Chickens with guns

Chickens with guns

Chickens with guns

A predator attacked our chickens recently. It was early morning, around 3:30am. The sound woke us up. It was a horrible sound of death. 12 chickens making a desperate cry that screamed – “please come quickly we need help now!” I will never forget that sound as long as I live.

I rushed outside with my gun just in time to save every one of them. The predator, an opossum, was momentarily stunned by my flashlight and it gave me time to fire a few rounds at it. Amid the confusion and drama, the offending opossum ran off. Presumably to find an easier dinner at a less hostile place.

The chickens were scared nearly to death. Apparently, the electric fence surrounding the chicken house was turned off and the little door that locks them safely inside their home, was never closed. This allowed the opossum to enter under the electric fence and then walk into the chicken house. Once inside, pandemonium broke loose. The chickens ran for their lives, making as much noise as they could on the way out.

The drama kept me awake for hours afterward. I wondered as I lay in bed if people make the same desperate sound when they’re attacked by a human or animal predator. As they see their lives ending in the next few minutes. When they realize that it’s all over. As evil eyes paired with superior strength or the advantage of ambush fix on yours.

The chickens did something strange. After abandoning the chicken house, they lay down in the grass outside. It was as if they were preparing to die. They seemed to say, “in the face of death, we’re going to lay down and accept it.” Do people do the same thing?

Suppose however, these chickens had guns. Now stay with me here for a minute. The opossum walks into the chicken house for an easy dinner. While chickens are no physical match for an opossum, these chickens have guns. One chicken calmly pulls out a .22 and puts a bullet in the opossum. Now instead of 3,6, or 8 dead chickens, there is one dead opossum.

So what’s the point? Guns can be great equalizers when in the hands of someone faced against superior physical strength. We can’t provide 24 hour a day and 7 day a week security for our chickens. There are times when we are not there when predators visit. 14 chickens found this out over the past year. All that was left of them were bloody feathers.

What about people though? All too often we become victims of human predators. Police officers do a great job of solving violent crimes. Unfortunately, there are way too many times when the crime is solved after the victim is in a body bag or in the grave. Because like our chickens, they just couldn’t get there in time. The simple truth is, you’re vulnerable 99% of the time. Unless you live in solitary confinement in a jail cell somewhere.

But the US federal government is promoting a concept of a safer US when guns are banned. That’s why they in concert with their puff piece writers in the press, are in a desperate race to implement a complete gun ban on all citizens except US government officials. Another crisis solved. Of course, people in Mexico, Rwanda, and other countries won’t agree. In Rwanda, women and children were hacked to death with machetes in fighting between Hutus and Tutsis. They didn’t feel safer without guns – they were dead.

Disarming Americans is another opiate for the uneducated masses. No one will be safer. In fact, violent crime will go up along with injury and death. Women and senior citizens will continue to be targets and with greater frequency. But that’s of no concern to the US federal government. Because their real agenda is command and control of the masses. Not more safety.

So when you hear about gun bans, which are unconstitutional by the way, ask about crime statistics in other countries with gun bans. The shocking truth is more people are brutalized, more are assaulted, more are killed – after gun bans.


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