FreedomWorks just another establishment front?

Dick Armey

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This is really juicy. FreedomWorks, which bills itself as just “a group of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.”, is staging a debate tonight, Saturday May 22nd in Atlanta GA. But get this – they boorishly uninvited the one candidate who is undoubtedly the strongest Constitutionalist in the race.

To top it off, FreedomWorks lackeys in GA singled out establishment republican machine career politicans to ‘debate’ on less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. Naturally, these are the ones who have cozied up to all sorts of special interest groups who gave them plenty of mouthpiece media support – and oh yeah – plenty of money. It’s business as usual in Atlanta.

But FreedomWorks wants you to believe that they are a Tea Party like group that really, really, honest and truly wants to return America to its Founding Fathers roots.

Of course, FreedomWorks “members know that government goes to those who show up, and are leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. Join us!” But when it comes to real freedom fighters, you best not show up. “Join us” from FreedomWorks means join if you support the good old boy network that got America into the sad state it’s in today.

To add extra excitement to the ‘debate’, straw polls will be done after the staged event. This will be rich. Watching a bunch of stuff shirt blow hards try to out do each other while the straw poll winner of the last 4 debates (McBerry) is excluded from the event. Head FreedomWorks Stooge Debbie Dooley offered a few feeble excuses for telling McBerry he could not attend after he had been invited.

Hey Dooley, this wouldn’t have anything to do with Karen “I can’t handle it” Handel, would it? By the way, when you exclude a legitimate candidate that consistently evokes a strong positive reaction from the audience, you slash your own credibility to zero. You demonstrate to everybody that you’re not really for “less government, lower taxes, and more freedom”.

Instead, you support more good old boy politics, more back room deal making, more lining of politicians pockets, and more big government. Ms. Dooley, you don’t sound like a Tea Party activist to me.

As for Karen “I can’t handle it” Handel, Bill Simon weighed in with this from the Political Vine coincidentally this very evening: “Politician Karen Handel clearly does not possess a consistency of character or integrity.” Yet she apparently has enough integrity for FreedomWorks.

Let’s take a closer look at FreedomWorks starting with Chairman Dick Armey. Michele Malkin called Armey, an “amnesty stooge” and “a clueless promoter of bailout-happy, big government Republican Sen. John McCain. reports, Armey was “under scrutiny from the left regarding the overlap between his FreedomWorks chairmanship, which tax returns show paid him $550,000 in 2008, and a more lucrative gig as a lobbyist for the powerful firm DLA Piper, which Brandon said paid him $750,000 a year. Congressional records show that Armey at times lobbied for clients ostensibly at odds with the tea party movement, including bailout recipient General Motors, a wind farm developer that stands to benefit from proposals to cap and trade carbon emissions and at least two pharmaceutical companies that supported the earlier stages of the health care overhaul.

(Read more:

Armey is hardly what you’d call a poster boy for the Tea Party movement and the grassroots citizens that support it.

Robert Lansing of Chicago based Litchfield Advisors is another FreedomWorks Board Member. He donated $2,300 to the presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. You’ll recall good ole Mitt presided over the socialized medical program levied on Massachusetts citizens that is stunningly similar to ObamaCare. Anything in common here with people who want “less government, lower taxes, and more freedom”?

And what does billionaire and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) connected Board Member Steve Forbes have to gain from all this? Maybe someone should ask him.

No wonder McBerry was uninvited. The audience might actually awake from a sound slumber and discover a people’s candidate out there that supports the Constitution of the United States. But to label this debate a legitimate discourse for the people of Georgia is so laughable it’s ludicrous. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see the results of the ‘straw poll’.

Friends, the Republican Party is finished. You may as well vote for a Democrat. One thing I can say about Obama, he told us how he would govern and he has kept his word. Republicans talk conservatism, less government, lower taxes. Then they pass the Patriot Act, The Prescription Drug Act, and other big government spending programs.

You can vote Democrat and receive full socialism. Or you can vote Republican and receive socialism lite. Socialism lite is creeping socialism that makes you feel like you slowed it down some – like you actually stopped its advance.

And the FreedomWorks Republican Club can be counted on to continue the Republicrat-Demuplican policies that have destroyed our economy, enslaved our children and grand-children with regulations and taxes, and left our borders open so terrorists can get even with America for Washington DC insider meddling in foreign affairs.

When someone from FreedomWorks comes talking, be sure to send them walking.



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4 responses to “FreedomWorks just another establishment front?

  1. Jeremiah Tant

    Bravo, Bob!! You really socked it to NeoCons! I hope and pray the people of GA will wake up and elect McBerry.

  2. Bill Cherry

    About fifteen years ago, I had a one on one conversation with Cong. Dick Armey in Dallas. I asked him if he was familar with the Council on Foreign Relations? He responded, “Yes, they are a very powerful organization”. I asked him if he was willing to expose the CFR control of our foreign policy and government through their membership. He responded “No! I am afraid of them. They could destroy me and my career”. He has been willing to do the CFR’s bidding to stay in power and in the political limelight.

  3. Thanks for pointing this out Robert. By the way, Sen. Jeff Chapman, the second strongest Constitutionalist in the race, also was not invited. That makes your argument twice as effective.

  4. Alex

    I am now firmly convinced that FreedomWorks is an establishment front. Thank you for this expose, I hope more people see it! We MUST NOT let them and their establishment neo-con cohorts hi-jack the tea party movement.

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