They’re coming for your guns

If the US gov't bans guns, only they will have guns

If the US gov't bans guns, only they will have guns

The other day a tough old geezer said, “they ain’t takin my guns away – I can promise you that. It’ll be over my dead body…” And be assured I told him, it will. It will be over your dead body my friend.

Killing a few patriots is nothing for the leaders of the US federal government. Some people insist on taking that ‘whistling in the dark’ approach as if they could singlehandedly take on the dictators in the new US federal police state. Let me say right here and right now: They’re coming for your guns. Period.  Don’t make me say it a second time. If the dictators in the US federal government can pass a bill forcing you to purchase a good or service (think ObamaCare), then they can force anything on the American people. And that includes neutralizing the 2nd Amendment.

A universal gun ban is one of Mr. Obama’s top priorities. Socialists and communists always take away the citizens guns because that’s how they maintain strict control over the population. When the law abiding citizens are disarmed, only the thugs in government and the thugs in the streets will have guns. This is fact – just look at Mexico. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that the people of the United States could rise up against a tyrannous government. It’s a lot harder for a people to dissent against an oppressor with all the guns. And of course that’s the goal of the US federal government.

HR 45 also known as Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 would initiate a national licensing system for some guns. Let me stop here for a minute: once a framework for a national licensing bill is in place, renegade politicians can ‘modify’ the bill each year till owning a gun is so much of a chore that you voluntarily surrender your gun rights. You can see this in action with ObamaCare. Watch as Senators and Congressjerks work on ObamaCare till we have a complete government run system. The current system will by design, collapse and to resolve the ‘crisis’, the feds will step in and ‘rescue’ our health care system. That of course after they trashed it in the first place.

Gun ban Nazi’s will use the same successful template. First a series of crisis’s like the one that occurred in Australia. A group of tourists were gunned down by a deranged man and that gave the socialists in control of the government there, all they needed to institute an immediate gun ban. Who would have thought that Australia, a country that seemed to share American ideals of liberty and freedom, would voluntarily surrender their guns? But who would have thought they would permit Cap and Trade there either?

America needs a States’ Rights Governor in every state that will press back against an adventurous federal government. Alongside that Governor, we need a strong Constitutionalist Attorney General who has the backbone and the will to stand fast against a frighteningly bellicose group in Washington DC.  The last peaceful resolution to an out of control federal government is a strong State Government – one that turns away all unconstitutional bills, taxes, treaties, and wars foisted on it by the federal government. Every citizen deserves and indeed pays for; a State Government that stands in between the people and an over reaching group of elitists who have an agenda that’s as far from that of the Founding Fathers as earth is from Mars.

What will you do when they come for your guns? Why you’ll hand them over of course. That’s why you must stand up now and fight against the madness in Washington DC. Gone are the days when you can kick back and let someone else fight your battles. America is in the midst of a desperate conflict of ideology – socialism/communism vs. freedom and liberty. And socialism is winning. If you want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for your children and grandchildren, you must stand up now and fight.

What does it mean to fight? You get out and vote. You join the Tea Party movement. You join Campaign for Liberty. You join the John Birch Society. You talk to your family. You talk to your friends. You get educated on the immense volume of legislation coming down from the Royalty sitting full time in Washington DC while you and I struggle to pay our bills.

One sure way to end the madness is to end the nutty idea of a full time Congress and Senate. Let those lazy slobs go out and get real jobs for a change. Aren’t you tired of paying for their largess in Washington? Aren’t you fed-up with their idea of a ‘Full-Time’ job where they spend their time thinking up new laws to restrict our liberties and new taxes to take from our hard earned paychecks? We can save a lot of money by cutting their hours by 75%. Then they’ll have less time to pass stupid new bills.

Remember, after the gun ban is passed, it’s too late.



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5 responses to “They’re coming for your guns

  1. Loita Wilson

    Excellent article. Anyone who believes they are not coming is part of the problem. We know who Georgia needs. We need Ray McBerry for Governor and Preston Smith for Attorney General Georgia needs to be the example for all liberty loving Americans.

  2. Paula

    I second those two above; Ray McBerry and Preston Smith for GA! We must stop the District of Corrupution.

  3. William Cherry

    I would much rather win this struggle for freedom and liberty by the ballot box. The people we send to represent us in the individual states will be very important to stopping the unconstitutional actions and power grab by the Executive and legislative branches of our government.

  4. ellen

    I agree with those who support Ray McBerry and Preston Smith. I have voted for both and believe they are the right men, at the right time for Georgia. We need leaders who will stand for Constitutional government.

  5. Bree Lowry

    Great post! Yes, progressives are notorious for creating crises and swooping in to rescue us later. I wonder if this has anything to do with why they are ignoring the border. Do they want to let the violence get so out of hand that emergency gun control measures will be easier to swallow? Hillary Clinton has already gone on record stating that Mexico’s violence is because of our access to firearms.

    Madison understood that an armed population cannot be subjugated, and you’re right to say that the progressives know it, too. The 2nd ammendment is all that keeps us from being shot in the streets like the people in Iran.

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