Nanny says no to salt and yes to bloated budgets

tortilla chips and salsa without salt

US central government: lower salt in your diet - raise spending

Calling all serfs. The shadowy elitist group in control of Washington DC has issued its latest edict. Thou shalt not abuse … table salt. Fox News ( reports that the US federal government which is in the business of minding everybody’s business but its own, has determined that you can get by on 1/2 a teaspoon of salt a day. Of course that likely won’t apply if you’re a Congressperson, Senator, or any of the other privileged class living on the taxpayer dole. You government royalty just go eat all the salt you want along with your taxpayer funded $299 a bottle glasses of wine.

Foxnews reports that the government will initially focus on bullying big food corporations into stripping as much salt from processed food as the they deem necessary – for your good health. They’re easy prey and like everyone else in the US, they’re scared to death of what the feds will pull next. After bashing the big food makers into submission, they’ll probably begin some sort of campaign to bully the individual.

Naturally, this will make food less appetizing so initially food processors will sell less food. Perhaps there will be layoffs. Profits will decline. Tax collections might suffer. But at least your government cares for you!

For those who believe in a free lunch complete with all the salt you want, this is part of the new ObamaCare “Free” Medical Plan you’ll all be getting. You see, the government now has an interest in your personal health habits because they’ll be paying your medical bills. Since they’re paying, and actually since the taxpayer is paying, your eating habits, your vices, your level of risk taken, your choice of sports, and much more will be closely scrutinized by the federal government. This is one component of medical cost containment.

Government elitists are already moving in on soft drink makers. Apparently this group of producers doesn’t meet government approval either. Too much sugar. Not enough nutrition. Contributes to diabetes, obesity, and other health related problems.

What will be next? How about eggs, cheese, meat, potato chips, pretzels… Really, the government can do anything it wants, right Representative Stark?

While the US federal government is busy making sure you don’t eat too much salt, they’re busy spending too much of your money. They sure do know what is important. Now don’t you worry about the national debt being $14,070,044,009,259.52. That’s $14 trillion dollars. Think instead about that pesky salt intake and how your government really cares about your health and well being. And don’t be concerned that each citizen’s share in this debt is now $45,394.53 and the National Debt has continued to increase an average of $4.14 billion per day since September 28, 2007.

Because the government has your health on their minds – and that’s much more important than that silly debt ceiling. Until of course their mismanagement puts gasoline at $10 per gallon, bread at $10 a loaf, and eggs at $1 each. When that happens, you won’t have much of an appetite for salt anymore.

Call your Congressperson and Senator. Tell them NO to any increase of the national debt ceiling. Stop the spending madness now.


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