John Oxendine – Professionally likeable but not as Governor

OxRockdaleGOPBBQSep2008024My son and I recently had the opportunity to see John Oxendine in the flesh. Later, I asked my son what he thought of Oxendine after listening to a 30 minute presentation and he answered with one word: ‘fake’. Fascinated with this 12 year old’s political wisdom, I asked him why? He simply responded, “C’mon Dad, couldn’t you tell…?”

While I think my son was a little hard on the career Atlanta politician, he alluded to the prevailing persona surrounding most individuals running for public office today. They all seem to be intent on delivering sound bites – little chunks of ‘feel–goodisms’ that make the targeted group comfortable. Of course the targeted group is researched prior to the event to ensure that the right message is delivered and that maximum investment is made of the politicians’s time. But Oxendine is professionally likeable. He has the winning smile, light answers, and somewhat distracted friendliness that is characteristic of most candidates for public office.

Oxendine certainly didn’t disappoint the attendees at our meeting. He touched on all the obligatory issues important to conservatives, Republicans, middle of the roaders, and celestial galactic voyagers. Fair tax, roads, property taxes, and state tax, were all given a perfunctory discussion that suggested much but gave you little to hold against him if he chose to change his mind after an election. As he addressed the group in his expensive designer suit pants, custom dress shirt, loafers without socks – he looked more at home in an Atlanta sushi bar than small town grill.

His best moments were spent detailing how he had turned a 300+ employee state agency (as Commissioner of Insurance)) into a model of civil service. He even shared that his people came into work on a snow day when virtually all of Atlanta was shut down. Oxendine spent the last 15 years working as a ‘dedicated public servant’ and I think he probably has been a pretty good Insurance Commissioner.

But that doesn’t mean he should be elected Governor of GA in 2010.

Georgians need and in fact must have, a principled States Right candidate running for Governor to push back against an increasingly un-Constitutional federal government. Many of us have looked on helplessly in horror, as the federal government tramples on the Constitution almost on a daily basis. From cash bailouts to banksters and insurance companies, to bailouts of auto makers, to serious attempts to end our 2nd amendment rights – just to name a few – it seems that the federal government has gone mad.

Ray McBerryAnd the last thing Georgians need is another Governor who takes orders from Washington, DC insiders. That’s why I support one candidate only – and that’s Ray McBerry. He is the only candidate who gives you straight-up answers on exactly where he stands. And where he stands is where you stand – unless you’re fringe radical socialist. Most GA folks really appreciate his common sense positions on States Rights, taxes, smaller government, the 2nd amendment, and abortion.

He flat out will tell any federal flunkie that the Governor stands between GA citizens and the federal government. After all, that’s what the 10th amendment is all about. The Founding Fathers intended for the majority of power to rest with the States and the people that live in them. The US Constitution grants the federal government limited powers, relegating this entity to serving at the pleasure of the states.

That was until the 1860’s when the federal government used the Civil War as an excuse to implement a program of taking power from the states – without Constitutional mandate.

Today, we have rule by executive branch with Congress and the Senate rubber stamping with increasing frequency the demands of the President – who is ruled himself by a group of Washington insiders. Now more than ever, we need a strong, Constitutionally principled Governor who will defend the Constitution against an entrenched group of people who for decades have worked to destroy it.

Some people prattle on about taxes. Taxes, taxes, taxes. The real issue in front of Americans today is the continued erosion of our rights, freedoms, and liberties. A government that adheres to the Constitution will inevitably reduce spending because they’ll see that most of it is un-Constitutional use of other people’s money. Go listen to McBerry and hear his very specific position on States Rights and you’ll see that the real benefactors of a McBerry victory in 2010 are the everyday working people – the same ones doing all the heavy lifting to support a totally out of control federal government. You and me.

The rest of the gubernatorial candidates running are delivering the same old lip service – that’s why the country is where it is today. Our schools are deteriorating, our dollar is worth a tiny fraction of its worth a 100 years ago, government spending is beyond excessive – it’s suicidal. Georgians are going to need a Constitutionalist Governor in 2010 with an emphasis on States Rights to survive the vicious attacks from an out of control federal government. The only candidate running who speaks for you and me – the ignored citizens of Georgia, is Ray McBerry.



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4 responses to “John Oxendine – Professionally likeable but not as Governor

  1. I like your stance on this: Georgia needs a states-rights governor who’ll push back on the unconstitutional demands of the Federal Government.

  2. Robert Heiney

    Ray McBerry says and I paraphrase here; ‘it’s the privilege of the Governor to interpose himself between the people and the federal government.’ I think we’re long overdue for this kind of public servant. We have suffered for years with politicians who are really nothing more than Royalty masquerading as people’s advocates. A real advocate upholds the oath to defend the Constitution – not turn their office into a feeding trough for pigs.

  3. GAPeach

    Fake. That’s my impression of Oxendine as well. He is genuinely nice but that is not going to quell the gigantic federal intrusion happening across the nation. In my opinion, McBerry is genuine when he states that he will stand up for Georgia above the unConstitutional power grab coming from D.C.

  4. Robert Heiney

    Ray McBerry is the only ‘pedigreed’ States Rights candidate running. With over 10 years of campaigning on this issue as a private citizen, he is believable. The other candidates are ‘me-too’ people. As GAPeach says; ‘genuinely nice but that is not going to quell the gigantic federal intrusion happening across the nation.’

    That’s why McBerry is the only candidate worth voting for. He actually says what he will do. This is risky because some of his positions like that on abortion are not popular. But finally – a real man – with real integrity – who’s not looking to make a living taking the working person’s living.

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