Are you my mother?

453229_blogI have often wondered why a country that had so much going for it, is rapidly descending  into a socialist humanist banana republic. Undoubtedly the breakup of the family has had much to do with it.

Children are still running around in adulthood looking for their momma or daddy. Children never quite get over the breakup of the family. Even when there is an amicable divorce, the children are set ‘off-balance’ by the change in addresses for each parent. And the shuttling back and forth from one parent to the other depending who has custody this week. The parents new ‘significant other’ also has a destabilizing effect on the children. Unfortunately, these scenarios represent family break-ups in the most benevolent situations. Often as is sadly reported, children suffer far worse after their parents separate.

In PD Eastman’s children’s book Are you my mother, the reader is taken to a place where an increasing number of children have already gone. A baby bird becomes separated from its mother and wanders around asking a variety of different and thankfully benevolent animals, “Are you my mother”? The baby bird is so lost, confused, and desperate for its mother that it asks a car, boat, and plane the same question. The brief separation highlights how young children in family break-ups can exist in a world where they don’t even know where they came from. Thankfully this story has a happy ending – the baby bird is ultimately reunited with its mother.

As the story unfolded however, you could almost hear the baby bird saying, “please – anybody – step up and be my parent!” Because children need their parents. You might think you can casually get married and then dump your spouse for the next great love to come by. If you don’t have children, you’re only affecting yourself. If you have children however, you’re doing irreparable harm to them that they’ll never quite recover from.

Our society has taken the convenient path down the humanist trail. On this road, you can do anything you want while the humanists cheer you on, encouraging you every step of the way. The world says it’s OK to marry and divorce and marry and divorce. And don’t worry about the children. They’s adjust…

But God says through His Holy Word The Bible, to even look at another person with lust when you’re married is adulterous. In fact, intimacy with a divorced person is  considered adultery by God. Don’t like what He says? You tell Him. Surely He’ll take direction from you.

God set up the system of marriage to provide nurture, protection, and training to children from both parents. He intended you to marry once and then provide a stable environment for your children – the children He gave you. God expects parents to be parents – not perpetual children. But when children emerge into adulthood from a broken family, they usually take the same path as their parents. Thus begins the next round of divorce, dragging helpless children behind them like excess baggage. This failure chain can go on for generation after generation resulting in a huge number of dysfunctional people trying to cope in society.

Is it no wonder that our society today embraces big government programs such as government health care, food stamps, and the government ‘education’ system? With the disintegration of the family, government will be glad to step in and be ‘your momma’. They will bring up your children, feed you when you can’t feed yourself, and even put a roof over your head. Just like your parent should have done but didn’t. And like a parent, they might just take the keys to your car when you’re naughty.

The first step to a healthy America is a return to the Christian home. Where parents honor God by nurturing, training, and loving their children. And bring them up in the admonition of the Lord. Parents who provide a stable home with a mature value system prepare their children for victorious living in this world. Until we get back to the Christian home, children will be sadly asking, ‘Are you my mother’?


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