Goodbye Senator Ensign – we won’t miss you

Senator John Ensign

The party is over for Senator Ensign

This is rich. Senator John Ensign has an affair with a married woman. But not just any married woman mind you. He chooses of all people, the wife of his Deputy Chief of Staff. This of course from a man you would want to trust – after all he’s a Senator. You wonder sometimes why our nation is in such trouble. Perhaps it’s because we’re under attack from the incredible-shrinking-morals. Just about anything goes today. I mean, what was he thinking – sleeping with a close associate’s wife? We know what he was thinking – “She’s available – I’m taking… “ A kind of brute animal type of reaction that you see in packs of dogs who do the wild thing in the street right in front of you. You kind of don’t expect that behavior from humans – right?

But listen to what he said after getting nabbed in such a publicly adulterous affair. From, “The turbulence of these last few years is greatly surpassed by the incredible privilege that I feel to have been entrusted to serve the people of Nevada. I can honestly say that being a United States Senator has been the honor of my life.” OK. I’m sure Mr. Ensign had the time of his life. Living high on the hog on the taxpayer dime. Partaking in all the Royal pleasures of being a US Senator – the best foods, the best health care, the best pension plan – the Royal Best of Everything. You sure gotta have real good ole fashioned greed to blow that gig.

Then the Senator says, “While I stand behind my firm belief that I have not violated any law, rule, or standard of conduct of the Senate, and I have fought to prove this publicly, I will not continue to subject my family, my constituents, or the Senate to any further rounds of investigation, depositions, drawn out proceedings, or especially public hearings, for my family and me, this continued personal cost is simply too great. “ Oh please, let me get out a hankie… What’s that you say, Mr. Ensign? You have not violated any standard of conduct of the Senate? And are you suggesting in that statement that somehow you’re the victim – and not your family? Surely your family is standing behind your firm belief …

Maybe it’s true. There are people out there who truly believe that the good Senator is … well … good. That there really is nothing wrong with sleeping with your close associate’s wife. And after all, didn’t Ensign do a good job as a Senator, providing the people of Nevada with solid leadership? Let’s not mix social morality with the job of running the country. No no no! One thing has nothing to do with the other! Don’t push your morality on others – what are you, a Christian?

Enough sarcasm. Truth be told (if that’s possible today), there probably are no real ethics left in American government. We are ruled by a bunch of thugs masquerading as people that you might actually want to sit down and have dinner with. Nah – I’ll pass thank you. I wouldn’t want to soil myself sitting at the same table with most of the Senators and CongressThugs in office today.

Ensign is another example of the type of people we have representing us in government. This is why the Constitution is largely ignored and our rights and liberties along with it. It’s because we continue to elect the same of gang of thugs whose purpose in running is to fill up as much as they can on the free fat of the land.

The time is coming when the American people are going to wake up and start looking at alternative political parties. Parties that will sweep through America like a cool, refreshing breeze, at the end of a hot summer day. A wind that will fill your nostrils with the sweet floral scent of liberty. All at once the stench of death that permeates the US federal government will dissipate and be no more.

Let the winds of freedom blow through your hair and caress your face. Immerse yourself in an exotic garden where once again you are free to plant, grow; reap, sow. Rip the weeds out and burn them. Start planting now so you’re ready to harvest in 2012.


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