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New bill forces the EPA to justify benefits of regulations

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When you take the time to look at the activities of your CongressThugs and SenateSlugs; you’ll quickly learn that they judge their productivity by the number of bills they pass. The vast majority of bills cost you money and also chip away at your freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. That’s because each bill either adds a tax to something, prevents you from doing something, or imperiously demands you get their permission to engage in a whole bunch of somethings. And these highly paid thugs in Washington, DC rarely ever even read the bills they vote yes on. Maybe it’s partly because they simply do what their pimps in DC tell them to do.

Take Obamacare for example. Polls indicated 60% of Americans were against this federal government’s unconstitutional grab of the private health care industry. Yet the bill passed both in the House and Senate, and was signed by our Communist President, Mr. Obama. This bill is extra special because it not only will significantly raise the cost of healthcare in America – it also takes away many freedoms that US citizens currently enjoy.

That’s why you need to first laugh out loud (LOL!) at a bill sitting in Congress that forces the overstuffed and over paid porkers languishing in government to actually do a cost-benefit analysis on new regulations coming from the Dictators at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Then you need to demand a yes vote from your CongressThug and SenateSlug. It’s about time this special class of royalty provided some real value to the taxpayers.

From our friends at Georgia Magazine comes this alert: “[HR 2401] the TRAIN Act requires the government to consider the broad implications of new EPA regulations on the consumer...”. And it’s about damn time the government stopped backdoor taxing of consumers via regulations and fees on businesses. Because it’s not the company paying the taxes or the cost of complying with absurd EPA mandates – it’s you. Every time a DC thug decides to slap another tax, fee, or mandate on a company or energy generating utility, you’re the one who pays for it. You should be screaming at the top of your lungs when EPA boasts about all the fresh air they’re going to give you because when they’re done with you, fresh air is about all you’ll find in your wallet and bank account.

You can argue that utilities want to charge you whatever they can but when the meddlers from EPA jump in, the utility ends up raising prices to pay government mandates. The only entity making any profit on that is the government. And this is laughable. Here you have an entity (the government) that really only serves to act as an adversary and they by fiat, extort the best part of the profit from the utility and energy producing company.

Government environmental enforcers in Australia, are now slapping fines on any company that tries to tell its customers that the latest price increases are a result of new carbon taxes now in effect there. Even though it’s true. You can be sure many companies in the US are scared to death wondering what the US federal government is going to do next. How far away is the government from slapping fines on American energy producers who reveal to their customers the depth and breadth of taxes, fees, and regulations and how much they raise consumer prices?

HR 2401 is a start. But let’s not stop there. Every American citizen should call their (I say this laughingly) “Representatives” in Washington DC. Demand they vote Yes on HR 2401. Then demand that the bill be expanded to each of the power and money grabbing agencies set up by our out-of-control federal government.


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