US Dept of Ag Leaders Exhort Americans to Plant “Peoples Gardens”

”Real and effective change starts small and it starts in our own communities, and through the People’s Garden initiative, people can be engaged in their own towns and neighborhoods to promote access to fresh, healthy food, as well as sustainable practices”

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack

Fresh, healthy food through People's Gardens - Tom Vilsack

When will suffering, starving third world Americans have access to fresh, healthy food and sustainable practices? Finally, beginning in 2009 Americans were given the hope they needed courtesy of the Marxists over at the US Department of Agriculture – a department that always has your best health in mind. And here is a heartwarming start by none other than the Commissars at the Ag Department.

US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is spreading the [US federal government] love by exhorting Americans to create a “People’s Garden” in each community. Ah yes – a “People’s Garden”. Sounds so … warm, fuzzy, and touchy-feely doesn’t it? And it brings all the peoples together! Let’s sing Kum Ba Yah together around the communal campfire, share in our communal crops and maybe a funny cigarette to help us “veg-out’ after a long day of watching the other workers do all the labor.

Schools, Daycare Centers, Churches, Federal Buildings, and Communities are participating in this socialist-communist foray into communal farming. And guess what government schooled boys and girls – you get to enter your People’s Garden into a special US government database complete with interactive map. There you will be able to “describe each garden, identify who is involved, where it is located as well as attach photos and add the contact information for their partners.” Oh boy – I can’t wait! Sign me up! Please put as much data about me and my garden in a federal database as you can. And pul-eese include my partner.

Don’t forget your free offer from the USDA. Those who start a People’s Garden can ask to have a People’s Garden sign shipped to them free. Oh well … sort of free. Actually the taxpayers are footing the bill, but let’s not get bogged down with pesky details! Government bureaucrats always know better how to spend the money in your wallet than you do.

From the USDA website, “Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack launched the People’s Gardens initiative on Feb. 12, 2009, to commemorate the bicentennial of President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Because Abraham Lincoln called USDA ”The People’s Department,” it was fitting to create the initiative, The People’s Garden, as a platform through which USDA could challenge others to create gardens, which benefit the community and incorporate sustainable practices.”

You see, you need to be challenged by the US government or you may never plant that garden with all your comrades in the community you live in. You may … OMG! … selfishly plant your own stinkin garden on your own land. (Well sort of your land – actually you lease the land from the … government) And then you may even plant lots of crops for your own consumption, thereby becoming independent – not having to rely on the government for food. This would force the US government to step in, seize your crops, and levy a big fine on you. Don’t believe it? Google Wickard v Filburn. Mr. Filburn found out the hard way – the US government can and will tell you what you can and cannot grow on your own property for your own consumption.

The day is coming when even the little garden you plant on your small urban or suburban plot may be highly regulated because without regulations, you may do whatever you please with your government leased plot of land. This is part of the larger program of dependence-on-the-government, that was started in the early 1900’s and has accelerated into the 21st century.

Dependence is a value that government elitists have been inculcating in our government schooled children for decades. Just go look at how many children get free and subsidized meals in your local government schools. You may be shocked at the numbers. In our district, over 70% of the children receive a free or subsidized meal courtesy of the taxpayer. Perhaps a People’s Garden could help children swap their fatty government school lunches for healthy communist garden grown food. Think of the values lessons these young children would receive.

It’s heartwarming to know that 1,241 People’s Gardens have been started and the program has expanded to all 50 states, two U.S. territories and three foreign countries. Indoctrination works best when it’s delivered in small doses. When no one questions this small step forward into socialist-communist ideology, the next small step forward is implemented. Notice the 3 simple rules for starting your own Marxist People’s Garden in your collective, er, I mean community and here they are: (I quote from the USDA site)

Your People’s Garden must include the following three components:
* Benefit the Community: Gardens benefit communities in many different ways. They can create spaces for leisure or recreation that the public can use, provide a harvest to a local food bank, be a wildlife friendly landscape, or be a rain garden to absorb storm water run-off and protect the soil from erosion.
* Be Collaborative: The garden must be created and maintained by a partnership of local individuals, groups, or organizations.
* Incorporate Sustainable Practices: The garden must include gardening practices that nurture, maintain and protect the environment such as:
Capturing rainwater in rain barrels, composting and mulching, planting native species and encouraging beneficial insects that feed on destructive pests.

The Marxists and their lackeys in the schools, churches, and government are working hard to spread their religion throughout the United States. Make no mistake about it. People’s Gardens are part of a sophisticated indoctrination program that is implemented in all facets of society from church to government school to countless unconstitutional government agencies.

The solution is to eliminate all these unconstitutional government agencies starting with the USDA. Anyone know a potential candidate with the guts to try?



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2 responses to “US Dept of Ag Leaders Exhort Americans to Plant “Peoples Gardens”

  1. Linda Crane

    The USDA is another department of our Government that needs eliminated, along with hundreds more.
    Did you know that USDA is being used to give out more of our hard earned dollars? Some of the Black farmers were disapproved for loans and have sued the Government for money. I do not doubt this went on, but this has become a scam. Due to lawyers like Othello Cross and Al Pires, filing thousands of these suits against the USDA are getting rich on your tax dollars. In the lawsuit they approved to give these 15,000 black farmers $50,000, that stated that they had been discriminated against. One billion dollars was approved to start with and then Congress had approved another 1.25 billion dollars more. The problem is with this that anyone could qualify, all they had to say was they attempted to farm. These lawyers were backing this and getting rich by promoting people to say that they were turned down on loans and making out the paperwork. So many people that were not entitled to the money received it and the lawyers are getting rich. This is fraud!! Some of the Black farmers that did get the money seen it as a win until they started seeing others getting the money that didn’t farm. It has worked so well for one lawyer, Al Pires now he is wanting to do it with more groups like Women, Indians and others. This is fraud!!
    Why do we need the Government giving out money to start with? That is not in the Constitution!!
    Now, is the same thing going to be tried on the Garden Patch… someone going to say that they were not taken care of properly and given a chance to sue the Government for more money!!!

  2. Linda Crane

    In Georgia, we tried to get a bill to the floor of the House, right to grow your own crops or food and another one for dairy for milk, etc. Well we were unable to get them to the floor to be voted on. I urge you if you live in the State of Georgia to support both of these bills if they come up again. Also, if you live in another state, please ask your State Representatives to get a bill started to support your your chances on growing food and having cows, chickens or goats, etc. for your use, not for the community. We have to stop them taking our liberties away, if you don’t stand then who will?

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