The US federal government’s insurgency against Arizona

AZ Governor Jan Brewer

AZ Governor Jan Brewer - Courage and Integrity

The US Federal government has declared war against the people of the state of Arizona. And guess what – they’re using your money and mine to do so. The feds recently sued AZ in a federal court with a federal judge to stop SB 1070 and surprise – the feds won. Aren’t you glad you contributed to the federal attack on a sovereign state with your tax dollars?

It’s a sad day in America when the federal government initiates an insurgency against a state in the union. It’s even worse when you consider that AZ tried to get the federal government to simply do what they are highly paid to do – protect our borders. But they can’t. They are too busy dismantling our health care system, encouraging our manufacturers to move into Mexico, Canada, and other off shore locations, and protecting Americans from table salt. The one area where the federal government is empowered by the Constitution – even mandated – they fail.

What’s even worse is that its been widely reported that the AZ bill nearly mirrors federal immigration law. The bill isn’t even stricter than US federal law.

Let’s take a little walk over to the EPA – another US agency that does whatever it pleases regardless of that pesky US Constitution. The EPA has generated thousands of regulations and countless fines in its never ending battle to control our air and water. Pesticides and the evil people who apply them are under strict scrutiny by the ever vigilant EPA. The states are obligated under EPA regulations to follow a set of guidelines for pesticide application, storage, transport, labeling – ad infinitum.

So what does this have to do with immigration?

The EPA permits the states to be stricter in its enforcement of EPA regulations. According to the New Mexico Pest Control website, “State pesticide laws can be more stringent but cannot relax, overrule, or conflict with federal law. Careful study and a clear understanding of the state pesticide law as well as federal law is necessary to pass certification tests. Some local jurisdictions have pesticide laws and regulations. Local statutes may not relax federal or state law.

The EPA on pages 28, 30, and 44 in its document titled, “Legal Compilation, Statutes and Legislative History, Executive Orders, Regulations, Guidelines and History”, assures us: “Generally the intent of the provision [EPA regulation governing pesticide use and application by individual and companies] is to leave to the states the authority to impose stricter regulations on pesticides use than that required under the Act.

Well well well. It’s OK to bash people over the head with excess regulations when it suits the federal government’s purposes – like in promoting their radical environmental agenda through its unconstitutional agency. But when a state has the audacity to protect itself against illegal aliens running a muck, the feds sue to relax, overrule and conflict with its own law.

Don’t ask for logic from the feds. The actions of Congress, the Senate, and the White House over the past few decades is proof that the US is in a transitional stage from Republic to ReThuglic. Just watch the travesty of justice unfolding in AZ where the federal government uses your money and mine to sue a sovereign state over its right to protect itself.

In the state of GA, former gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry helped write and sponsor a series of bills meant to refocus the state on its constitutional foundations. Each of the bills is written from the perspective of the 10th Amendment – an amendment that has long been ignored by the occupiers of the federal government. One bill that is especially compelling when taken in context with the federal government’s law suit against AZ is the “State Authority and Federal Tax Funds Act”.

The bill creates a board that reviews all tax dollars collected for the federal government. The board members are guided by this paragraph in the bill; “(b) The General Assembly finds that the federal government, its agencies or agents, or the United States Congress does not have the power under the Constitution of the United States of America to appropriate or otherwise expend funds for purposes that are outside the scope of the powers enumerated in the Constitution of the United States of America for the federal government.

Essentially the bill says; hey, this state is not sending its citizens’ tax dollars to the federal government to engage in unconstitutional activity. Period. Implementation of this bill might stop an out of control federal government from taking your tax dollars and mine at gun point, for the purpose of imperial adventurism.

The Founding Fathers warned that the federal government would move toward tyranny if they were permitted to bypass our government limiting Constitution. It’s obvious that we are much closer than ever to a tyrannous police state. And a huge vortex of your dollars and mine are flowing into Washington DC to fund it. Americans must join in solidarity with the people of Arizona and demand an immediate halt to the federal government’s insurgency there.

Here’s a place to start:

You can donate on-line to the Arizona Border Security Legal Fund. All donated funds go strictly towards the state’s legal defense against the US feds. I urge you to donate. You’ll be in good company.

31,436 people have donated $1,452,907.60 as of today.


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One response to “The US federal government’s insurgency against Arizona

  1. Linda Crane

    I do think it is a crime for the Federal Government to be suing a State for a job that they are not doing, and using our tax dollars.

    Today, I was going through some School literature. The schools send these Free and Reduced lunch forms to Parents to make out. Every child gets them that are in a public schools. On the first page, it states on:
    Question 11. MAY I APPLY IF SOMEONE IN MY HOUSEHOLD IS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN? Yes. You or your child(ren) do not have to be U.S. citizen to qualify for free or reduced price lunches.

    Tell me why are they getting this????? Why are they in our Schools???

    Also, I was informed that in a nearby town where I reside, an Illegal is getting food stamps. Yes, she works and is getting paid under the table-which means she is not paying any withholding taxes. She has 3 children which will probably go to our School district, get an education on our tax dollars. Get free school lunches, and uses Food Stamps and who knows what else!! Doesn’t anyone else get tired of this???

    They can come over the border, take the taxpayers money and use it for a variety of things. Arizona is wanting help and all our Federal Government wants to do is sue them for a job that the Feds should of been doing for years.

    Everyday there are more Illegals coming over, and our AZ Policemen and Sheriffs are being threaten by these Mexican Cartels who want to kill them. The AZ policemen are asking also for help, to get better weapons as the people crossing the borders are using AK-47’s and AR-15’s. These officers are need our help!!


    It is time to STOP some of this, PUSH your legislators in your State to do what AZ is doing!! I wish all States were doing this, maybe it would wake up Washington. Back the flat tax or Fairtax, that way these Illegals will pay more taxes and you less. Let your State decide what money that the Federal Government should receive, since they waste most of it anyway!! Stand for State’s Rights!! Get involved and make a stand!!! Let’s do it!!

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