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Obama Sticks it to the US Peasants – Drive this …

The Fascist Imperial ruler of the United States, Barack Obama, has announced another in a weekly series of edicts from the Reichstag – formerly known as the White House. Today (May 19th) we’ve learned , the Imperial Leader has decided our cars are just too big, use too much gas, and produce oh so much CO2 emissions. In order to harmonize with our soon to be global partners in Europe, Obama has ordered his government car companies to meet strict new emissions guidelines – or else. Cars must achieve a standard 39 mpg and light trucks 30 mpg by 2016.

This will substantially increase the price of cars and trucks. And for all you pickup truck lovers out there – better buy one now. Because these new regulations will make pickup trucks so expensive, only businesses will be able to afford them. And that’s the idea. Obama has decided you’re not going to drive around in big vehicles anymore. Of course, he’s referring to the masses. If you’re a Senator, Congressperson, or Imperial Leader (once known as US President), you’ll continue to enjoy special privileges like burning tons of jet fuel promoting fake global warming. And you’ll have big vehicles because as government officials, you’re way too important to be driving around in the go karts you’ve forced on the peasants – I mean American people.

America will continue its engineered decline thanks to the brain dead politicians occupying space in Washington, DC. In the meantime, a cabal of globalists like Kissinger, Clinton, Rockefeller, and others work behind the scenes to create a new world order where America is nothing more than a province in a global world government.

In the first 120 days, the Imperial Leader has decided on the type of cars we’re going to drive and those we won’t have permission to drive – unless we’re part of the government or the ultra rich. We’re going to have government health care – whether we want it or not. But you won’t see Pelosi standing on the same lines we’ll be on. The government will have its own special health care program – just for them! Obama has decided to take away our right to bear and own firearms. But you won’t see the government, military, or police disarm. The same government slobs telling us to make do with less of everything – live like royalty and enjoy special privileges.

Obama and his stooges in Congress have unleashed a virtual flood of liberty killing executive orders and legislation. But if you’re gay, transgender, or want to kill your baby in the womb, then they’re all for liberty! If you were educated prior to the 70’s, you were taught about the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and the separation of powers in the various branches of government. Today’s children are clueless about any of this. This has been the goal of the educational establishment virtually since its inception 150 years ago. The students coming out of the government indoctrination centers have absolutely no clue that they’re being manipulated into turning over their rights to the Imperial Government of the US.

If this government is not stopped, I predict a full police state society within 2 decades or less. If you’re under 30, you need to ask yourself if this is how you wish to live.


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Happy May Day Comrade!

Ah, spring is in the air! The flowers are blooming. The buds on the trees are sprouting. But wait kids. Did you remember May Day? May 1st (May Day) is a traditional day of celebration for Communists worldwide. I quote from the Communist Party USA website – “a day of struggle for workers rights and of celebration of the contribution of all workers: men and women, gay and straight, every race, language, religion or nationality.” Oh how inspiring!

But for you middle school and high school students educated in the government school system, here’s something you may not know about the Communist Party. You see, unless you’re older than 40 years, you were never taught about the ideology of Karl Marx. And while we’re at it, you probably were never educated on the US Founding Fathers, The US Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution. In short – as us old 50 something guys say – you’ve been ripped off. If you had received a good education, you would know that Communism and its component, Socialism, killed 100,000,000+ of its own people within the past 80 years! I repeat: 100,000,000+ of its own people.

Those that weren’t killed, were often tortured, maimed, imprisoned, stripped of their possessions, and terrorized – by their own government. The wretched remainder learned to keep their mouths shut and do what they’re told. It was common knowledge just 40 years ago, that Russia, China, Cuba, and a number of other Communist countries were places you’d never want to live. In fact, citizens of Communist countries frequently risked their lives seeking asylum in the US.

The poor in the US live far better than the majority of people in Communist countries. That’s because the economic opportunities in a free Republic bring prosperity to a greater percentage of its citizens. People emigrating from Communist countries are amazed at the wealth and standard of living in the US. So why would anyone want a political and economic system that does these terrible things to its own citizens? Maybe someone’s telling a little fib about Socialism.

Now students, don’t take my word for all of this. Study about Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pol Pot. Get yourselves your own copy of the Communist Manifesto. Then, get a copy of the US Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Study them carefully. It won’t take you long. Finally, look at the avalanche of new legislation being created right now by our Congress and Senate. See which ones are Constitutional and which ones are Marxist. Here’s a pop quiz: the progressive income tax; was that Constitutional or Marxist? Hint: which plank was it? The US Federal Reserve (the central bank); was that Constitutional or Marxist?

So, Comrades. Happy May Day. Let’s see if we can’t complete the transition to communism in the US over the next 3-4 years! We’re well on our way. The next time you hear from me, I may be in a US gulag somewhere. Uh kids, gulag is a Soviet prison camp where dissenters are kept – so they won’t be a threat to Communism.

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Let’s Celebrate 200 Years of Darwin

Those of you who are believers in We Came Outta Nowhere , can celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin this year. Of course you’d better. Because if you don’t, you’re called stupid, superstitious, backward, etc. Just like in the days of the Earth Is Flat group, you cannot discuss any alternative theory as to how life began on earth. Tow the Party Line comrade or you’re blacklisted.

Evolution makes for great theology. According to the evolutionist, life began here on earth from nothing but some organic compounds mired in a primordial soup. Perhaps a lightning bolt struck some amino acids and the first one-celled living organism, was created. The odds of this happening are … let’s see now … something like a trillion to one – against it. But hey , that’s faith – though maybe not your kind.

The evolutionist says that over billions and billions of years, flowers, trees, insects, fish, animals, all ‘evolved’ from this one celled organism. Scientists report estimates of the number of species of life range from 5 to 100 million. Science however, has only identified 2 million. So, all this diversity you see around you just emerged from a single celled organism – billions of years ago. Or so says the evolutionary ‘scientist’.

Any time you question the fantastic theory of evolution, the evolutionary scientists and their groupies unleash a frantic and desperate barrage of criticism against the asker. So much for the objectivity of the scientist. Funny, evolutionary scientists sound more like politicians with an agenda than real scientists.

It’s no coincidence that many if not all evolutionary ‘scientists’ also support the Global Warming theory. You know, the one that claims the earth is heating up because of excess CO2 in the air? And that we’re all going to bake in an ever hotter earth. The only solution to this global crisis is to turn over all our rights to a central planning agency that will manage the earth through this calamitous crisis. Sure enough, the Federal Government is working on a far reaching plan called the Cap & Trade Bill.

The New American Magazine says,”Cap and trade schemes view CO2 as a “pollutant” rather than the beneficial, essential, naturally occurring gas that it is. The federal government would place a “cap” on the maximum allowable CO2 that may be emitted and then issue permits (by auction, sale, or giveaway) to emit a certain amount. Those who do not emit their allotted amount may trade or sell the remainder to others. Since all human activity (even merely breathing) involves production of CO2, the potential to expand the scope of government control under cap-and-trade goes beyond virtually anything else ever proposed.”

In other words, Cap and Trade will create a huge new power center in the government capable of controlling business and individuals to an extent unimaginable even by power crazed dictators in banana republics. The financial burden on business will be tremendous, meaning some will disappear taking jobs with them. Others will survive, passing on their huge tax burdens to their customers while reducing payrolls. Cap and Trade is the latest in a series of initiatives being foisted on an unsuspecting public.

This year, a large number of new bills are being introduced that if passed, will change America from a Republic with limited government, to a Soviet style state. Cap and trade is just one of them. If you love liberty, freedom, and the vision of our Founding Fathers, call your Senators and Congresspersons today and demand they fight the Cap and Trade Bill.

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