Overweight? You’re gonna pay

766821_blogRed hot alert from the government that truly cares, about you. Fat kills. That’s right – fat kills. For all of us who are overweight; we finally have someone who feels our pain. The US federal government along with health leaders from virtually all over the globe are now going to do something about your obesity.

Government health officials world wide have stated publicly that fat people are a contributing factor in the global warming crisis. According to these ‘experts’, they eat more, creating a need to produce more food which leads to more C02 emissions. Overweight people tend to drive more thereby wasting more fossil fuels. They exhale more – adding to the C02 ‘crisis’. And overweight people are accused of driving up health care costs for the rest of the presumably thinner and healthier population.

These talking points have been made with increasing frequency to the press by a variety of university, government, and non-profit advocacy groups . Governments worldwide and in the US are gearing up for an assault on the obese. It will be similar to the successful template employed against cigarette smokers. They were helpless pawns when faced with a powerful US federal government bent on making them pay for their habit.

So what will the federal government do to stop this urgent health care crisis called obesity? They plan to tax everything they consider to be ‘junk food’. With backing from The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Rudd Center For Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, and other groups; they have initially targeted soda pop and other sugary drinks for a 3 cents per 12 oz drink, junk food tax. They are also a driving force behind other new junk food taxes that ultimately would be funneled into the new government health care system. This tax alone could generate $50 billion new tax dollars for our bloated, and in need of its own diet, federal government. Expect state governments to follow.

The US federal government is adept at finding a new crisis to solve. Guns, health care, junk food, the internet – anything to restrict your rights and take more money out of your wallet each payday. But they’re strangely silent when the discussion turns to illegal aliens infiltrating the US. It’s estimated that there are 20,000,000 foreigners living in the US illegally. That’s nearly 20 times larger than the People’s Liberation Army in China. Common sense dictates that this represents a real crisis of epic proportions. Didn’t members of Congress and the Senate swear an oath to protect the citizens of the US from foreign threats? Obesity isn’t in there.

Instead, these career politicians who make their living taking your living away from you, devise ever more clever schemes to defraud the taxpayer. A private business drumming up new revenue this way would be ripped to pieces by taxpayer funded Attorney Generals and government courts. Maybe it’s time these government thugs themselves are charged with false advertising, fraud, extortion, and malpractice. Because the real obesity crisis in America is at the federal government.



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3 responses to “Overweight? You’re gonna pay

  1. Kent Kingsley


    I agree! Bet you are relieved, just kidding. One exception, the Army of China is 2,355,00 active forces or closer to one tenth of the illegals here. This is from Wikipedia. Have a great day.

    • Robert Heiney

      Hey Kent – I’ll accept your number on the size of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, but I always check other sources than Wikipedia. Their information has been exposed as false in the past. Indeed, the factoids in each ‘Wiki’ is written by posters – like you and me. Perhaps not always the most reliable sources!

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