“Don’t ask – don’t tell” is wrong

Military woman

Isn't there enough tension?

Years ago, I attended a church that had an openly lesbian music minister. She “came-out” a few months after we joined. I remember watching in fascination at the members of the Choir as they sang hymns praising Jesus Christ. Having read the Bible from cover to cover, I wondered how everyone reconciled her rebellion against God’s certain pronouncements on homosexuality. For me at least, the Bible is very clear and even plain about homosexuality – it’s a sin. I didn’t make this judgment – God did. Some choir members had expressions on their faces that I could only describe as incredulous. Others had forced smiles. The tension was palpable.

I learned later that many people attend a church, social group, political party not because of any real belief system, but simply because they like the people in the group. An individual with a homosexual friend might be inclined to politically support homosexuals solely because of that friendship – not because of any deep seated belief in homosexuality. A large part of the homosexual agenda is to spread the myth that homosexuality is widespread, large in numbers, and very normal. Of course, this serves to assist in their efforts to evangelize the majority of people who are not homosexuals.

When looking at what the decrepit mouthpiece mass media reports as large scale support on any number of homosexual friendly issues, it’s instructive to remember that the number of homosexuals as a percentage of society is less than 10%. Some sources such as the “The Family Research Report says “around 2-3% of men, and 2% of women, are homosexual or bisexual.” The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force estimates three to eight percent of both sexes.” (source: Gallup Poll)

So why when it comes to the military, must our Armed Forces bend over to accommodate this small segment of society that many consider deviant and most consider separate from main stream and almost cult-like? And do large segments of society really favor letting openly homosexual people serve in the US military?

The issue surmounts all logic in productive argument and ascends the tower of babel of incredulity. Take for example the discussion of how homosexuals should be treated in the military. In an environment where men and women must bunk down together in sleeping quarters that are often 2 to a room or more, someone must rationally ask the question: Is this a healthy and wise decision? Would you arbitrarily put a heterosexual military man and woman together in a bedroom? Of course not.

There are intimate settings in the military that can compromise security and the mission if you pair up people who might have other things on their minds. It’s hard enough for military commanders to keep the men and women apart in the volunteer army. Aside from all that basic high school lunchroom discussion, there is much more going on here than whether 2 or more homosexuals serving together in a military unit can control their sexual urges.

I believe the whole homosexual agenda and the mainstream mouthpiece’s dutiful publishing of it serve as a type of psychological warfare against society. When a group in power takes something that is so patently wrong, and everyone knows it’s wrong; and this power structure positions it as right – society reacts by retreating into a state of confusion. It divides people up. Many become apathetic to basic concepts of right and wrong. This opens society ultimately for complete breakdown and eventual take-over by totalitarians who have long wished to create a new 2 class society – the royalty and the serfs.

Do you ever wonder about this amazing phenomenon in government permissiveness? We live in an increasingly complex permission based society. You need permission to do virtually anything today in America; run a business, use your own property for your purposes, build a home, drive a car… the list is endless. Yet you are encouraged by the very same permission granters to celebrate homosexuality. An activity that has been considered patently wrong since the beginning of recorded time – by virtually every society.

According to Gen Carl Mundy USMC (Retired) , the military has its own set of laws for good reason. It is not a democracy, republic, or any other type of free society. Military is structured as a command and control entity to provide the highest level of preservation of its personnel in combat situations. Mundy says Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell is actually against military law. It’s a compromise that shouldn’t even be there. He goes on to write:

“One of the long-standing reasons judged by you [Congress and the Senate]and your predecessors not to be in the best interests of the armed forces because of its impact on the cohesion and teamwork critical to effectiveness in the unique environment of military service is homosexuality. Seventeen years ago, after extensive debate in a dozen hearings, your predecessors and some of you enacted a law based on reasoning as sound then as it is today, that prohibits those who “demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts” from serving in the armed forces, because, you concluded, their presence “would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.”” (Letter to Senate – Gen Carl Mundy)

Mundy says plainly: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” isn’t the law. It is counter to the law. And it is unsound.

Trying to apply American style social engineering to the military can only lead to reducing its combat effectiveness while driving good people out. It’s likely that more qualified soldiers will leave than can be replaced.

This may be by design. The liberal left has longed for a return of the draft. This would force your sons and perhaps even your daughters into the military against their will. These unwilling young people would be led like sheep into any one of the many endless unconstitutional and undeclared wars that the oligarchs controlling America have immersed this country. A draft is perfect for those shadowy people in government who make their monetary fortune on endless wars. They bribe and pay off Senators and CongressThugs to initiate the breakdown of American Society while trampling the US Constitution.

In the meantime, we expend all our energy fighting over something that shouldn’t even be an issue. Don’t ask – Don’t tell should be confined to those who in society choose an alternate life style. Let’s unite together in America and stop giving in to absurd demands from homosexuals. Permitting homosexuals to intimidate those who disagree is like letting union thugs force workers into a union. It’s just plain wrong.

Stand up and say no to Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell. Demand that your Congressperson and Senator permit America’s military to enforce its own law banning openly homosexual people from serving. Don’t ask – Don’t tell runs contrary to law. Let’s get rid of it because it’s the right thing to do.


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