive metal jacket bullets on the shooting range – just tell them that you trust the government to make the right purchases.

Mainstream news media has largely ignored this story but an op-ed piece written by Ralph Benko has appeared on Mr. Benko writes,“ at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month.  Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years – in America.”

Mr. Benko goes on to point out, “Why, indeed, should the federal government not be deploying armored personnel carriers and stockpiling enough ammo for a 20-year war in the homeland?  Because it’s wrong in every way.  President Obama has an opportunity, now, to live up to some of his rhetoric by helping the federal government set a noble example in a matter very close to his heart (and that of his Progressive base), one not inimical to the Bill of Rights: gun control.  The federal government can (for a nice change) begin practicing what it preaches by controlling itself.”

Finally, Benko urges “Cancelling, or at minimum, drastically scaling back — by 90% or even 99%, the DHS order for ammo, and its receipt and deployment of armored personnel carriers.” A national discussion must take place over this frightening turn of events. It’s time we summoned our elected royal figures in Congress and the Senate and demand to know what they are doing to put a stop to this insane behavior from an unelected and unaccountable federal agency.

Before it’s too late.

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The Ultimate Gun Ban

Guns For UN Armed Forces Only

Guns For UN Armed Forces Only

(Aurora, CO) The horrific shootings by a lone crazed gunman have predictably brought the gun ban politicians out of the woodwork. Salt, trans-fat, soda drink size activist and New York City Mayor Bloomberg demanded “it’s time that the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it… [gun laws]” Senator Frank Lautenberg D-NJ, always an expert on the US Constitution opined, “these types of tragedies will continue to occur unless we do something about our nation’s lax gun laws.”

Years of anti-gun indoctrination in the US has created the right atmosphere for gun bans. Events such as the tragic shootings in Aurora, CO along with media saturation of the story serve to move the US closer than ever towards an all-out ban on firearms. The upcoming UN SMALL ARMS TREATY if ratified by the US Senate will open the door for the UN to regulate firearms in the US. Some American politicians seem more than ready to make privileged government personnel sole possessors of firearms while the serfs are disarmed.

That’s why it’s important to remember that the biggest killer of citizens by far is government. In fact, some estimates claim several hundred million citizens killed by their own governments in the twentieth century alone. Gun bans really work. They raise government law enforcement agents to a special privileged class and lower citizens to a compliant, fearful group of people who do what they’re told. The Second Amendment was written to protect citizens from a tyrannous government. Is it any wonder that this is not taught in the government school system?

Rogue government mouthpieces like New York City’s mayor Bloomberg have long demanded a nationwide gun ban. While law abiding citizens in the decaying city largely cannot even own a gun, citizens are killed there by guns all the time. This myth that somehow a gun ban will make the citizens safer is pure eye and ear candy – a type of political heroin with the same type of payoff. Of course, His Highness Bloomberg also has 24 hour, seven day a week taxpayer funded police protection.

Consider the government sponsored Hutu genocide against the unarmed Tutsi’s in Rwanda. According to Wikipedia, “Most of the victims were killed in their own villages or in towns, often by their neighbors and fellow villagers. The militia typically murdered victims by machetes, although some army units used rifles. The Hutu gangs searched out victims hiding in churches and school buildings, and massacred them. Local officials and government-sponsored radio incited ordinary citizens to kill their neighbors.” Ultimately 800,000 – 1,000,000 largely unarmed Tutsi’s were killed. Defenseless women and children were hacked to death, or raped and then shot.

No gun ban discussion is complete without deciding which parties will be stripped of the right to self-protection. I propose that any gun and personal protection device bans include all federal, state, and local government officials including law enforcement. After all, if a gun ban will make everyone so safe, why does ANYONE need them? If you support gun bans,  demand a complete gun ban that includes all government royalty including law enforcement at all levels.

Mayor Bloomberg is a Roman style Caesar, who demands the right to regulate your life in New York City right down to the salt in your diet and the size of your soft drink. And if you refuse? Guess who shows up with guns?

This post originally appeared in by this author

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Gun Control with the Obamacare Template

Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee found out what happens when you go against tyrants in government.

Jasper County Commissioner Mary Patrick* recently sent me a gun alert entitled, “Civil War Via Gun Control Is Coming”. Yes Mary, a total gun ban is coming. Civil war probably is not. Let me explain.

The Globalist-Marxist cadre that seized control of the US federal government has been successful implementing a series of tasks that included The Patriot Act, NDAA, Obama’s Executive Orders, and the Patient Protection and Care Act a/k/a Obamacare. These acts are designed to harmonize the US into a truly global system of governance that will transform the US into a vassal state and its citizens into world serfs.

It was essential that a government sponsored universal health care program was put in place because most other Marxist-Socialist countries have one as well. This is where the gun ban comes in. Most countries have strict bans on citizens owning firearms. Only government officials and criminals own guns in the globalist community. The shadowy group in Washington DC desperately need to complete the mission of folding the US into the world government. The US Constitution and the second amendment simply get in the way. And these are people who don’t let anything stand in their way. As you saw with Obamacare, it was rammed through to the surprise of many.

The same template is in place for the coming gun ban. Oh sure, some Senators and Congresspeople will pretend to fight it, but alas, they will “lose” the battle. Those officials looking at a close race will get a “pass” and be permitted to vote against any gun control bills. But the back room deals will clinch it and you’ll see yet another truly American tradition trampled under the feet of DC globalist thugs.

This is not a battle between two honest groups of people – one group concerned about gun safety and the other about the Second Amendment. Instead, it is a desperate part of the overall agenda and goals of globalist-marxist operatives who seek people control without having to worry about those pesky gun owners. And these operative completely control the US federal government. It’s time every citizen wakes up and understands what this means.

Many gun owners have told me that they will fight to the death before they let the government confiscate their guns. And that’s what the plotters in Washington DC are betting on. They will use the taxpayer funded military to forcibly take guns from resistors and it won’t be pretty. Military hardware today is amazingly advanced. You’re going up against state-of-the-art equipment that is tough to defend against. Urban warfare is also very advanced. After all, we’ve been waging war all over the planet and the US military is very good at killing people.

Those who resist will be viciously and very publicly killed. It will be bloody and the government controlled press will eagerly cover it. This will serve as a warning to those who make think they can get away with keeping their firearms.

The globalist-marxist backed US federal government is determined to disarm US citizens and they’ll let nothing stand in their way. In fact, Obama is so confident that his re-election gives him a mandate on his goals, he’s ready to implement them without delay. You might say he hasn’t a worry in the globalist world.

So what can be done considering the US federal government is so powerful and more than willing and capable to kill mass amounts of Americans to achieve their goals?

There are several possibilities and I will outline them below.

  1. Toss the Republicans and Democrats out of Congress and the Senate. Elect Libertarian or better, elect Constitution Party candidates. A majority in Congress and the Senate could slow down or even halt the plans of the globalist cabal in DC.
  2. Toss out any Governor who doesn’t stand firmly in between the federal government and his/her state government. The Governor has two tools that can be used against an out of control federal government. One is interposition which simply means “stand-in-between” and refuse to let the feds take any guns away in that state. The second tool is “nullification”. This means what it says: Nullify or make void any bill that seeks to violate the US Constitution, within that state.

America is at the end of the line when it comes to gun bans. Most other countries have already banned guns for all intents and purposes. The globalists need to finish the job here in the US, and – just like passing government health care, they will effect a gun ban if we let them.

Here are some resources that may help stop the madness:

  1.; this excellent group works to use the Tenth Amendment along with “Interposition” and “Nullification” to defend against unconstitutional laws forced on the states by the US federal government.
  2. ; Ron Paul calls this the only “No compromise gun lobby in Washington”
  3. ; “The John Birch Society endorses the timeless principles of the Declaration of Independence. The Society also labors to warn against and expose the forces that seek to abolish U.S. independence, build a world government, or otherwise undermine our personal liberties and national independence. “

*Mary Patrick is a Jasper County GA Commissioner, that decided not to seek a second term in order to go back to being a “watchdog” of government activities.


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