America the ReThuglic

Charles Rangel AP Photo

Charles Rangel Head Thug

At a meeting of southern locals recently, a southerner asked me, “Bob, don’t northerners think we southerners are backwards, ignorant, and redneck?”

I answered …

No. But if you really want to see stupid, backward, and ignorant, look no farther than New York. In a land where property taxes can easily be $10,000 per year on a pathetic little plot of land; where you have some of the highest utility and gas prices in the country; this same state has begged its socialist politicians for even more of that good stuff.

What good stuff is that you ask? Cap and trade, of course in the form of HR 2454. Every Congressthug in New York except 3 voted not only to saddle all New Yorkers with skyrocketing energy taxes, but their vote helps to enslave you and me and the rest of the nation as well. Cap and trade has already been predicted to raise electric rates by as much as 100%. Gas prices could reach $7 per gallon as they already are in Europe.

Fuel oil for heating homes could reach $7 per gallon. It touched $5 per gallon last winter. To help you understand what $7 per gallon for fuel oil means to a homeowner, you need to know that when I was a child, fuel oil was just 17 cents a gallon. We always had a nice toasty warm home. Fuel oil went to $1 per gallon when my wife and I were newly married. People laughed at us because we set our thermostat at 60º during the day and 55º at night. But we did that because heating costs were hard on our budget.

Imagine then the effect Cap and Trade (HR 2454) will have on everyone who actually has to pay for utilities. I’m not talking about those who live on the dole. They’ll have plenty of heat and A/C courtesy of the taxpayers. I’m talking about working people.

New Yorkers paying $7 per gallon fuel oil costs for heat and hot water are going to suffer tremendously. Either they’re going to freeze all winter or they’re going to pay $1500 per month heating bills. And that’s before they walk out the front door. Wait till Cap and Trade starts to drive up the costs for gasoline. All businesses will be burdened with this artificial government induced addition to the cost of energy in every form. So you’ll pay again every time you make a purchase. Many people will blame businesses for the increased costs. That’s just what your friends in the government want. They hope you’re like the rest of the New Yorkers – backwards and stupid.

Please New Yorkers – use your head and place the blame squarely where it belongs – on the thugs you elected for Congress and the Senate.

Voting map of HR 2454 - Red states clearly said NO

How they voted on HR 2454

Why did New Yorkers let their CongressThugs vote yes on a Cap and Trade bill? If you look at the map here on the left, you’ll quickly see that the majority of the US said no to Cap and Trade. The fringe areas of the country; New York, California, Michigan – those who can least afford this repressive and clearly unconstitutional bill were the very ones that carried this filthy piece of legislative trash.

You could understand support for a bill that actually helps the environment. But this bill will have very little effect on overall air and water quality. So what’s its purpose? Well let’s guess:

1.    Pay for Socialized Government Health Care; Cap and Trade will raise nearly all the money needed to fund the federal take over of the once private health care system. Of course, that’s until the government runs this program into the ground like the Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare programs. But let’s be optimistic! Cap and Trade is structured to permit quick new taxes when government health costs skyrocket. So there will be plenty of new tax revenues to pay those rising health costs.
2.    Support green businesses that couldn’t support themselves in the private free market. Cap and Trade will force investment in these businesses. Should be great for all the early investors like Al Gore who have been peddling green themes for years. If Cap and Trade had been defeated, these green businesses would end up permanently in the red.
3.    Place additional regulations and restrictions on all Americans. Cap and Trade will permit the federal government through its unconstitutional enforcement agency the EPA to enact virtually any regulation, take any action it pleases, and add fees wherever it wants – anytime it so desires.

When I looked at the voting records by state (see, I also noticed that Georgia had much smarter voting record on Cap and Trade (HR 2454). All Congresspersons with 4 exceptions, Sanford Bishop GA-2, Henry Johnson GA-4, John Lewis GA-5, and David Scott GA-13 voted against this lunatic attack on the  American economy. If I were living in the 2, 4, 5, or 13 district, I would call these pinheads and ask why they want to raise my natural gas costs 55%, or my electric bills, 100%, or my gasoline costs 50%.

So my southern friend, I must answer your question once again. No, I do not think southerners are backwards, stupid, and ignorant. In fact, the voting record of our elected officials prove that common sense and dedication to oath of office isn’t dead yet here in the south even though 4 in GA are trying real hard. And many elected officials in the south still honor the constitution, liberty, and the free pursuit of happiness.

Maybe that’s why so many in the south talk of secession.


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