Tea Party Alert: Freedom Candidate Shut-out of Freedom Debate

“Straw polls don’t mean a thing and they can be easily rigged toward a candidate and so can polls on web sites.  I have helped rig straw polls myself.”

Debbie Dooley
FreedomWorks/GA Chapter


Freedom doesn't work for FreedomWorks

Ray McBerry, Republican gubernatorial candidate, was abruptly uninvited to Saturday night’s FreedomWorks debate where presumably a real debate over serious issues confronting GA would be held. Of course in reality, this was a staged event hosted by Washington DC insiders and their lackeys in Atlanta.

McBerry is recognized as the most conservative, Constitutionalist, and visionary candidate running. His presence at previous debates electrified audiences. People clearly get excited when they hear his message of liberty, lower taxes, protection for the unborn, and his unwavering stance on 2nd Amendment gun rights. His last minute uninvite is not only shameful, it is an affront to every voter in GA. Dooley and her stooges decided they were going to control who you  listen to.

So why was McBerry boorishly uninvited at the last minute? Debbie Dooley, FreedomWorks organizer explains…

“We raised thousands of dollars to hold this debate and decided to exclude Ray McBerry and Jeff Chapman in the debate.  They are polling below 2% two months out from the primary.  We want to be focused on issues during this debate and not controversy.  We feel strongly that two of the top four will go to a runoff and want to be able to fully discuss the issues. ”

Dooley apparently knows poll numbers. The McBerry Campaign sent out an email with the following Dooley quotes:

Straw polls don’t mean a thing and they can be easily rigged toward a candidate and so can polls on web sites.  I have helped rig straw polls myself.

Well … well. What have we here? So Dooley helped rig straw polls… Just what Georgia needs. More backroom deal making as usual. Dooley is an example of what you can expect out of the electoral process here in GA. Imagine if her chosen candidate is actually elected Governor. Seems to me that anything goes with the FreedomWorks group as long as one of their insider elites grabs power. But what about those polls?

It’s laughable to think that Dooley would actually conduct a straw poll after the FreedomWorks debate. She had to eliminate McBerry or he would have taken the lead and embarrassed the entire group. That’s the real reason why he was uninvited. And lookee here – guess who came in first? Surprise surprise. Karen “I can’t handle it” Handel of course. Handel is a dim candle next to McBerry. So she made sure McBerry is off the debate list by using someone’s fake smear job as an excuse. Convenient.

FreedomWorks Straw Poll

Guess who won? From Peachpundit.com

Handel has never won any debates until this establishment orchestrated event last Saturday. Don’t forget, Handel was Deputy Chief of Staff for New World Order George H Bush. She is a career political insider and has a long history of political pandering to ensure she keeps moving up the power ladder. Read more about Karen Handel from the Political Vine .

You can be sure she is nothing but another power grabbing political opportunist. Handel hardly qualifies as a “Tea Party” candidate. She easily fits the big money, power elite model of politician. You know the kind – backed by Washington DC insiders and other shadowy power groups.

If you’ve reached the same conclusion many other Georgians have; that the process is rigged and the Governor has already been selected by a back room group of insiders, you have three choices.

1. Hold you nose and vote for their candidate. Problem: you’ll regret it when your nose is rubbed in policies that have gotten America where she is today

2. Don’t vote at all. Problem: you’ll have no say in the outcome. If you vote, at least you made your statement

3. Vote for Ray McBerry. A vote for McBerry is a vote to return to Constitutional government, liberty, and your right as a citizen to participate directly in the governing of your home state.

Remember one thing. McBerry has won in every debate where he was permitted to speak. What does this tell you about the process? Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. The Winds of Freedom are blowing again. Can’t you feel them? Make a statement to the establishment insiders that you won’t be fooled again.

No more “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss”.

Your vote for Ray McBerry will send the same message Kentucky voters sent when they selected Rand Paul instead of the establishment picked contender in the Senate race. This is your time. This is your place. This is your chance. McBerry is your Freedom Candidate.

Freedom works when you let it.



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9 responses to “Tea Party Alert: Freedom Candidate Shut-out of Freedom Debate

  1. Rick Wilson

    Great work as usual, Bob!

  2. Steven

    Karen was actually Deputy Chief of Staff for Mrs. Quayle. To make herself seem more important, she claimed it was for the Bush/Quayle administration, but it was really just for the VP’s wife. She likes to take little jobs she’s had and bump herself up a few notches to make her resume look a little more impressive.

    Karen’s a joke. She’s Sonny Perdue in a dress.

  3. No one showed at the debates anyway. Ray’s time is better spent speaking one-on-one to groups of his choosing. But that is about to change.

    • robertheiney

      When FreedowWorks omitted 2 viable candidates while portraying themselves as some sort of freedom Tea Party group, they ruined their own credibility. Everyone needs to pay attention and watch out for infiltrators who would siphon off money and resources to dilute the freedom movement in America.

      Spread the word!

      • ellen

        Ray McBerry is the genuine Constitutional candidate. He has blown away every other candidate in every debate or forum in which he has participated. He makes all the others look foolish in their pretense, especially Handel. Honest straw polls have shown when people are allowed to hear all the candidates answer the same questions with no bias they decide for Mr. McBerry. Obviously, he is a threat to the establishment.

  4. keith dale bragg

    At a time when we need to be a house undivided, we see this type of manipulative crap going on among what is supposed to be a grassroots conservative movement. I will vote for McBerry because he best represents my own conservative views. Handel doesn’t at all, but if I were in charge of sending out the invites to a debate among the candidates for any office, I would be honor-bound to invite them all whether or not one or more of them wasn’t my cup of tea. After all, we yell about the underhanded crap going on in Washington-why start it here? That’s exactly what is happening with events like the one in question.

    • Loita Wilson

      I agree. They are trying their best to keep Ray McBerry from being elected. They can’t control him like their other puppets. They don’t want a man to be governor that will protect the lives of little humans and will take a stand for the people of Georgia against federal instrusion. They must hang on to the federal dollar being so blind they can’t see it’s their money to begin with. As for the tea party “leader” she is more of a RINO than they are. Imagine a person in her position who admits to such. God help us if people don’t wake up. Ray McBerry for Governor 2010 – GEORGIA FIRST!!!

  5. Ryan Christopher

    The establishment will have nothing to do with the truth! I have often wondered what it must be like to have an absolute lust for power. Tolkien’s written expression of the ring of power best seems to illustrate all of this. The “powers that be” have become so grossly addicted to their own image that they cannot imagine anyone dethroning them. While the fraternity of trolls marches on to debate about the next debate, Georgia suffers. While Ray aggressively pursues election for the protection of our rights, his opponents aggresively pursue approval of the masses at all costs.

    Great entry Professor!

  6. ellen

    I am encouraged to read such insightful analysis of what’s going on in Ga. My husband and I have just returned from a meeting with Gerry Purcell who is running for Insurance Commissioner. He, like Ray McBerry, has won every strawpoll in which he has participated. He knows what he’s talking about and has the expertise in the insurance business to handle the serious issues facing the people of Ga. regarding the health tax bill. He is not the “establishment” candidate. I hope people will give him a chance. Also, the race for attorney general will be all inportant as well to protect what’s left of our freedom.

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