An open letter to Mike Garrett, CEO of Georgia Power

Mike Garrett

Mike Garrett CEO Georgia Power

An open letter to Mike Garrett, CEO of Georgia Power

The US federal government is in the process of implementing a Cap and Trade scheme through its regulatory agency, the EPA. This despite the American people having largely discovered that Cap and Trade is based on the patently false theory that the earth is heating up due to CO2 and other emissions. Without getting into the extensive volume of evidence to the contrary, many scientists have proffered good scientific data that suggests man made emissions do not have the drastic effect on the earth’s climate as some have claimed. In fact, many scientists agree that even draconian cuts in emission levels worldwide would only reduce average world temperatures 1/10 of one degree.

Of course, the age of innocence is over when it comes to scientists anyway. How many of us believed the scientific community without question when they issued some momentous pronouncement? Why, they’re scientists – they must be right. When the global warming issue appeared along with dire predictions that the earth was heating up because of man made emissions, the future looked bleak. We would need to make major changes to our life styles, such as cutting back on heat, air conditioning, driving our cars – raising cows… exhaling.

But we were willing because we believed that the people telling us these things were scientists and were just doing what scientists do – look at facts and make predictions based on good scientific analysis. That was then – before the world discovered that the most prestigious group of global warming scientists were – lying. And lying big time. It was a huge scandal which led many countries to rethink their Cap and Trade programs.

In the meantime, the US federal government not one to let a great opportunity slip by, successfully led the charge to pass a Cap and Trade bill. Sadly for the schemers in Washington DC, the bill passed in the House but failed in the Senate. Originally, they desperately claimed it was to stop global warming. After the ClimateGate scandal, the White House switched  gears and announced it was to reduce dependence on foreign oil. So up steps the good old EPA. Always there for you – if of course you’re a government bureaucrat looking for new ways to generate additional taxes, fees, and restrictions on liberties. And they have decreed CO2 is now a hazardous greenhouse gas that must be regulated and taxed. Absurd? You bet.

Greenhouse gas climate change is a theory. Climatologists disagree on the extent of man made change to the earth’s climate. Some propose that natural events such as volcanos and sun-spots cause far greater climate change than anything done by man.

Since we’re dealing with theories and many divergent views on climate change, and since climate change due to emissions is such a controversial subject; does it really make sense to slap carbon taxes on electric utilities and other means of production in the U.S.? Sure, it does if you want to make America sharply less competitive and reduce the nation’s standard of living – for the commoners of course – not the Ruling Class sitting in Washington DC.

Cap and Trade taxes are the most destructive tax scheme ever devised by an increasingly hostile US federal government. Its been widely reported that carbon taxes will likely double electric rates, significantly increase the cost of gasoline, and natural gas. The ripple effect will have a chilling effect on the US economy. Nearly every good and service will be forced to raise prices to pass along these new taxes. Because you see, businesses don’t pay taxes – you do. Every new tax scheme dreamed up by the dead wood in Congress and the Senate is simply passed along to customers. It can’t be any other way.

And that’s the purpose of this letter to the CEO of Georgia Power and all other utility Officers and Directors. As electric rates skyrocket, ratepayers will blame the “greedy capitalists” running the utilities. Even if you place carbon taxes on ratepayers bills as a separate line item, most consumers will associate high utility bills with ‘greedy’ utility management. As carbon taxes really kick in, you’ll be faced with many unpleasant choices but let me suggest one that is very possible. As the public blames you for high utility rates, political pressure will build for the federal government to nationalize all electric utilities – because they’ll say, the people have a right to low electric rates. But first you will experience tremendous pressure to artificially lower rates by the White Knights in the White House to levels that eliminate profits that would normally be used for maintenance.

As the government artificially raises consumers’ costs for electricity and fuels, the money is funneled into green energy schemes that include among their shareholders such eco luminaries as Al Gore and John Kerry. You’ll want to buy any alternative energy product because the US federal government will make them seem like a bargain after they slam you with carbon taxes on electricity and fuel. And alternative energy schemes may be the only game in town. When the federal government is permitted to tamper with the nation’s electric supply, you can expect electric shortages along with high bills. Rolling electric cut-backs are already being forecast in Great Britain.

I call upon all Officers and Directors of the nation’s utilities to demand an end to all Cap and Trade schemes. In addition, I call upon the utilities to engage in a communications program to alert consumers to fight any and all Cap and Trade schemes. Coal which has been vilified by the Washington DC establishment is a valuable American resource and a great way to produce inexpensive electricity.

If you fail to do this, the US federal government will turn on the utilities and make them the perpetrators of high utility rates.

Cap and trade is a taxpayer financed war which pits the federal government against American business and utilities. Washington DC is taking money from every American at gunpoint, and using it to finance lunatic spending, taxing, and regulating schemes. It must be stopped and all responsible businesses must join together with the American people to end the madness.


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