Government myth #3 – “we’ll lower health care costs”

3724332 Listen to me a minute. Government take over of the health care industry is not going to lower costs. In fact, they will continue to go up. There’s one simple reason why: covered individuals are no longer writing a check directly for each visit. Or if they are, the co-pay is artificially kept so low, the patient doesn’t mind the small added expense. Use your common sense. What’s going to happen if you an opportunity to get a free something – anything? You’re going to drink deeply from that well, right?

We have disconnected the payment of the fee from the doctor provided service. Think about that for a minute. You don’t need a degree in economics to understand human nature. Free health care? Look out – the demand is going to stress the health care industry to the tune of 40,000,000 added people covered while at the same time, the government cuts funding.

And here’s how stupid this really is; government health care is simply a continuation of private style health insurance – only now the federal government has all your medical records right at their computer keyboard. And they can bully you around when it comes to your care. They can dictate to doctors, nurses, and other health industry workers. Nobody stops the feds. I feel healthier already!

But isn’t private health insurance good for the people, Mr. Capitalist Bob Heiney? No! They’re the other ‘white meat’ in the government equation. They’ve been busily ripping off insureds for decades. Just like all the big company insurance companies do, they lavish gifts on their servants; Congresspersons and Senators, to get all kinds of favorable legislation to help them grow their piggy profits. Insurance companies are just like the government. Only they don’t have the magic button: the ability to directly snatch money out of your wallet at gunpoint, like the government does. They have to actually ask their stooges in the government to legislate those new insurance premiums, regulations, and laws to force you to ‘purchase’ insurance.

Let’s face it: private health insurance destroyed the doctor – patient relationship a long time ago. They replaced it with a doctor – insurance company relationship. You are incidental in the process. Our current system is not all that different from the socialist version being forced on America. Just a visit to one of the ‘clinics’ the private insurers have set up for your ‘care’ should convince you of that.
But’s let’s give the Keynesian economists at the White House the benefit of the doubt.

Imagine waking up one day soon and discovering that all your health care worries are gone. You no longer have to stress over how you’ll pay for that next doctor’s visit. Your cancer, heart problems, diabetes, even your abortion; will be quickly treated or in the case of your abortion, that troublesome ‘fetus’ will be eliminated. In this new America, created by your federal government, you’ll no longer have to pay for your prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, hospital care, or abortions.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Ask yourself: have you ever seen the federal government lower the cost of anything? But let’s go with the federal government claims that it will do something completely uncharacteristic such as lower costs and provide better service. How will they do this? One of the ways is to let socialist planners who have been tampering with the system for decades, to dictate to doctors, nurses, and the rest of the health care industry how much they can charge – and vicariously how much they can earn. And they are going to add as many as 40,000,000 new people into the system.

To put perspective on this grand scheme, let’s use the government template on a different industry such as plumbing. We’ve decided to give everyone free plumbing insurance because federal government planners decided it was a ‘Right’.  Joe is a plumber making $22.50 an hour.

But the government has decided to cap his hourly at $18.00 an hour instead to control costs. And because everyone now has free plumbing, Joe is faced with a crushing increase in customers that he is servicing for less money. So now Joe tells everyone there is a 120 day wait for service. Since Joe is now making less money per customer, he is none too keen on performance. Instead he now rushes through every job. Does he care? No.

What’s Joe going to eventually do? Find a new line of work. And that’s what you’re going to see in the health care industry. Doctors and nurses will move on to better opportunities or find a specialized niche serving the rich.

Government take over of the health care industry is so wrong in so many ways, that’s it’s frightening to watch Congresspersons and Senators demand this huge unconstitutional change in America. It is truly a socialist/communist inside job being perpetrated on the American people. The health care industry take over comes from  years of patient underground efforts by a few dedicated individuals who parlayed their small numbers into key positions within the American government.

The take over is continuing and will extend to nearly every area of your life if you don’t take a stand now – today. That’s why you must get active where you live. Here are some helpful websites:

Do not delay. The federal government is working overtime to create new legislation that robs you of your Constitutional Rights and replaces it with tyranny. Your efforts will make a difference. Start today.


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