Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell: who gave you permission?

Police State

One person's freedom is another's bondage

There are two grantors of permission in our society. One is God and the other is government. Consider what God says is not permitted. Homosexuality, fornication (shacking up outside of marriage), killing your baby in the womb or out of the womb (abortion and partial birth abortion), adultery, stealing, murder, bearing false witness (lying against another on the witness stand). God is not pleased when you long for your neighbor’s wife or covet others property.

If you think about it, these are reasonable requests by the One who formed the entire Universe with His spoken voice and outstretched arm. Interestingly, God doesn’t place any other limits on you at all. You are free to engage in commerce, use your property as you see fit, go anyplace you wish, protect yourself from criminals and do just about anything else you can think of. Where the spirit of God is, you have liberty. Your limits are clearly defined, easy to understand.

Now let’s talk about what the US government doesn’t permit. You are not free to engage in commerce. There are thousands of pages of restrictions and regulations you must follow if you choose to risk going into business. You cannot use your property as you see fit unless you adhere to Federal, State, and Local government demands that range from extortion payments defined as taxes to nutty environmental rules to zoning laws and much more.

You can go anyplace you wish if you don’t mind the occasional harassment by police officers, groping by TSA officers, environmental requirements on your vehicle, road block/check points where you’re considered guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent. And please – show us your papers… You can still protect yourself from violent criminals but that will soon be a thing of the past courtesy of the US police state. The future means more people beaten in their own homes, vehicles, on the street because permission to exercise their God given right to self-defense will be taken away.

Building a home, using your property in a matter you see fit, engaging in commerce without being hassled by government meddlers, hiring employees, driving your car – drinking raw milk… the US is now completely under a permission based command and control government. Your Senators and CongressThugs spend their days looking for new ways to restrict your ability to move freely through society.

Now let’s look at what the US government permits. Homosexuality. Not only is it permitted, but it’s celebrated by the rulers of the US Regime. Just the other day, the military threw open its doors to homosexuals inviting them to openly proclaim their alternate lifestyle. Homosexuality increasingly is preached as the ‘gospel’ in government schools. Just take a look at what is going on in Massachusetts. Children in grade school are being indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle. Homosexual proms are chaperoned by adult homosexual men dressed in leather. See Mass Resistance. Caution: graphic.

There have been a number of stories in the media about the ‘new family’. What’s the ‘new family’ you ask? How about two homosexual men adopting 3 young boys. Think I’m kidding? Go here. And there have been many other stories in the media as well.

Fornication, a/k/a ‘shacking up’, is tacitly approved in the US so millions of children are born with no father or mother or parents at all. Of course, the answer to that is abortion which is permitted and encouraged in the US. Killing your baby inside or outside the womb earns you a special status in society. Those opposed to abortion are vilified by the atheist humanist mainstream media. After all, if this isn’t true, why do so many government schools bypass parents and assist teens in obtaining an abortion?

Stealing. The government is 100% for taking your money and handing it over to anyone they choose. The US government is not against setting one individual against another to create an environment favorable to taking more power and more of your money.

So there is a quick look at two different views on what should be permitted.

You see, real liberty is granted by God Himself. The government takes it away and replaces it with a perverted form of freedom that is really bondage to the state. This is freedom to be perverse, to revel in sin, to go against God Himself. All while empowering government to place you in an ever tightening noose of bondage. Why does the ‘government’ of the United States support this seemingly unconscionable direction in permission granting?

Its purpose is to tip reason and logic upside down so the masses become confused of what constitutes right and wrong. This creates a citizenry that is easier to control and manipulate. Consider the actions of the government over the past few years and compare these new restrictions to the US Constitution – the document that George W. Bush called “just a god damned piece of paper…”

  • FCC take over of the internet.
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Food Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) take over of the nations food supply, from seeds to the dining room table. S510
  • DHS, CIA, FBI, given powers to suspend the Bill of Rights under the Orwellian sounding “Patriot Act”
  • Real ID. The federal government creates a national ID card that you are required to show upon demand to “confirm your identity”. Comes complete with RFID chip.
  • Domestic Security Enhancements Act which criminalize encrypted messages by citizens. Removes your ability to be bailed out if you’re arrested for certain “crimes”. US can revoke citizenship for supporting a terrorist group – but anybody can be a terrorist. See MIAC Report.
  • Federal government take over of the nation’s health care system.

None of these actions had the approval of a majority of US citizens. But they were rammed through anyway. Enforcement and rule making then comes from unconstitutional agencies that shouldn’t even exist. Massive new restrictions on liberties is on its way along with vast police state style enforcement. And best of all, you get to pay for all of this whether you want to or not.

If government is in charge of what’s right and wrong, anything goes. Today it’s homosexuality, abortion, and euthanasia of senior citizens. What will be the hot social trend celebrated tomorrow? Man-Boy-Love-Association?

There is only one constant society can trust. That is God’s guiding word in the Holy Bible. It hasn’t changed since it was written thousands of years ago. It’s simple to understand and easy to follow. It maximizes liberties while placing a clear emphasis on what is needed to maintain a moral society. The government version emphasizes tyranny while rewriting thousands of years of natural law.

This may be a good part of the reason that the US government is so adamant about supporting the Constitution when it comes to separating religion from all facets of society. And it may be the best reason to resist the government’s efforts to eliminate all vestiges of the Judeo-Christian religion from government, schools, court rooms, and public gatherings.

Because God’s Natural Law is liberty. The government’s laws lead to tyranny. And they know it. Who will be granting you permission in 2011?



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4 responses to “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell: who gave you permission?

  1. Lori

    Well written Bob – you should give up your day job and consider writing for a publication or something along that line!! Hit the nail on the head! The govment (sarcasm intended) is trying to impose itself into every facet of our lives. They are even using the terrorist threat to scare people into following their perverted and unconstitutional laws! It is high time that “we the people” take back the republic that was created for the people by the people and show these morons what it means to stand up! I for one am more than ready and completely fed up with all of the cramming of bs that these lunatic lefty fringe progressives are trying to shove down our throats!!! I don’t know if our liberty has been in more jeopardy than it is now!

  2. Robert Heiney

    Hi Lori – you said, “They are even using the terrorist threat to scare people into following their perverted and unconstitutional laws!”

    The federal government should be put on trial for failure to provide ‘Truth in Advertising’. They are undoubtedly the biggest group of liars in the US. Their almost daily press releases are almost as offensive as their contrived emergencies.

  3. Mark Dix

    As usual your insight on the sad state of affairs of our country is right on. I have recently come to the conclusion that we will never fix this mess with any political action, God’s hand is in this more than we would care to admit. I feel that God is lifting his hands ever so slightly from the blessing of our country and and the evil hearts of men are taking more and more control. Because we know the end of the story, this must be, I say I say, must be part of God’s plan to bring us closer to him. The answer? Prayer from his own people, and then he will heal our land. But I believe God first seeks to heal the hearts of men and then and only then will we begin to get back to the Christian principals in which our country was founded. God is not so much interested in the Red, White and Blue as he is in us as indivisuals. The only hope for our country and the world for that matter is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that all true Christians will take a stand and take our country back!!!

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