Handel – get a grip

Karen Handel's empty chair at recent debate

Karen Handel's empty chair at recent debate

Hey, has anyone seen Karen Handel? There was a lively debate among gubernatorial candidates Friday night in Statesboro and Handel was nowhere to be found. Not that she was missed. Her absence took nothing away from the electricity of the debate. Ray McBerry, Eric Johnson, John Oxendine, Jeff Chapman, and Nathan Deal were more than enough to fill the small gap left by Handel’s churlish decision not to share the debate stage with Ray McBerry.

So why was Handel AWOL from the debate? According to a recent Handel campaign press release, I quote; “Saturday, at the GA GOP 6th District debate, Karen announced that it would be the last event where she appears on the same stage as Ray McBerry. She called his participation in Republican events an embarrassment, and our candidates and party are better than this.

You see, despite the fact that McBerry was never charged nor even arrested for any crime, that’s not good enough for Karen Handel. She is above police investigators, the DA, and the GA Court system. Like a Queen in the fiefdom she hopes to control one day, Handel sits in judgement on McBerry herself, pronouncing him guilty of a crime he was never even charged with – over 8 years ago.

Wow Karen- get a grip.

You’re not fooling anyone. Read  comments posted by average Georgians in newspapers and blogs. Most see right through your attempts to bully McBerry off the debate stage. Your real goal is to get other lackeys like the Columbia County Young Republican Club to exclude McBerry from debates, effectively shutting out his message from the general public.

Is this the kind of governor you’ll be? Just another fat cat big city politician using her weight to shove folks around? Will you use the power of that office to smear your political enemies? Shame on you Karen Handel. Georgians have had enough of politicians who use their position for political gain. But there’s more to this story.

Karen Handel won’t debate Ray McBerry because she can’t. McBerry blows Handel away at every debate so it’s understandable that she is desperate to do anything to keep him far away. Handel is an intellectual lightweight next to Ray McBerry. That’s why she would love to bully McBerry out of any future debates. Handel has little of the educational background that makes McBerry such a strong candidate for the important office of GA Governor.

But she does Washington DC experience. For example, Handel worked for New World Order promoters George H Bush and Dan Quayle as Deputy Chief of Staff – 2 men that are hardly bastions of freedom and liberty. From there, she spent most of her time in big city – machine politics. While some might suggest that qualifies Handel for the job of governor, do you really want a New World Order staffer and a product of the Washington DC – Atlanta GA political machine as our next governor?

I ask all freedom lovers out there. Are you tired of  Washington DC – Atlanta GA Elitists ramming their chosen candidates down your throat?  Now is the time – today is the day. Take back your government from the Washington DC control group. The winds of freedom are rapidly moving across the United States. There are Ray McBerrys in other states  running races for freedom and a return to Constitutional government. Your vote for Ray McBerry will send chills down the spines of all those who are trying to enslave and control you using big government as the hammer.

The next time you seen Karen Handel, ask her, “Why don’t you have the courage to debate Ray McBerry on the issues?”  Ask her every time you see her at a debate where McBerry was shut out. We’ll understand her answer. Because you see, truth is electable. And the people of GA can spot a fake a mile away. Karen, sorry you weren’t there at the Statesboro debate. But the show went on without you.



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2 responses to “Handel – get a grip

  1. Mark Dix

    As usual you hit the nail on the head, and you certainly have Karen Handel peged just right. She is nothing more than a Washington insider who would varner deals with the Federal Goverment to maintain her political position. Think about it, if her skin is not thick enough to debate Ray McBerry then how much faster will she cow down to the Federal Goverment. God help us if she is some how put into the office of Governor.

  2. Excellent points Bob

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