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Let’s Get Rid of the “E” Word

Rep. Paul Broun wants to be a senator, but the Georgia Republican’s far-right legislative record might make it difficult for him to prevail in a statewide race. Particularly damaging for Broun, who is running in 2014 for a seat left open by Republican Saxby Chambliss’ retirement, could be his penchant for pushing amendments that are viewed as extreme, even by many in his own party.”*

Emma Dumain
Rollcall Blog

George Orwell anybody? What we have here from “Emma Dumain” is more 1984 style brain washing propaganda from the current government insider power base. A power base that consists of the real extremists; the Democrats and their lackeys, the “moderate” Republicans. Together, this group has led America to the brink of a socialist police state complete with 24 hour a day, seven day a week surveillance by agencies that answer to the Executive Branch of the government and no one else.

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, MD is running for Saxby Chambliss’s Senate seat. Remembering for a minute that America is now ruled by extremists (Democrats) and so called moderates (their Republican allies in Congress and the Senate), Dumain peppered her blog post with “extreme”, “extremist”, and extremism to characterize Paul Broun and his candidacy.

Her answer to Paul Broun’s sensible efforts to serve the people instead of the government royalty, is to serve up anonymous quotes from “Republicans”, who of course consider Broun to be … too extreme. For example, she writes in response to Broun’s efforts to cut TSA spending, “This isn’t the first time Broun has sought to eliminate funding for the TSA, and it follows two years of attempts to make deep cuts into what he considers to be wasteful spending on a variety of government programs. As a prolific participant in the amendment-offering portion of legislative debates, he has narrowed in on cutting money from the Smithsonian and the United States Botanic Garden, the National Weather Service and the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.

You may have thought the Republican platform included downsizing government and cutting spending. Not according to these Republicans. Dumain writes, “And while this aggressive approach to fiscal conservatism makes him a favorite among libertarian and tea-party-minded voters — former Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas recently endorsed Broun — GOP operatives and strategists predict that it will ultimately cost him support with the more mainstream Republican base that makes up the Peach State’s electorate.”

Now this is on the website; “GOPPERS, Inside the mind of the House GOP”. Among the encouraging posts is this hopeful one: House GOP Chairwoman: ‘Probably Not Realistic’ to Defund or Repeal Obamacare. You see, Paul Broun is for libertarians, Tea Party sympathizers, and Ron Paul supporters. He just doesn’t represent the “mainstream” voter. Sensible Republicans really do support ObamaCare. Isn’t that why you vote Republican?

While a CBS poll found a majority of Americans – 54 percent – disapprove of the health care law, Republicans really don’t have any real desire to do so. If they did, the bill would be well on its way to being repealed or at least defunded. Broun is among a minority of lawmakers who is actively working to repeal or defund the govspeak named “Affordable Care Act”. Never mind that the federal government has severely mismanaged the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid accounts to the tune of trillions in unfunded liabilities. So ignoring the $100 trillion elephant in the room the “tag-team” will let the government mismanage the nation’s health care system too.

Let’s review these few tidbits from GOPPERS. Paul Broun is an extremists because he wants to “zero out the TSA budget”. The GOPPERS response: “ Americans are concerned about unemployment numbers and airport security”. Repeat after me: Americans want the federal government to cut spending. That’s how you balance the budget. Americans are also tired of the TSA and their heavy handed, Gestapo tactics.

GOPPERS: Paul Broun “has narrowed in on cutting money from the Smithsonian and the United States Botanic Garden, the National Weather Service and the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.” A Republican wrote this?

Economist and Author Richard Maybury calls the participants in the choreographed charade known as the American two party system; Republicrats and Demuplicans. Both parties work in concert to dismantle the Constitutional Republic Americans once enjoyed and replace it with a powerful central government run by an executive committee. This is fact – not partisan politics.

But the American people are wising up. When the bloated Republican leadership put liberal socialist Mitt Romney up against Barack Obama, Obama won – because Obama is a better socialist. The American voter had no choice in the election so they went back to sleep. And that’s perhaps why Romney was selected in the first place.

Ron Paul is a constitutionalist and would have worked to stop federal government overreach, end the deficit spending, stop the incessant wars, and restore balance of power in the federal government.

In the end, it was Republicans who put the liberal Romney up as the Republican candidate for President of the United States. This is the template for failure that the Republican Party has embraced.

The same template is now being applied to the Paul Broun Senate Campaign. If Georgia Republican leadership is successful, GA citizens will be treated to yet another “moderate” in the Senate. A moderate who will work with Democrats to ensure the US federal government gets bigger, stronger, and more in your face.

Consider this. Do you really have a choice when the candidates are essentially pushing the same agenda? Aside from the fake debates staged nightly on the mouthpiece media, how are the candidates all that different when they ultimately support each others agendas? And if this isn’t true, how did America arrive at this sad point in her history where she is more like a third world banana republic than the brilliant experiment in limited self government thoughtfully constructed with great sacrifice by America’s Founding Fathers? To see how far the US has fallen, consider that the Department of Defense (DoD) recently characterized the Founding Fathers of America as “extremists”.

When uninformed people call a candidate “extremist”, it’s time to take a close look at that candidate. Either they’re a Democrat (socialist) or they’re a Constitutionalist. They’re either looking to further government control or they’re seeking to limit government overreach. It’s time to take sides on issues. Who really wants another lukewarm “moderate”? Moderate Republicans and socialist Democrats are dragging the US into oligarchy. If Republicans are going to remain relevant, they must make choice on whether to support the Constitution or embrace socialism.

It’s time to give constitutionalist candidates a chance. Stop pandering to the left and support candidates who truly understand the vision of limited self government – the system that made America great. If that’s extremist, bring it on.

* http://blogs.rollcall.com/goppers/brouns-legislative-record-could-hamper-senate-run-in-georgia/


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