Who’s really behind “immigration reform”?

Mexican Flag over upside down American flag

Mexican flag flying over HS in California

The Socialist Party USA claims that Arizona’s new immigration law transforms “Arizona into the equivalent of a police state where anyone with brown skin becomes a suspect.” That’s rich when you remember that violent, anti-citizen police states flourish in Socialist and Communist countries. Let me assure you – you don’t even think an independent thought in communist countries unless you like 10 years hard labor with a moldy piece of bread for dinner. That’s of course if the communist-socialist government doesn’t torture and kill you first.

They’re experts at killing. .. and torturing. After all, the communist-socialists killed close to 200 million of their own people in the last 50 years alone. They are the biggest killers of citizens ever. And they want to kill people in a town near you.

Both the Socialist Party USA and Communist Party USA are working behind the scenes to take advantage of the confusion surrounding the illegal alien debate. Immigration ‘reform’ (May Day) rallies were scheduled and organized for May 1st in 104 cities across the US by the Communist Party USA. 20 cities or 19% of the total were in CA, one of the hotbeds of illegal alien activity. Most Californians know the tremendous economic cost of illegals. Many however do not know that the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA are stirring up dissent among people who shouldn’t even be in the US to begin with.

A recent YouTube video circulating showed a Los Angeles “teacher” exhorting a group to “revolt” against the capitalists and imperialists in America. The speaker claimed there are 40,000,000 illegal aliens in the US – more than enough to liberate large parts of the SW for Mexico. He was obviously a communist agent in the classic mode of street agitator. He’s actively working to start a revolution using illegal aliens as urban guerrilla fighters. Incredibly, 2nd Amendment Gun Rights supporters are the ones the US federal government considers dangerous. Communist revolutionaries who street preach revolution against America are simply immigration reformers.

9 ‘dangerous’ Hutaree militia men are arrested instead. The US federal government is leaving the door wide open to illegal aliens, many who are vicious gun toting criminals, while working to disarm legal US citizens.

Because you see, the issue isn’t about racism, or unfairness to suffering people just trying to get a better life. It’s about a federal government that wants to enslave Americans with rigged elections and banana republic style legislation. Inviting 20,000,000 undocumented aliens to become American citizens is treason – not reason. This is all about cementing socialism and communism in America by giving 20,000,000 clueless people the right of citizenship along with voting rights. It’s one more nail in the coffin of America.

The US federal government does not care who these people are or where they are. Besides adding another 20,000,000 people to the new government health plan, amnesty will further destabilize the US economically and politically. And if you think that’s suicide, you’re right. This will destroy the ability of the United States to function as a free Republic.

And that’s the goal of the Communist Party USA, the Socialist Party USA, and their comrades in Congress, the Senate, and the White House.


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