We will punch back twice as hard

Kim Jong-ilPresident Obama recently said through a paid mouthpiece, “We will punch back twice as hard”, in response to the firestorms flaring up at town hall meetings on government take over of health care. The statement reminded me more of what you’d hear coming from Kim Jong- il in North Korea or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, than the President of the United States. In fact, he sounded like the bellicose communists who rule Russia and China – as they rally their head bashers to put down any resistance to socialism.

While the federal government tries to portray the opponents to government health care showing up at town hall meetings as Right Wing Extremists, the truth is, they are grass roots activists. Little old ladies, young adults, rich, poor, black, white; all with a common purpose to stop the madness emanating from the US federal government. What’s the madness? It’s trying to pass a bill to create a massive take over of the American health care system by the US government; that virtually no one in Congress actually read.

By the way, who actually wrote the bill?

In the meantime, this conflict is not about right wing or left wing politics. The propagandists in Washington are using the old communist tactic of dividing up the citizens into angry opposing camps. Any casual student of history will immediately see the strategy used by Obama and his minions. It’s not a black vs. white racial issue. It’s not about keeping health care from poor people. And it’s not about a benevolent government trying its best to care for people dying in the streets.

No, it’s about a group of insiders who have hijacked the federal government and are using its power to create a socialist state with them in control – like dictators in a banana republic. They have used the government public school system to brainwash our youth, in order to eliminate any resistance to the scams and schemes perpetrated on the American people by Washington insiders.

As the announcement was made today that the US deficit now stands at $1.3 trillion dollars, many called for an end to discussion about government run health care. And rightfully so. Obama is correct when he says he the fiscal problems started long before his administration. But his solutions of more deficit spending fly in the face of good economic stewardship over use of taxpayer money. If private businesses did what the federal government does, their officers would be in jail. Implementing a huge new government spending program is the utopian dream of the fringe lunatic left.

Even if the US was on sound footing, government run health care is a bad idea. It does not address the fundamental flaws inherent in the current health care system which is largely run by big corporations. The major cause for skyrocketing health care premiums is that the patient does not pay the bill directly for health care. The insurance company does. As the Cato Institute pointed out in their excellent book, Patient Power, we really have a system of pre-paid medical care – not health insurance. When you disconnect the payment of fees for health care from the patient, costs are going to go up and up and up. Government health care will address this problem of payment by simply denying health care to anyone that’s deemed unimportant. And once the costs start escalating out of control, that will be everybody except…

… Folks like Kennedy, Pelosi, Durbin, Reid, and others in the government royalty will always have the best health care. Why? Because they won’t participate in the government clinic plan being forced on the US peasants. And that may be the strongest reason why everyone is running to town hall meetings to yell at the dopes occupying space in Congress and the Senate.

Here it is again: we don’t want your stinkin’ government health plan! You take it.


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