Can the states opt-out of federal health care?

Thomas Jefferson

10th Amendment Supporter Thomas Jefferson

The career politicians in smoke filled backs rooms are busy at work, putting the finishing touches on the new federal government take-over of the private health insurance industry. Once again, your opinion is unimportant to these elected officials. They are going to shackle America with a forced government health care program whether you like it or not. And they have made every dirty deal necessary to ram the bill down our ‘collectivist’ throats.

But wait. Is it all over? Must we stand in the stalls and let yokes be placed on our backs like the cattle the White House calls us?

For those citizens who still believe in liberty, the US Constitution, and the right to be left alone by an increasingly oppressive federal government; there is hope … and even [gulp] change.

That hope and change comes from one word: Nullification. Now the socialists are quick to ridicule, belittle, and discount nullification. They generally call it a southern, racist plan that went out with the civil war.

Sorry. Nullification goes back to our Founding Fathers; Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. They used it in an attempt to disarm an out of control federal government that sought to enslave the citizens of the states with unconstitutional federal laws. Specifically, to put a stop to the Alien and Sedition Acts that were passed in 1798.

States have the right to nullify federal laws that are unconstitutional. Remember, the country was founded under the principles of limited self government, where the federal government was created to serve limited functions such as protection of our borders, to moderate commerce between the states, and to sign international treaties for the states. Clearly, the American Founding Fathers saw the individual states as holding authority over a limited federal government.

But here’s the problem. Many states have sheep grazing in the state government pasture. They languish there siphoning dollars off the taxpayers and doing what they are told by their federal government handlers. In the past, there were people at the state level that stood up to federal agents and interposed themselves between them and the people of their state. A great example of that is the story of Joshua Glover, a runaway slave.

Glover escaped from his slave master in Missouri and made it to Wisconsin where he led a quiet but free life working in a mill. Federal agents eventually caught up with him and had him locked in jail to be tried under the US Fugitive Slave Law. But the outraged citizens of the town banded together and broke Glover out of jail and sneaked him into Canada.

An alleged ringleader in Glover’s escape, Sherman Booth, was tried repeatedly in Federal Court but the Wisconsin State Supreme Court interposed on his behalf saying the Federal Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 was unconstitutional. Here’s just a part of one judge’s decision: “They will never consent,” Judge Smith declared, in referring to the right of the states in the enforcement of the law, “that a slave-owner, his agent, or an officer of the United States, armed with process to arrest a fugitive from service, is clothed with entire immunity from state authority; … [and] such shall not become the degradation of Wisconsin, without meeting as stern remonstrance and resistance as I may be able to interpose, so long as her people impose upon me the duty of guarding their rights and liberties, and maintaining the dignity and sovereignty of their state.”

Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of thinking in your state government? Polls suggest that a majority of Americans are opposed to the federal government’s take over of the US health system. We need states rights candidates at all levels of state government who are not afraid to interpose themselves between an out of control federal government and the people of the sovereign states.

States Rights candidates must be courageous and strong because they’ll be called racist, out of touch, and accused of ‘still fighting the civil war’. For those of you with the courage to support the 9th and 10th Amendment, a/k/a ‘states rights amendments – stand tall next to American Founding Fathers,  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

So who will stand in the gap for the people if the federal health bill is passed?


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One response to “Can the states opt-out of federal health care?

  1. Bob,
    Great article, the Founding Fathers knew that without the protection of nullification, and I dare say, the threat of secession the federal Goverment would certanly become despotic. Without these two weapons the people of the States have no way of checking an out of control Federal Goverment. Nullification and I dare say again, secession actually puts teeth to the Constitution. Without them the constitution becomes just another document to be trampled on at thier leisure. One only has to look at how oppressive the Goverment has become since that Great war was fought over “States Rights”.

    Deo Vindice!

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