Oxendine – New York Liberal?

Oxendine2How would you like to have a guaranteed job and even an annual cost of living increase – all this personally promised by a candidate for GA Governor? You can if you’re a school teacher. Just give Oxendine your vote. He’ll make sure you get your payback after he’s elected. John Oxendine, Republican candidate for GA Governor, made that generous offer to school teachers in a recent email missive. The promise was so familiar to me that I felt like I was magically transported back to my home state, the People’s Republic of New York. In fact, Ox sounds much more like a New York Democrat than a Republican.

Promises to enrichen government employees with your tax money are common among career politicians. Nowhere is this more evident than in New York (where I’m from) or California. Every politician on Long Island is in the teacher’s unions pockets. Either you promise to continue the cost of living increase and benefits gravy train – or you don’t get elected. That’s why property taxes on Long Island are typically $10,000 per year. That’s right. $200 a week just for the privilege of owning a home on Long Island. And property taxes are double and triple that in the ‘better’ neighborhoods

Long Islanders of course love to brag how great their school district is. Meanwhile, their children can’t read, spell, or do any math beyond adding and subtracting. And as for knowledge of history, current events, or the Founding Fathers of this great nation – well as they say in New York – forget about it. When you’re paying $200 per week to live on a tiny piece of land in a crowded suburb I guess all you can say is – ‘Our school district is the best… ” And you’d think they would learn. But they haven’t. So taxes go up every year and nobody says a word. They just move away – in droves. That’s why New York state is in dire financial shape. So let’s elect the same kind of people here – right?

Oxendine is a career politician who could run for Governor in New York with his sound bite platitudes. And he’s expertly doing what all career politicians do. Using the power of government to take from one person and give to another, he’s making promises to voter’s blocks like the teacher’s union that if he’s elected, he will guarantee jobs and regular salary increases. How many of us would love to have that cushy arrangement?  Wouldn’t it be a great stress reliever to have a great big sugar daddy in government to remove all our job stresses?

It’s incredible that Oxendine would have the gall to run as a Republican. But he has demonstrated that the days of knowing what a Republican or Democrat stands for are long gone. And he has proven that you must scrutinize the words and actions of each candidate and forget about labels. Candidates that promise to hand over your hard earned wages to another group of people so they can get elected, deserve to be defeated – Republican or Democrat.

That’s why I have supported Ray McBerry from the beginning. McBerry’s promises  are completely different from the career politicians running for Governor. He actually will work to eliminate state income taxes and property taxes and replace them with a fair sales tax. This benefits everyone in Georgia that works for a living and doesn’t depend on the government for hand-outs. This policy creates a strong environment for business growth that leads to good paying jobs for those who wish to work. And more importantly, it puts real dollars back into the pockets of every Georgian – not the privileged few that politicians love to appeal to.

But there’s more to McBerry than lowering taxes. He stands on a firm foundation of liberty and freedom that is refreshing in a time where every politician seems bent on eliminating our rights and taking our money. Taxation is a government form of tyranny. They take – you give. If you don’t give, the government enforcement agents take you away.

That wasn’t the vision of the Founding Fathers of America. Limited self government and personal responsibility were the foundations of our exceptional success as a nation. Career politicians concerned only with making themselves richer and more powerful have corrupted this once great country and left us in the crisis we’re in today.

Ray McBerry,  Constitutionalist, Christian, Statesman, Father, and local businessman, promises to do his part as Governor to create more jobs, lower each Georgian’s cost of living, and restore liberty and freedom for all. And he’s the only one making those promises. That makes it very easy to choose your next Governor for the sovereign state of Georgia.

If you like big government, regular tax hikes, and more restrictions on your life, just pick any of the brand ‘X’ candidates running for Governor. If you are passionate about liberty, freedom, opportunity, and the right to own your property without having to rent it from the government, then vote for Ray McBerry.



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  1. Great article! We don’t need more career politicians saying and doing anything just to get elected. These kind of RINO’s (Republicans in name only) have aided and abetted the high taxes, big government, and federal infringement upon us today. To think we can continue to elect them and get a different result is insane. Keep sounding the alarm to awaken the people of the Sovereign State of Georgia!

  2. Kent Kingsley


    Yor are a nice guy, but way off base with this. The email I got from John Oxendine said he would not support cutting teacher pay.

    As you know I am a huge supporter of the Fair Tax. No elected offical in Georgia has been a bigger supporter than Oxendine, except John Linder. I have never seen McBerry at a Fair tax rally. Have you?

    To call Oxendine a liberal is absurd Bob. You may not like him, but be fair. Was Reagan a liberal? Just because you say it doesn’t make it true.

    Finally, write a blog about way McBerry hasn’t been elected all the times he has run before. He barely is an * in any of the races he has entered. He is becoming the “Harold Stassan” of Georgia. BTW, last poll McBerry was tied for last at 2%.

    • robertheiney

      Hi Kent-
      Thank you for your comments. Here is what John Oxendine said and I quote:

      “I acknowledge and understand that in order to avoid raising taxes Georgia must address serious and substantial budget cuts, but teacher pay is off limits.”

      “Oxendine said that while cuts are necessary, there are certain aspects
      of the budget, like teacher pay, that not only should be exempt from any cuts, but should receive annual cost of living increases.”

      Kent- why should teachers be exempt from cuts and guaranteed annual pay increase? Do you have that in your real estate business? The answer is no. Your guarantee on pay increases is based on your productivity. Isn’t it time that teachers had a little more of that?

      And what about the rest of us? Why can’t we be guaranteed protection against job loss and be provided with annual cost of living increases? This solution is called socialism.

      John Oxendine is a very competent upper level bureaucrat – as far as I can tell. But Georgia needs Ray McBerry. A man with real vision – a vision that’s aimed at the needs of regular folks – not Wash DC politicians, giant insurance companies, and Atlanta elites.

    • Loita

      Just so you know, Ray McBerry may have ran for office before but things have changed in the political world. Americans are more aware than they have ever been before as to what corruption lies in our state and federal government. Ray McBerry is right on time now. And as for your polls, please note, you need to check your polls. There are people statewide who know who Ray McBerry is, he has tremendous grassroots support, and did all of this on little money. He is a historian and a great Georgian who is our “hope” for “change” in Georgia.

      • Kent Kingsley


        I certainly agree times have changed, and not for the better. I don’t know about you, but I have always been very aware of the “politics of the day” which is why I studied political science at both the undergraduate and graduate level with my particular emphasis in Congress and elections.

        McBerry very well may do better than he did in his previous attempts at election, but the current polls and the history of elections would indicate otherwise. McBerry obviously has a very loyal following and for that he is to be commended. One suggestion I would have is he needs to talk about current STATE issues. Issues like the three state water war, what is to be done with our poor performance of students, transportation issues, etc. Frankly that is what elects or doesn’t elect a governor.

        McBerry mostly speaks about federal issues, I have no problem with that. But that is what I would expect from someone running for a congressional seat or senate. One last point I stated on an earlier post. McBerry can take on the federal government today about states rights. All he has to do is file a lawsuit. He doesn’t have to be governor to do that.

    • Jef


      a) You really need to check out ‘John Oxendine and Liberty’ – or any of the other articles I’ve written on the guy (most recent was ‘Hey Ox! Whatcha Gonna Cut?’ on this same issue and others) on SWGAPolitics.com. Just type in his name on the search at the top of the page.

      Did you know he is the ONLY candidate in the GAGOV race to actively bully 15 yo kids?

      b) FairTax: Another post I did about a month ago listed the support of this concept among the various GOP GAGOV contenders. Ox is a lot of talk, but Deal is an actual sponsor in the US House of Representatives. Handel also supports it. Johnson (correctly) said it was a national issue, one that as Governor he has precisely ZERO control over. Scott was similar to Johnson, McBerry said he was essentially neutral, but has his own tax plan on his site.

      So the question here is do you want talk or action? Ox talks a lot but doesn’t do much on the things he talks about. Every single one of the others has put skin in the game in some area on the things they talk about, while Ox is more concerned about silencing his critics.

      • Kent Kingsley

        Let’s see if I understand you correctly, you dislike Oxendine, write about how bad he is and I’m supposed to have your opinion sway me? Come on. If there are negative aspects about Oxendine that are presented by an unbiased source I would certainly consider them and if I found them creditable, change my support of candidates.

        Fair Tax- Yes it is a federal question, I have only addressed it because Bob brought the issue up and then contridicted himself on the issue. Of course Oxendine is not a sponsor of the Fair Tax in the House, he isn’t a member. But of the current candidates Oxendine is the only one I have ever seen at a fair tax rally.

        Your last paragraph is impossible to respond to. It is so general in nature to be worthless. I guess the years of executive experience Oxendine brings to the table are of no value.

  3. Kent Kingsley


    Of Course I don’t in the real estate business, but frankly I consider teachers as one of the most important segments of our society. They, after parents and hopefully church, have the greatest impact on our future, our kids. We wants good teachers that can afford to stay in that profession.

    I see you agree that Oxendine did not say teachers had a ” guaranteed ” job. I also wonder why you didn’t address the liberal label you place on Oxendine or the Fair Tax.

    In addition, what about McBerry’s electoral track record? You got some explaining to do my friend.

    • Kent-

      While I don’t blame teachers for our decaying society, our education system is a disaster. Please let’s not go into it again. It is an embarrassing failure when it comes to educating their helpless clients – the students. And all you ever hear is a plea for more money. Enough! We’ve spent billions on the socialist education system and all we’ve ever produced are more socialists, which is the true purpose behind the American government school system anyway. Just read about the Founding Fathers of the American government school system. They were all communist/socialists. Their legacy lives on today more than ever. Go look up John Dewey and Horace Mann for starters. And then follow the trail up to today. The government school system is highly complicit in the election of Comrade Obama.

      Anyone who supports the government school system leans left. You cannot deny it.

      As for the Ox and my guaranteed job statement: did he not say that there would be NO budget cuts for the education system? Here again is his quote: “Oxendine said that while cuts are necessary, there are certain aspects of the budget, like teacher pay, that not only should be exempt from any cuts, but should receive annual cost of living increases.” Kent, if he is saying no cuts for education, isn’t that a job guarantee? And is he not demanding cost of living increases for teachers? C’mon Kent – this is New York Democrat big government politicking here.

      Fair Tax. OK, I confess – I am very suspicious of the so called ‘Fair Tax’. My guess is once implemented, the percentage would skyrocket within a few short years resulting in an even more vile return to our current Marxist tax system. I don’t trust it one bit.

      Now about McBerry’s election record. I could not care one tiny bit about McBerry’s past election record. Not one. I am looking toward the future. And I am not in this to see my favorite football team, the Republicans, win the Governor’s race. We are in the midst of the most dangerous period in American history ever. The federal government is preparing for a totalitarian takeover of every aspect of American society.

      We don’t have time anymore to make careless decisions about our state leaders. When the federal government tries to force government health care on Georgians, when they take away our gun rights, when they place the yoke of Cap and Trade on us, costing Georgian families thousands of extra dollars per year – what’s the Ox going to do? I have zero faith that he’ll stand up to the federal government at all. If elected, I believe he’ll occupy the government mansion, collect a nice fat taxpayer funded paycheck, and make sure he always looks like he’s doing something – and then do nothing to push back against the federal government.

      McBerry on the other hand has repeatedly promised to interpose himself between an out of control federal government and the people of Georgia. His public states rights stand goes back at least a decade. He has been a consistent and honest promoter of the Constitution with emphasis on the 9th and 10th amendment.

      On abortion: McBerry has promised to shut down the abortion mills. Oxendine has said he opposes abortion. Kent- let’s say I am selling real estate for you. Which statement do you want to hear from me: “Kent, I’m writing 5 deals this week that will close in 30 days” -or- “Kent, I really wanna sell some houses…” That’s the difference between McBerry and Oxendine on the rights of the helpless unborn. One promises action, the other says he’s against abortion. If I was a baby in the womb I’d hedge my survival bets on McBerry.

      2nd Amendment- the federal government is coming for all citizen’s guns. You can live in denial if you want but I am putting my bets on McBerry to stand between federal jack boots and Georgian citizens who wish to continue living in liberty – the way the country was founded.

      I could say more, but I’m sick of hearing about voting for some candidate just because he ‘can win’. It’s time for Georgians to vote for a candidate because of his strong stand on issues – not because he’s got a group of moneyed, privileged, businesspeople behind him. We don’t need lukewarm sound bites today. We need a real leader, willing to take strong stands to defend the Constitution and the people of Georgia.

      The next election is going to be the most important election in American history. If voters don’t sweep the socialists out of office, we’re finished as a free nation. And Oxendine will go with the flow. I believe he will not take a stand for liberty if the Washington DC power forces are running against it. McBerry will fight the federal leviathan until he has no breath left.

      And that’s what Georgia needs in 2012. McBerry has a tremendous grassroots movement behind him. His supporters are not the Atlanta insiders, Washington DC elite, or big businesses. His supporters are the everyday working people who are sick and tired of fake politicians walking all over them and see what’s coming.

  4. Bob,

    This is exactly what Oxendine said on 9/28. Note that there is no guarantee that teachers will keep their jobs. Many teachers in Georgia have already been laid off because of limited education funds and the state of the economy. Please let me know where I can find the quote about guaranteed employment. Also note that GA teachers are not required to be unionized nor do they have the power of the NY Teachers Union with politicians

    “I want the 2,000 Georgia teachers who hold certification from the
    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to know that I am
    totally opposed to the proposed cuts from this Administration,” said
    John Oxendine, candidate for Governor. “I acknowledge and understand
    that in order to avoid raising taxes Georgia must address serious and
    substantial budget cuts, but teacher pay is off limits.”

    Oxendine said he respects the work being done by Governor Perdue and
    like many Georgians he realizes there are no easy answers. “I do not
    wish to criticize the Governor and continue to offer my support in
    these trying times,” said Oxendine.

    Oxendine said that while cuts are necessary, there are certain aspects
    of the budget, like teacher pay, that not only should be exempt from
    any cuts, but should receive annual cost of living increases…….

    Oxendine said that it is important that Georgians understand that in
    an Oxendine Administration there will be three areas off-limits from
    budget cuts: Teachers, Veterans and Law Enforcement/First responders.
    This last category includes the Georgia State Patrol and Georgia
    National Guard.

    “Georgia needs to reexamine our taxpayer funded financial commitment
    to social welfare programs in the budget and perhaps decide we can no
    longer sustain in these trying financial times,” said Oxendine.

    Bob, this does not sound like the words of a liberal to me.

    You said, “Promises to enrichen government employees with your tax money are common among career politicians.”

    How is promising teachers, veterans and law enforcement that their pay will remain stable and will rise only with the cost of living serve to “enrichen government employees”? My family has many that have been teachers, farmers, small business owners, or in military service; and one great-grandfather was a sheriff in Grady County, GA. They are the backbone of our county and none of them have gotten rich because of their service to children, the military, our government, or the public welfare.

    Guaranteeing “certified professional teachers”, law enforcement and the Veterans the pay they have already been promised, little as it is, is a conservative idea I would hope could be endorsed by everyone.

    Oxendine may be many things, but with a record that I have witnessed in the last 12 years, he is a true conservative, a defender of truth and service to the public. He is not afraid to stand up to our President, our Governor, defend the Fair Tax, defend The Right to Life, the military, or our sacred rights, or our religious liberties. He has proven himself to me over a long period of time. There are other good candidates for governor, but none have been able to demonstrate to me over time that what they say is what they mean or what they will even attempt to do for the benefit of all Georgians and American principles.

    With regards to you and your candidate, I wish you well, and hope you do so to me and mine. The more respectful discourse we all have as American’s the better candidates we can support.

    Bob, you have also proved yourself as a true conservative and I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas, and respect the stands you have taken as a conservative. I hope we can agree to disagree on this one candidate for governor. God Bless you and yours.

    Joy Kingsley

    • Dear Joy,

      Peaceful and honest discourse is the true nature of America and may it never cease. While I disagree with you and Kent on your choice for Governor, I very much respect and admire your efforts and hard work for John Oxendine.

      I pray the LORD’s continued blessings on you both.


  5. I have enjoyed reading this exchange of opinion but I am still at a loss concerning certain topics of the discussion.

    The first one is state sovereignty in relation to many of these issues we all seem to agree on, i.e., abortion, second amendment, small government and so forth.

    While I have heard Oxendine throw us conservatives rhetorical bones, I am at a loss at anything he is going to do to stop the federal infringement upon us, unless you think asking them nicely to stop is actually doing something.

    In simpler times, most of the candidates might make average governors, but these are dangerous times. How is Ox going to reclaim Georgia’s sovereignty, stop the federal infringement upon our rights, and restore constitutional government?

    The fact of the matter is, under Oxendine, we will continue our acceleration into communism. These career Republican politicians have had many opportunities to change our course but the truth is they are also part of the problem. As Newsweek said, “We are all socialists now.”

    Although there are many who have not yet bowed to the Babylonian system, both Democrats and Republicans have helped orchestrate this new world order.

    We need a return of Biblical and Constitutional government right now. If we don’t alter our course our children will grow up and curse us.

  6. Timothy Ryan Christopher

    There is one fact that I think we can all agree on. Things are falling apart in our great nation. Education is just one of them. No Child Left Behind is one of the biggest jokes (forgive me for not laughing) ever to cross federal lunacy desks. It has handcuffed learning and destroyed teaching. There is not enough room to discuss all of the haunting details. The federal government has no right to be involved in our children’s education. It should be left to the states. Testing has taken over for teaching, and our teachers are exhausted from wrestling Washington know nothings.
    We need a governor that will fight for our right to educate from the state level only. Now, give me the opportunity to say that there should never be a man or woman who can promise to give the money of another to someone else. A nation should always care for those that can’t help themselves, but never those that can. Teachers are gold in this land. Most do not know that the ultimate goal of the federal government is to create loyal voters who can’t think for themselves. Most teachers are extremely hard working and deserve to be applauded. Can we guarantee pay increases? Of course not. We all want to support hard work, but I will be the first to say that money is scarce. Over ninety percent of our yearly budget goes to personnel. It is obvious, though I do not have a disdain for Oxendine that he is pandering to a strong voter block. Shame on him. He should not be able to promise anyone money other than his own.
    I have to admit, if Oxendine won the nomination, I would reluctantly pull the lever (push the untraceable computer screen) for him. He is certainly better than Barnes, though his name is catchy for a city somewhere.
    Let’s face it , politics as usual is a minus in these elections. Old faces are not trusted. As for Mcberry’s elections, it is a shame we have to be hit by a government “truck” to understand the need for a strong state’s rights candidate. No one wants to go to the specialist first. We would rather go to the family doctor and have it all cleared up with antibiotics. Friends, our sickness cannot be cured from Dr. Ox. We need a surgeon. We need someone that will shoot straight with us, tell us that we have an aggressive cancer, and go in to remove it. We need Dr. Mcberry to radically change this mess. We need a new kind of leader. Respectfully all of yours, Timothy Ryan Christopher

  7. Linda Crane

    I feel like we need some one here in Georgia to stand up for our individual rights. I do not believe that anyone in Washington is listening to the people that elected them. We do not need bigger Government, and the Socialism change that it is headed towards. We need someone that will stand up for us, the American people.
    I believe he is trying to promise this to the teachers so it will only help him at the ballot box. They are a big group of voters and it help him garnish a bunch of votes. But what about helping all the other voters in the state of Georgia, do they not matter?
    I believe, WE THE PEOPLE need to make sure this out of control Government understands, we do not agree with their politics and share their views and want the Constitution restored.
    With all the corruption in Washington and in the State of Georgia, we need someone to stand up in what we believe in and I believe the only one that will do that is Ray McBerry. He has no ties and that is why he is the only candidate. He has an agenda that will work for all of the taxpayers of Georgia and will stand for values that somewhere along the lines have been forgotten.

  8. Bob Chappel

    I am a teacher. In the last two generations of my family there have been thirteen teachers. NONE of them was ever guaranteed pay, pay raises, or any job security. Teachers should not have promises made to them now just for the sake of their vote. The biggest thing teachers need today is less interference from state level non-educator bureaucrats who like to tell real teachers how to do the important job of educating children. What have been the results of this bureaucrats interference? Most public schools who employ very good dedicated hard working teachers fail year after year to even meet the states own requirements for annual progress. Many students continue to fail the CRCT. Ask anyone who deals with education at the classroom level what seems to be the problem. The answer will not include guarantees of salary or jobs. The answer will include less constraints on how to teach imposed on teachers by people who have no experience teaching. If you want to know why Georgia consistently is at or near the bottom in SAT scores and graduation rates ask the teachers in the classroom NOT career politicians like OX who are only interested in continuing down the path we are on. It is time we have sweeping change at all levels of government and elect individuals who will actually change the miserable socialistic direction this country is going. THERE MUST BE CHANGE! Career politicians both republican and democrat are the problem not the solution.

  9. Kent Kingsley


    There you go again. You are long on prose and short on facts. Where to begin? First, Oxendine promised only the top 2000 teachers who hold a higher level of proven performance no pay cuts. Not all teachers as you imply.

    Second, McBerry is going to save Georgia from the federal government? OK, how? The only way is through the courts and he doesn’t have to be governor to take the feds to court. Why hasn’t he done that already? Could it be McBerry just wants to use my and your tax money to fight the feds? You and McBerry would be more creditable if you had the courage of your convictions and were in court today.

    You imply supporters of Oxendine are pro-abortion. Sir I take great offense to that. I have been a member of Georgia Right to Life for many years. I have marched & spoken publicly as a strong pro-life advocate. When I ran for state rep, of four candidates, rep and dem, I was the only one endorsed. The point is Bob, I wouldn’t be supporting Oxendine if I did not think he is very pro-life.

    2nd amendment rights. Again you imply a supporter of Oxendine can’t be a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Hogwash! I spent most of my adult life in the infantry and I, by supporting Oxendine want a weakened 2nd Amendment? Give me a break. I made my living with weapons, all of which I fired expert with up to the 90MM recoiless rifle.

    In your previous post one reason you gave for supporting McBerry was the fair tax at the state level, yet now you say you don’t support it at the national level? What is that about? I guess you support the IRS and their intrution into our lives. Now who is the liberal and who is the conservative?

    Back to public education, obviously you are very opposed to it. What is the alternative? Private only? Or do concerned citizens try and fix a system that needs huge repairs. Again, I have been on that battlefield as a high school history teacher for two years. In my opinion students have not changed alot from my school days, what has changed in the homes the students come from. Until parents demand thier children behave and learn, the public schools will only have marginal success.

    In conclution Bob, McBerry like Oxendine is a career politican. Maybe better stated is he wants to be a career politican by the number of times he has run unsuccessfully for office.

    There are many bad republicans, even more bad democrats. Did you vote for Perot intsead of Bush or Dole? If so, considering Perot never had a chance of winning, a vote for Perot was really a vote for Clinton. I plan to vote for the most conservative candidate that has a chance of winning. I found out a long time ago tilting with wind mills gets you nowhere.

  10. Kent Kingsley


    I agree with much of what you say. Just be prepared for no federal funds to Lamar County. That is how the federal government controls the states and people, with the purse.

    I suspect McBerry will do the same at the state level, education is a local responsibility and hence should be funded at the local level. Are you ready for that? Remember the lawsuit Lamar County was a party to, sueing the state for a larger share of state educational funding because the rich suburban counties were spending so much more than “poor” counties like Lamar. I was opposed to that suit, where you?

    McBerry’s issues for the most part are federal issues Ryan, why isn’t he running for federal office? That’s where the needed changes will have to be made.

    • Timothy Ryan Christopher

      Kent, I do understand your reluctance to vote for a candidate you believe can’t win, but I am not quite sure why we believe winning is for elections only. The things I am hearing across the land point to the need for radical shifts in our thinking. There is no federal money to send our schools. I suppose they can continue to promise Chinese money. It seems as though the Chinese are running the show anyway.
      The lawsuit you refer to was fought by many systems to gain money PROMISED to them. Sound familiar? It is a lost cause for sure, but again, a protest to government bullying. Your point on this is well taken, but there are many reasons for this. Public education is broken, but not only broken, destroyed. Years of government molestation have indeed caused a tragedy. Sure, we lose government money, but then we set our own standards, our own future. This is radical thinking for sure, but incrementally, as the socialists have done, we can have our representative republic back from this pitiful thing we call democracy ( mob rule).
      Kent, you are a reasonable man. I know that your support for Oxendine is founded on your own good principles, however, times have changed drastically. There is no more time for the status quo. Ray may be your last choice but he is my first because I do not intend to wait on the revolution. I want to take it to them. Tough, yes. Impossible, no. Kent, thank you for all you do. I apologize for not responding sooner. I had not checked in a while. Please remember the famous words from the cinematic William Wallace, “Every man dies but not every man really lives.” Join us Kent in what may be the beginning of the revolution. Respectfully yours with my last comment, Timothy Ryan Christopher

      • Kent Kingsley


        I agree with much of what you say, I do disagree about the lawsuit. It was about “poor counties wanting more than an equal share of state funding for education because the rich counties were spending so much more of their own money than the poorer counties could afford.

        I agree with you, in a perfect world education decisions and funding would be at the local level. That would mean super nice things like we are building now would not be possible, but local control would improve our education results alot I believe.

        Most of the people on this blog that have responded to me don’t understatnd the major point I have been trying to make. That I’m sure is due to my inability to express myself well in print. It is true I don’t think McBerry can win, any novice in politics would come to the same conclusion. If I were a true believer in McBerry that would not stop me, as I would have supporter Goldwater in 64 if I had been old enough.

        My main point is McBerry is running on issues that primarily can only be solved at the federal level. The vast majority of positions he (McBerry) takes I agree with. But as governor he will not be able to affect them. As much as our system needs to be changed our great founding fathers provided us ways to change our federal government. I detailed those in an earlier post. Bottomline, if McBerry is running to change the relationship of states to the federal government, fine. Then he must realize that will only be accomplished at the federal level, not by a state governor.

  11. Kent Kingsley


    Everything you said in your post with the exception of teacher pay are federal issues. Please see my post above, if McBerry wants to right those “wrongs” isn’t the appropiate place in a federal office?

  12. Mark Dix

    I have been reading with great interest the debate between yourself and the supporters of Ray McBerry and I must say Sir you have lost on every point. While I admire your passionate support for the Ox it is plain that you are blind to the fact that career politicans like big goverment are the problem. It is plain that Oxendine, in his long political career has done nothing to promote any of the things he claims to support.
    It’s time we elect someone who will finally stand up to an out of control federal goverment, and I believe Ray McBerry is that man. Now let’s look at some facts about both candidates. Just like Sonny Perdue, Oxendine claims to be pro-Life, and he very well may be. But why is it that after eight years of Perdue and 15 years of Oxendine that the Sovereign State of GA still has abortion on demand. In his long career I have never heard Oxendine actually challenge the feds attack on unborn children or offer alternatives to young girls who are considering abortion. Ray has stated that if elected he will use their own laws to shut down the on demand abortion mills in GA.
    Given Oxendine’s record on this issue my bet is on Ray. You are right that the feds control us by the purse. But make no mistake about it, if the feds promise you any thing they are taking it away from somebody else or giving you back what already belongs to you with strings attached. Why, just look at the first thing Oxendine did after the recent floods, He goes begging to the Federal Goverment for money that should not have left our State to begin with. Under ” States Rights” the State of GA would have the ability to take care of its own with out bowing down to an all powerful federal goverment. Remember it was the States that created the federal Goverment not the other way around.
    Tell ya what: I”ll make a bet with you. If your candidate is elected and in four years we don’t have abortion mills, infringements on our 2nd amendment rights, an un-constitutional tax burden from a corrupt federal Goverment and unwanted influence from the elites in Atlanta you can say to me I TOLD YOU SO. But if Ray is elected and we are on the road to real ” States Rights” and restoring our personal Liberties then I can say the same to you……. See YA in four years!

    • Kent Kingsley


      I agree with your position on every issue, just not how you expect to get there. Example, assume I am 45 and want to play on the senior golf tour (I’m well past 45). Just because I want to and think I should be able to play that way doesn’t mean the rules(laws) will change. All you wrote about are federal issues. I hate abortion, but it will take a constitutional amendment or a federal court decision to overturm Roe v Wade. That is our system, it sometimes works in a way I like and sometimes it doesn’t. That is why I have done all within my power to fight abortion.

      What laws has McBerry passed on the abortion issue? None, he has never held office. I assume he is honest about his abortion stance, can’t you assume Oxendine is too?

      Again, I have said many times, McBerry is running for governor, not federal office.

  13. Linda Crane

    Have you not understood some of the things that Ray McBerry stands for?

    Taxes-abolishing both income and property taxes in Georgia. Have a simple state sales tax, with the exemptions of food and medicine. I don’t know about your check, but I am paying more out of my check, than what that tax will probably already be. Then I have to still pay sales tax, income tax and property taxes. This will help me generate more money in my household, not yours?

    Second Amendment-I believe the State of Georgia should stand up for our Second Amendment. I am not sure that the Federal Government will. What they have been standing for, is not in my best interest. What about yours? I believe every law abiding citizen should have the right to bear arms if they wish.

    Abortion-I believe in the right of the unborn. If the Federal Government won’t do it, don’t you think it is time for someone too? If you didn’t know, the Federal Government is wanting you to pay for abortions. You can pay more money for this if you want too, but I resist this. I don’t believe God is for this either, have you ever read your Bible?

    Secure Elections- I believe we need secure elections. In case you didn’t know, the last Presidential Election was fraudulent. There were people dead who voted, and then there was Mickey Mouse voting. Some of the same people voted 3 and 4 times. Like 400,000 votes that were all fraud, probably tons more that we will never know about. If you are not aware of some of the groups that were supporting this……..was ACORN. Another one of our corrupt organizations that my tax dollars are going too. Oh yes, then what about Black Panthers at the voting precincts…..I guess you are for that also? I want the voters of Georgia to have legal elections and legal voters, what is wrong with that?
    The Constitution stands for secure elections. Have you read it lately?

    What about the 10th Amendment? If you have not noticed there are more states going for State Sovereignty. The Federal Government are entitled to certain rights under the Constitution. Over the years, they have kept there surge to slow down State’s Rights and put more and more power within the Federal Government. I believe it is time for someone to stand up for the Georgians!!
    If you like all this corruption that is going on here in Georgia and especially in Washington, you can stand for it, but it is not in my best interest.

    I believe the Federal Government has too many intrusions into our lives here in Georgia. I want some one to stand up for what I believe in. I believe Ray is the only choice. If you don’t agree, that is why there are polling places to make your stand. I just hope you make a good choice and pray on it for awhile, before marking the box.

    • Kent Kingsley


      I have addressed each one of your points in previous posts but I’ll try again.

      Abolish State Income Tax- Good idea, I speak all over Ga on the Fair Tax. What is the proposal? Will the increase in sales tax equal the elimination of the Income Tax? If so I approve, if not what is the difference in revenue production?

      Abolish property taxes- Amen, but replaced with what? How will counties pay for local government. As a former county commissioner property taxes are the main source of income.

      2nd Amendment- Federal issue, Gov has limited impact on this.

      Abortion- I have addressed this on several posts. States have limited impact until we can get Roe v Wade overturned.

      Secure elections- Boy oh boy do I know this one. I ran for state house in 2002 and lost the general election by 72 votes, first year of touch screen voting. I’m positive it had a huge affect on my election. This is primarily a Sec of State issue, but I agree registration is a concern.

      Have no problem with the 10th Amendment. If there are questions about the violation of it McBerry could go to court today on his dime. Not wait until the taxpayers of Ga have to pay for it.

      To many federal intrusions? I agree, have to change Congress and the White House to fix that.

    • Kent Kingsley

      Linda or whoever wants to answer this:

      I just read McBerry’s proposal on taxes and I see that additional sales taxs’ to replace both the income tax and local property tax. Does anyone know the amount? 5, 10 25 cents of additional sales tax? Would counties set the rate of additional sales tax based on their budgets? You really need some details to know how workable this is.

  14. Linda Crane

    Thank you, Timothy Ryan Christopher well said!!!

  15. Thomas Smith

    Mr. Kingsley,

    One thing puzzles me, …why vote for the most electable candidate? Isn’t that why we are in the mess we are in? Most electable, why, good looking, smart, great speaker? If you support John then so be it, but support him for his stance on the issues, and that you believe he will take our state in the right direction.

    On the issue of Mr McBerry previous attempts, what does that have to do with today? Are you living in the past with the rest of your life? Move on get over it.
    Personally I think your blinded by the status quo. Let me see, Ox is for the Fair Tax yet he has not in what, 15 years, done away or tried to do away with the tax on insurance, or simply to make it transparent that we or our employers pay a tax on our policies. He couldn’t even stay on message at the gathering in your county. If my memory serves me, he was supposed to speak on health care but spent the first 7 min on his accomplishments while in office. Yes a true lifer in politics, forget today lets focus on yesterday, and see what the polls say the next day before we make our stand.

    Face it, he is not part of the solution, if he is, then where the heck as he been all these years? Oh yea, I forgot, something about money and planes I think.
    You think we should be in federal court on some of these issues tells me that you have no conception of states rights. Under the current way the feds run things, explain to me why we even have states. Its so socialist, the one size fits all, way of thinking.
    Hey but what do I know, I’m just an angry middle aged, over taxed, male struggling to make sense of this mess.

    • Kent Kingsley

      Mr Smith,

      I’m not really a formal type of guy, but since you where I will be also. You miss understand my point about most electable. For me to support a candidate I must agree with him on the vast majority of the issues. Then in that “pool” of candidates, if there is more than one, I will support the one I feel has the best chance to win. Why? Very simply, unless you win, all your good ideas remain simply that, good ideas. Losers don’t make policy or change the status quo. I’ll give you an example. Candidate A agrees with me on 80% of issues, with no war stoppers like have a pro-abortion position. Candidate agrees with me 99% of the time. In my opinion Candidate A has a very good chance of defeating the liberal and Candidate B has a very poor chance of beating the liberal in the general election.

      I’ll vote for candidate A every time. Does that make me a bit of a pragmatist, I plead guilty. But I don’t want the liberal in there that will really screw things up. I hope that explains it.

      My friend, it is easy to be critical of someones record in office, they have been on the battlefield. Just remember your candidate has never been in office so you can only assume what he will do.

      If ya wanna throw stones about candidates at our tea party then I believe your candidate had to be told to quit being so “political” by the MC.

      I asked yesterday in one of my posts how much additional sales tax would McBerry require when he eliminates the state income tax and property taxes. No answer yet from anyone. Does McBerry have specifics? I also called his campign HQ, no live person, left a message, no return call.

      Sir I have no idea what your background is and you may be a rhodes scholar in political science. I do have a good idea what states rights are and agree with most or all of what is being attempted. I also know how change occurs and I’ll use McBerry’s platform as an example.

      McBerry says if he is elected he will close all the abortion mills in Georgia. I think that would be great, I hate abortion. Now Gov McBerry, how does he do it? Pass a law in the legislature? Would he do it by excutive order? Let’s just say it is done by excutive order. Gov. McBerry issues the excutive order closing all abortion clinics. What happens next?

      Withing 24 hours an owner of an abortion clinic, the ACLU or someone will be in federal court and most likely a federal judge will issue a stay of McBerry’s executive order. A hearing will follow on the matter, which law is supreme, federal or state? Courts have always found in the past federal law trumps state law and the supreme court found abortion ok in Roe v Wade. District federal court will find against McBerry, Appeals Court too and then on to the Supreme Court.

      That is why I said in numerous earlier posts to implete “states rights” in many matters it will either take a favorable court ruling in federal court or a constitutional amendment. Mr. Smith, if you know of another way please educate me.

      And don’t be like the others on this blog, when I challenge you never hear from them again.

  16. Thomas Smith

    Mr. Kingsley,

    Please forgive the formal use of your name. Old habits ………
    I just believe that the established political class has to go. Though I can see a person trying to move up the steps in the political arena, I am just tried of the same old faces and recycled ideas. As with a business sometimes you need new blood and ideas to stimulate things.
    Look, I have a sister doing the same thing in South Carolina. She ran for office about 18 years ago saying she would only serve one term. 18 years have gone by and she still holds office, though a different one. I can’t for the life of me understand why unless its power. When I listen to Mr Oxidine speak he seldom has any substance, at least for me. Now while I could say the same thing about Mr. McBerry, I would expect more from Mr Ox as he has been on the front lines. To be frank, I just don’t trust career politicians, my sister included. Out founding fathers didn’t, I don’t believe, ever intend for a person to live out his life holding elected office. It was a sacrifice. Its no sacrifice now. Whew, sorry, I went off on that road.
    All I’m saying is “Our” government has reached itself too far into my life. A very wise man once told me, before you vote for a person ask them one question….What part of the government will you shut down if elected. My friend, Ray McBerry is the only candidate for me,that has ever been able to give a short and uncomplicated answer to that question, and it didn’t take him 5 min, that includes my sister, who by the way I love dearly.
    This still is a great country, and state. My fear is that in my child’s life time public debate such as this will only be conducted under ground.

    • Kent Kingsley

      Mr. Smith-

      Thank you for your reasoned and well thought out reply. I understand your frustration, I share it with you. Over the years I defended Pres. G. W. Bush because the alternative was unthinkable, even though I felt he was only a medicore president at best. I also suffered that frustration when I held local office. On a five panel board, if I was in favor of somethine there was always three votes against. It was so bad on several occasions I told supporters I would oppose something to ensure it passed. I opposed it and it passed. Those people were amazed, sad but true. The only funny thing about it is my three opponets on the board never realized what I was doing.

      I was opposed to term limits for a long time, much to my better half’s consternation. I have rethought that though I wouldn’t say for instance a governor after eight years couldn’t run for senator, but a reasonable amount of time in a office is a good thing.

      Have you been to Oxendine’s website? I really like his proposal to build a western bypass around Atlanta or a close in north south limited access highway in east Atlanta. Bottomline line like I have said many many times on here, the candidates should speak state issues in a race for governor, not federal issues.

  17. Rick Wilson

    General reply to Kent Kingsley;

    Dear Sir,

    It is a good thing to keep abreast of what the opposition is thinking. In browsing a few liberal blogs (HuffingtonPost, MoveOn, etc.) I found a common theme among the posters there. They continually desparage the intelligence of conservatives and therefore dismiss their arguments on the false premise that their education must be lacking. How else could they think this way?
    In your response to Loita’s comment about todays’ political world, you stated that you “studied political science at both the undergraduate and graduate level”. In another response to Bob Chapel, you said you have “marched and spoken publcily”, “ran for state rep”, and “fired expert” with a rifle.

    I am sure you are proud of these accomplishments, but do they suggest that the opinions of every wife, mother, grandfather and all others who do not normally express this much interest in the political process are without merit?

    Most of the people on this blog are not full-time activists, but are everyday folk who are fired up for possibly the first time in their lives because of the imminent dangers they have discovered being perpetrated by their own federal AND state governments. Trust in the status quo is virtually non-existant because the corruption is deep seated and widespread. The entire system is broken, and the people know it! Any one or anything that represents the current decaying system is suspect.

    Many of us consider John Oxendine to be too deeply involved with the current system to be counted on to lead our revolt for change “WE” can believe in, and instead have opted for a fresh choice with a message of strength. You have kept saying that Ray McBerry is campaigning on a “national” level instead of state issues. Excuse me, but have you not witnessed the recent COUNTRYWIDE protests at the Tea Parties, town halls, and local ralleys. Do you hear the cries of tyranny and freedom being directed at the state governments?

    No, this grassroots movement is a response to the vicious power grab initiated by the federal government, not the states. Granted, we all know our state could do with some change in many areas, because corruption creeps in while our heads are turned elsewhere. For the past 45 years, our heads have been in our work, trying in vain to keep our heads above water in a sea of taxes which are controlled by a dam of state and federal regulations, and they keep building the dam higher.

    Ray McBerry is the one person I have heard who is promising the people of Georgia protection from this federal monster, has the kahuna’s to actually state his defiance in specific terms, without reservation, and has actually studied the law on the aspects of his arguments.

    John Oxendine is a creature of his own environment, and under less important circumstances might make an acceptable governor. But the current condition of our country compels me to make a bold choice before it is too late, and I think most here would agree.

    You will never convince me or others that John Oxendine is our best candidate, and you shouldn’t try. How about having a discussion on a particular issue without the bandering about the candidates, or the insinuation that we just don’t know enough to make an informed decision.

    Most respectively,
    Rick Wilson

  18. Kent Kingsley

    Dear Sir-

    I believe I have spent the majority of what I have written has been about issues, though this all began with a blog by my friend Bob that Oxendine is a liberal. I’m sure he is many things, and maybe a few of the things he has been accused of on this blog, but he is not a liberal.

    You have correctly pointed out I have mentioned my credentials several times. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but I did it for one of two reasons. One was to lend some thought that I might be creditable when discussing an issue, like electability of a candidate. The second was when Oxendine was attacked on a particular issue like abortion or the 2nd amendment that with the position I hold or with my background I could never support a pro-abortion candidate or someone who would weaken the 2nd amendment. I assure you sir I do not consider my self any different than anyone on this blog. Those who know me very well will attest I am extremely disappointed I have not made a more positive impact in improving society in my life.

    If you feel I have been dismissing the collective auguments, I have not. Please see my latest post to Ryan C. a very good person and a friend. Frankly I think my arguements have been dismissed rather quickly. For instance, I have asked several times about McBerry’s tax policy, at face value I support it, but I want to know the details. No one has given them to me, not even the campaign HQ when I called and left a message. The old saying is the devil is in the details, I would like to know. Do you know the answer Mr. Wilson? Can you get the answer for me?

    • Rick Wilson

      I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to do your research for you; however, I have heard Ray speak in person three times now, and each time Ray stated his position of favoring a state sales tax to replace property and income taxes. I don’t quite understand how you missed this, since apparently you have been assigned to monitor and harrass the supporters of John Oxendine’s opponents, and should already know Ray’s stance on most issues.
      The attack and destroy method used by some candidates against others can be very effective if the opposition is proposing obviously harmful legislation resulting in loss of freedom for constituents, and relatively easy to showcase for the public. However, if no legitimate ammunition can be found, the attacks simply illustrate a lack of new ideas that will resonate with likely voters, and the rhetoric is reduced to the same’ol, same’ol that career politicians have spouted for decades.
      Instead of appearing on this blog with the newest criticisms of Ray, why not try giving us John Oxendine’s vision for Georgia and the great things he has in store for us.
      After all, he “has the whole world in his hands”.

      • Kent Kingsley

        Mr. Wilson-

        One of the greatest conservatives I am familar with once said “there you go again”. That applies here also. I was not asking anyone to my research for me. I was only asking anyone much more familar with McBerry the additional details of his tax plan. If that is being negative and/or attacking so be it. If you don’t know the details how can you think its a good idea?

        Attack and destroy? Are you kidding me? I have said I support Oxendine. Attack or destroy? I have said Oxendine is more electable. Attack and destroy? I have said the majority of issues McBerry are federal issues. Attack and destroy? I have asked for details of the tax plan that I might support like I support the Fair Tax. Attack and destroy? Sir you are far to thin skinned or don’t believe in political debate.

        You want me to extoll Oxendine? I don’t want to do your research for you.

  19. Rick Wilson


    Attack: Ray McBerry is unelectable;
    Attack: Ray McBerry has never won an election;
    Attack: Ray McBerry is the Harold Stassan of Georgia;
    Attack: Ray McBerry supporters are not even as smart as political novices;
    Attack: Ray McBerry has never attended a Fair Tax rally (federal issue);
    Attack: Ray McBerry just wants to use state tax money to fight the Fed;
    Attack: Ray McBerry will take federal funds away from Lamar County;
    These statements come directly from your posts. Upon rereading them, most of these complaints sound rather silly. Your most common theme is that Ray is running on federal issues, and his stance on the 10th amendment should be challenged in federal court. Are you serious? The question of state sovereignty must be settled by a federal court? Again, are you serious? You say that nothing can be done about abortion until Roe vs. Wade is overturned. Do you want to wait for that while in the meantime over 30,000 babies are being aborted in the city of Atlanta each year? You say that until the courts rule otherwise or a consitutional amendment is passed, there is nothing a governor can do. Are you serious?
    Does John Oxendine share your fear of the ACLU and federal judges?
    Unconstitutional mandates from the federal gov. are the exact justification for a state sovereignty platform. State sovereignty is a STATE issue, hence the name. You express a real reluctance in supporting someone who is willing to lead this fight which effects everyone and everything in the state of Georgia by stating that the Fed would not allow it. Is this not the problem?
    You say that you are against abortion, but that this issue cannot be fought at the state level. You say that you strongly support the 2nd Amendment, but since this is a federal issue, it must be fought at the federal level. You say that the federal district courts will not allow us to exercise our constitutional freedoms, while at the same time prevent us from holding the fed to the limits prescribed by the constitution.
    How can you continue to make the intellectual argument that a states rights platform is not an issue to run on for governor of Georgia? I am amazed!
    Ray has and will continue to promise that he will exercise the powers of governor to deny the federal goverment the power to control the lives of the people of Georgia. You say that those who hold the purse strings have the true power. You also say that the federal courts hold the true power. No, actually, the states hold the true power. You want a constitutional amendment? Did you not know that the states, not federal judges, must approve all constitutional amendments?
    I believe Ray’s solution to this problem is simple, brilliant, and entirely legal. He will simply say NO to the fed. Of course there will be a court challenge. But are not the courts part of the problem? Do you really prefer to rely on the decisions Supreme Court about Georgia issues? Looking to the federal goverment for approval may be your cup of tea, but I prefer Ray’s approach.
    Simply say NO to the fed, and force them to prove their authority, not the other way around. Saying no to the fed is not a court issue, but a consitutional issue. I do not need a court to tell me what is or is not constitutional. D0 you? Are you and John Oxendine going to wait for a federal court to tell you what you are doing is legal? Do you really believe Roe vs. Wade is consitutional? Are you willing to have the federal courts tell you how to interpret the 2nd Amendment? Are you willing to abide by a federal court decision to tell you that a state has very little power under the 10th Amendment?
    There is a real crisis in this country, and it revolves around the issue of federal power vs. state power. From your posts, you insist that a candidate for governor should not be involved in these issues, and should be running on state issues. The only specific example you gave was the need for a western bypass around Atlanta. Are you serious? Is this Oxe’s best issue? Is this your best issue?

    • Kent Kingsley

      Glad to see you are so concerned. Let’s take this one at a time. McBerry is unelectable, ok currently at 2% of the polls 12 months before the election. Give one example when someone has risen to win the far behind.

      McBerry has never won an election, fact not attack.

      Harold Stassan, ok, I’ll give you that one.

      #4, never wrote that, you may think I think that, though I don’t.

      #5 Never attended a Fair Tax rally, I said I never saw him at one, get your facts straight.

      #6 Use state tax money to fight the fed, I said if McBerry was governor he would be using state tax money to go to court. That would be true.

      #7 Take tax money from Lamar County, that is what would happen in my discussion with Ryan if as he advocated the federal government was completely out of education. That had nothing to do with McBerry. Wrong again Rick.

      So out of seven you where right on one, not a great track record.

      If I am incorrect how to change the current relationship between states and the federal government, i.e. in court or by constitutional amendment then how? If McBerry by executive order closed all facilities that allow abortions you don’t think a lawsuit would immediately follow? Come on. I don’t have a problem with McBerry’s stance on the 10th amendment, which I have said repeatedly, but it is far more difficult than a paragragh in campaign handouts.

      Of course abortion can be fought at the state level, I have done that as many many others have done. Again, you missed my point, it can only be ended at the federal level. That’s the law whether we like it or not. A state governor can not. Wish he could.

      Ok your comment that states rights is an issue that shouldn’t be run on. Fine, it is a legitimate issue, one of many. My question is how does McBerry plan to implement his vision of state rights? What exactly does he plan to do. Do you know? Does anyone know?

      So McBerry says no and the court finds against him, then what? Have you ever heard that we are a nation of laws, not of men? I spent most of my adult life in the defense of our country. I have been to to do things that were lawful, but I disagreed with. I carried out my orders as given.

      There are ways to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Elect enough like thinking people to federal office and elect a president that will appoint like minded judges. That sir is the american system. You can certainly change the system through constitutional amendment, either generated by Congress or with a Constitutional Convention.

      Your comments that I am scared of this or that is sad and belittles you. I just don’t want the baby thrown out with the bathwater.

      • Kent-

        You haven’t won any argument. You’re talking the same tired old line that neo-cons have been promoting for the past decade.

        Everyone on this blog except you of course, is on the same page – and delivering the same message. We’re sick and tired of candidates who run on vague promises to be ‘conservative’ and then operate in their government office like socialists.

        And you can talk all you want about poll numbers. I couldn’t care less.

        You want to see people get excited? Go see Ray McBerry speak.

        But you’re right about one thing – Oxendine will probably be elected. And then he will sit in the Governor’s mansion and do absolutely nothing for the people of the state of Georgia. Oh, he might build some roads and make a speech or two. But I expect a big fat ZERO from Oxendine. He’s just another Brand X Republican.

        Is this what the people of GA deserve? Another George Bush?

        Didn’t you just love 8 years of Bush ‘Conservatism’, Kent? Aren’t you proud you voted Republicrat or is that Demuplican? I don’t know – they all sound the freakin same to me.

        Let’s see, how about the Patriot Act. Passed by a bunch of mutants occupying Senate and Congress with NO time for anyone to review. Suspension of Constitutional Rights is good for America because we didn’t have any terrorist acts – right Kent? I mean, it’s OK with Republicans and Democrats if we suspend the Constitution after they create a crisis.

        And how about the Medicaid Prescription Drug Act that further propelled our economy into the abyss. To the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars added to the deficit. Let’s all cheer for the ‘Conservative Republicans’!

        And good ole TARP. $700,000,000,000 (that’s 700 billion dollars) of public funds going to banks and a giant mega insurance company. Welfare for Washington DC insiders! Thank you Mr. Bush!

        Yeah!! Give me another Republican in office to screw us some more.

        Oxendine is another Bush Republicrat or is that Demuplican – I don’t know. They all sound the same to me, Kent.

        They have no qualms about trampling the Constitution. They love raising taxes and writing new bills to further erode our rights. They all love the best places at the Federal Government Royal Table. Of course, Oxendine will be different.

        How? Tell us Kent. Tell us how Oxendine is any different than the rest of the big government politicians vying for the taxpayer hand-out.

        Let’s talk about the medical insurance premium tax. Isn’t Georgia’s the highest in the country? And if Ox wants to do so much for Georgians, why hasn’t he done something about that tax?

        Let’s go back to abortion, one more time. What will Oxendine do about abortion mills in GA? Let me answer – nothing. They will continue on with impunity. McBerry has publicly said he will shut them down. That’s much different than saying ‘ I don’t like abortion..’ McBerry will make a real effort to get rid of them.

        What will Oxendine do about attacks from the federal government on issues such as the 2nd Amendment? Let me answer: Nothing. He will step and fetch for the feds like all good big government implants. He is on the gravy train. His purpose is to get elected, be big and powerful, and collect a nice big government paycheck.

        McBerry is running on ideas. You don’t like them? OK – go on living in the past. You evidently do not see or ignore the fact that the federal government has gone hog-wild and if we don’t elect strong, principled, states-rights governors in each state, we’ll be a police state within the next decade.

        Once again – I couldn’t give a rat’s behind about poll numbers. If your principles and value system tells you to vote a lukewarm Republicrat or Demuplican for governor because he’s ahead in the polls, then go ahead. But remember, that’s what’s gotten us to the place in history we’re at today.

        And I don’t see anything coming from Oxendine that leads me to believe that GA will be a better place after he’s elected.

        This election reminds me of the 2008 Presidential election. You had McCain and you had Obama. Guess what – they both suck. I hated them so much I created a website called “NoOne08.com”, because if that’s all we had to vote for, why even bother? You had 2 peas from the same pod.

        But we had someone else. Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul before him. A principled voter could vote for either of these 2 men because they stood for the US Constitution and the people of the United States. I will never again vote party lines. From now on, I look at the Constitutional stance of the candidate and make my decision from there.

        And McBerry is the closest to a Constitutionalist that you can get. If he loses, at least I can hold my head up and say I voted for a principled Constitutionalist. If Oxendine wins, what can you hold your head and say? You voted for a winner? Congrats buddy. As the ship goes down we can all sing Kum Ba Ya.

        You have said nothing that convinces me of your choice of candidate. In fact, every point you make further cements my belief that McBerry must be governor in 2012 if Georgians are to preserve their liberty.

        Local folks in Lamar County; please go to http://www.lamar4mcberry.com and click the join button to take a stand for freedom.

      • By the way Kent – I may be mistaken but I understand GA is a donor state. In other words, we send more to the federal government than we receive. I suspect we could hold on to our tax money and not really suffer too much.

        I also read someplace that the federal government kicks in approx 8% of education funding but demands 100% of the say-so in your local government school.

        So – I don’t think your arguments hold much water.

      • Robert Heiney

        Hi Kent – here’s another Republicrat at work:
        From Foxnews.com

        WASHINGTON — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger praised President Barack Obama’s drive to overhaul the nation’s health care system on Tuesday and urged fellow Republicans to join in efforts to finish the job this year.

        Kent – we have another turn-coat Republicrat working to create a socialist take-over of the medical system in the US. Why? Because CA is falling apart economically and he wants bail-outs from Obama.

        At Olympia Snowe and other Republicrats to the mix and it goes to show you – you can’t trust Republicans anymore.

        I think the future lies with the Constitution Party and for more secular types, the Libertarian Party if they can stay focused.

        McBerry is running as a Republican but he is the most Constitutionally oriented of all the candidates. I trust him to defend the Constitution. I don’t trust any of the other career candidates to do anything different than Schwarzenegger.

  20. Rick Wilson

    I just went to Oxe’s website and read the “Why Oxendine” page. It is beautifully written! There are some powerful statements there like “21st century model” (mentioned twice), “free interprise management principles” (whatever that is), “real change” (sounds familiar), “transformational change” (again, sounds familiar), “taxpayers as shareholders” (in what? Is Oxe going to issue stock shares in the state of Georgia? Are foreigners allowed to buy?), “incentive based government”, “embrace technology” (mentioned twice), and “promote traditional values”. I could go on but …….
    Then he actually lists all the Georgians he wants to serve, such as “dock workers, farmers, teachers, nurses, students, waitresses, ……”. The list goes on for quite a while. Gee, I had no idea we had those kinds of people here! Oh yeah, I forgot he also mentioned “small business owners”, “parents”, “retirees”, “farmers”, “teachers”…… . I know, I mentioned farmers and teachers twice, but so did he. Gotta have those farmers and teachers votes!
    Then he continues to wax poetic about “restoring free interprise”, “promoting traditional values”, and “unite the House and Senate”. (I thought the house and senate were separate houses).
    He finally does mention four promises to the citizens of Georgia:
    Weekly meetings with the House and Senate leadership;
    Regular meetings with the caucuses;
    Regular appearances by the Speaker and Lt. Governor before Joint Sessions;
    And then the big tamale:
    “I will never veto a bill without first speaking to the principal author”.
    The last part is about his love for Georgia and about the “tired, poor, persecuted, and huddled masses” that are now under his care.
    Oh, he does say he wants tax cuts, but no details. Did you not insist on details?
    It was a really explosive read, knocking me down with his passion and brilliance. Really heady stuff!
    Oh, I forgot. He again mentioned a bypass around Atlanta, but this time it is East of downtown. Is he confused, or does he want two bypasses? I am sure the folks down in Brunswick are really excited about this.
    You demand details on this site. I didn’t find very many on Oxe’s site, but I only saw the home page and the other one.
    Then I went to Ray’s site. I don’t have to tell you what is there, do I?
    So Kent, is this John’s vision? Is there another part of the website I need to look at? I saw something about 12 points but they didn’t appear on the “Why Oxendine” page. I will search deeper tommorow.
    In the meantime, I have a few questions. You say Oxe is pro-life. Okay, you stated that until Roe vs. Wade is overturned, it remains a federal issue. So what is Oxe going to do? Well, according to you, NOTHING!
    You say that Oxe is pro 2nd Amendment. Georgians already have to put up with numerous federal laws on purchasing, carrying, and owning weapons, most of which we consider unconstitutional. What is Oxe going to do? Well, since it is a federal issue, NOTHING!
    And I might as well not bring up 10th Amendment issues. Since you say that would be up to federal judges, then Oxe would decline to take a stand for fear of a lawsuit and do NOTHING!

    You still don’t get it, do you? We are not under attack from the state of Georgia. We are under attack by the federal government, and Ray has promised to protect us by using every power at his disposal as governor. I have tried to get you to discuss state sovereignty, but you refuse because
    1) You believe that the Supreme Court is truly supreme, so you dismiss the idea as wacky;
    2) This is Ray’s issue, and you know it is bad policy to succumb to the opposing candidate’s platform; in doing so you have lost.
    You said we are a nation of laws. Very astute observation.
    But, when such laws ignore the basic principle that

  21. Rick Wilson

    Sorry, hit the wrong button.
    When such laws ignore the basic principle that government derives its powers “from the consent of the governed”, and “evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government….”.
    State sovereignty is not just a coffee table object of conversation, but a living and breathing entity which must be defended, or it will be aborted by the very enemy it was designed to restrict, and the residents of that state will be systematically devoured until there is no state left.
    Is this what you want?

  22. Rick Wilson

    The last time I say Ray was in Fayetteville, and he prompted the crowd to guess what percentage of the state education budget was federal money. A teacher there said 50%, someone else said 25%. My guess was 15%.
    Ray stated that the actual percentage was……
    I believe him, don’t you?
    If he is elected and holds federal income revenues based on the constitutionality of the programs the money would be spent on, I believe we would actually have more money than we do now!
    I really like my candidate!

  23. Kent Kingsley


    Unlike you, I’m not trying to win anything, just expressing my opinions. Gee, I thought that was the american way. Maybe not with the some of the McBerry crowd. To think I thought people could agree to disagree in a civil manner. There I go again, it must be the neocon coming out of me. Now to your comments.

    What the heck does calling someone a neocon have to do with a discussing of the governor’s race?

    You state all Oxendine has is “vague promises”, later you say McBerry is a man of ideas. Now explain to me what the difference is between a vague promise and an idea is. Both are intangable Bob.

    Yes Bob I have seem McBerry speak and no Bob he didn’t send a tingle up my leg. I was left wondering what office he was running for.

    Did I love Bush’s eight years? No, in fact I would rate his time in office as a c-. Did he do some things correctly, of course. I was most disappointed in the debt he ran up and yes the republicans deserved to lose Congress in 2006, they were acting like democrats. If you hate republicans so much Bob why have you attended the republican meetings and how can you support a republican candidate for governor? Oh, McBerry isn’t really a republican you say. My my Bob, once one misleads in one area, when does it stop?

    Do I agree with the Patriot Act? Yes. I have seen zero affect on my freedom as a result of it.

    I was opposed to the prescription Drug Act and to TARP, why? I believe in a balanced budget. To the best of my knowledge Bush never raised taxes, if I am mistaken then it is not intemtional.

    Back to abortion Bob, why you don’t see we agree about 98% is beyond me. OK explain this Bob. McBerry closes the abortion mills. Then what happens? I’m a bit dim witted so walk me through what will happen to either a successful conclusion or an unsuccessful conclusion. Details please.

    2nd amendment- I can go buy a gun now, have three of them. Obama and the liberal Congress pass a law to say, a person must be 21 in order to own or fire a gun. What does McBerry do? Details. (Before I get yelled at, obviously I would not be in favor of that law. Just using it as an example.)

    If McBerry feels the federal government is infringing on states rights, and contary to what many think here I have not stated disagreement to it, why can’t he take action now as a private citizen? Why does he have to wait to be governor? If an injustice is being done, why not take action now instead of presenting “ideas” about it.

    Bob- I have not said I don’t like McBerry’s ideas, I have said he is attempting to address them in the wrong forum. Like Ron Paul, he needs to do this at the federal level.

    The last presidential race. I ran Gov Huckabee’s campaign in Lamar County. He won Lamar County as well as the state in the primary. Wish he had been our candidate. McCain was my next to last choice in the republican primary. Yes I voted for McCain in the general election, you would have preferred Obama?

    Well I think that answers the major points you made. BTW we missed you at the local republican party meeting last night. You are always welcome.

  24. Kent Kingsley

    Now Bob, be fair. You know me well enough to know my views are nothing like Snowe or the Governator. Are there bad republicans, heck yes. I like the Constitution Party, or I should say many of their positions, not so much their military or international policy. I believe America has to be a player in the world.

    What is more likely to occur, purify the republican party or elect a majority to Congress or legislature for that matter from the Constitutional Party?

    The Liberterian Party? How does that square with Christian beliefs?

  25. Kent Kingsley


    Please, no more lectures on attacking. You seem to have it down to a fine art. Your point is that Oxendine’s web page is short of specifics, ok then the two candidates are equal.

    McBerry is going to stop the intrusive federal government? ok great, how? Simple to say, may be a bit more difficult to do. What I have repeatedly said is if that is a goal, fine. There are ways to do it. You don’t think the Supreme Court if the final decision on what is constitutional or unconstitutional? Sir that is scary! You need to join the protesters at the G-20 or IMF meetings because you have just destroyed american government as we know it.

    I often disagree with the Supreme Court. I do not question their place in our democratic system.

    • Loita

      The supreme court is what is scary. They are making law from the bench. Frankly people who think like you sir are scary as well. Let’s take a look at some of the “great” decisions that have been made by the Supreme Court. American mothers were given the right to murder their unborn children. In our Declaration of Independence it says “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Do you think the supreme court should have the power to revoke this right? I am aware you stated you would like to see Roe vs Wade overturned. I would hope so. What do you think can make this happen? How about the Supreme Court ruling our children could not pray in school. Is that their place? Next example, US vs Booker 2005, the court overturned the death sentence for a convicted criminal because a state judge, not a jury, had given the sentence, thus stripping the states of a traditional states issue. Is this their job? Another example, Massachusetts vs EPA, 2003, the court ruled that virtually all activity from industrial to farming to cars emits carbon dioxide and thus allegedly causes global warming. That decision also created a special rule of standing to allow state attorneys to bring lawsuits that would otherwise be thrown out as meritless. Is this their job? I agree the Supreme Court has a place, as long as they stay in their place. Just disagreeing with them is not acceptable any longer.

      You are part of the the group that just says “we should do something, but it’s too much trouble”.
      Enforcing the constitution is our duty. We must do this without fail. How you ask? Not by sitting around whining about what’s wrong but not doing anything about it.

      All of this is why Ray McBerry is the right man to be Governor of Georgia. John Oxendine is just another empty suit. I am sure he is a nice guy, but as for what I believe he will do for Georgia, nothing. We have reached the point of no return. If we do not, immediately, enforce our states rights, we have irreversibly lost our nation. State nullification of federal intrusion must be enforced, and Ray promises he will do this. No more fence riding. You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem. Just going and voting for someone just because they are the leader in a poll or because they are the big name is irresponsible and shameful.

      In closing, I want to say I noticed in your writings that you were a member of the armed services. I thank you for and hold your service in high regard.


      • Kent Kingsley

        Wow, alot to respond to. You don’t know me from Adam, to assume I sit around and whine frankly is insulting. I will compare my political activism to yours anyday, Starting in 1976 running Newt Gingrich’s campaign here, pausing for my career in the Army and beginning again after I retired. You may not like the candidates I have been active for, Newt Gingrich thru Mike Huckabee to John Oxendine. But one thing I don’t do is sit and whine. I have held elective office and been defeated for office. I advise, yes for free, many candidates that run for office. Is that sitting and pouting…err…whinning? You make the call.

        I agree with you the Supreme Court has made scary decisions, no question about it. My point has been and I will repeat for what seems like the 100th time there are ways to correct bad Supreme Court decisions. First is to amend the constitution. The second is to always elect a conservative president with a conservative senate that will nominate and approve conservative judges. I have asked a number of times if anyone knows of another way. I never receive an answer.

        Again, if this is McBerry’s mission in politics, great. He can’t accomplish it as governor, it’s really that simple. He can begin to accomplish it as a senator or congressman.

        So Oxendine is an “empty suit”. Ok I’ll bite, how do you come to that conclusion? Is Handel, Johnson, Deal, Scott, Chapman all empty suits? Yes or No?

      • Kent Kingsley


        When I responded to you, I missed your last paragraph. Thank you, I assure the Army was far better to me than I was for the Army. My only regret is I can’t do it all over again.

  26. Rick Wilson


    So, you want the Governor of Georgia, the State Legislature of Georgia, and the Supreme Court of Georgia to totally isolate themselves from any semblance of legal opposition to the federal government, unless of course the U.S. supreme court says its okay?

    Yes, I want to destroy American government AS WE KNOW IT TODAY, and restore it to what it is meant to be. Yes, radical change, because radicals are running it.

    And the radicals have over the last few decades adopted the “democratic” label and melded it with socialistic principles, then pushed the language and ideas into almost every politicians chant, including yours. Democracy is mob rule (not applicable to state sovereignty, ha ha), but the Constitution guarantees us a Republican form of government. You need to remember that in further references. It makes you sound like a centrist.

    I followed Bush’s lead with the Patriot Act, but later regretted it. Too many disturbing provisions. The point that is lost is we would not need a Patriot Act if politics were removed from law enforcement. It’s that darned Supreme Court again Kent, no profiling.

    By the way, that comment about Ray not sending a tingling feeling up your leg was choice! Let’s see, isn’t that a Chris Matthews quote? And you leaving a states rights speech thinking the guy is running for federal office, that is just funny.

    You said it.

  27. Kent Kingsley

    This is getting very old. My brief response follows.

    Para 1- Never said that.

    Para 2- Key words are “american government” thought we are discussing the race for Georgia governor.

    para 3- I’m a socialist or I’m a centerist which is it? You are going to lecture me on the structure of our government? Please.

    Para 4- What are the distrubing provisions of the Patriot Act and how have the affected you? The Patriot Act was passed to deal with international terrorism. If you think that is a law enforcement issue you have a pre-9/11 mindset, like most liberals.

    para 5- Yes it was his quote, I should have given him credit. I watch what the other side says, it makes me better prepared to defend conservatism. Try it, you might learn something.

  28. Rick Wilson


    You want me to listen to the “other side” so I might learn something? This entire country including you has been listening by force (no alternatives until recently) to socialist propaganda for about 45 years. Don’t you know them by now?

    • Kent Kingsley

      As usual you miss my point, I listen ocassionally to the liberal side so I know their points and combat them. You know I may not completely agree with you, but if you consider me a liberal there is no need for further conversation.

  29. Loita


    I am sure you have been politically active longer than me since I was just 16 in 1976. However, I grew up in a Christian home with very conservative and politically minded parents. There was never a time I can remember that my Dad wasn’t involved in helping someone get elected. He had the insight long ago to see what was happening to this nation and he in turn instilled it in his children. As soon as I was old enough, I became politically active. Remember, I grew up in the 70’s, not a popular time to be conservative either.

    Let me clear one thing up about your response. I used to think of Newt as a real leader. My opinion of him and many like him has changed. Also, I supported Mike Huckabee for President and would again. What does that have to do with John Oxendine? As for the other candidates, some of whom I have supported in past elections, none hold a candle to Ray McBerry. What are their solutions? As I have become more aware of the corruption in politics on both sides I have been amazed at the things I learn about some you mentioned here.

    As for amending the constitution, why on earth would we want to do that? There is nothing wrong with the one we have now at least through the 10th amendment. I do agree with you regarding electing conservatives who will appoint other conservatives to the bench, but how long do you want to wait. Replacing judges takes decades. The answer to everything is to abide by and enforce the constitution we have. With all due respect, it is their job to uphold the constitution, not rewrite it.

    As for Ray not being able to accomplish his goals as the Governor, you obviously need to read the 10th amendment again and tell me why he can’t.


    • Kent Kingsley


      Last time I will try. I understand the 1oth amendment and I also understand where we are as a nation in regards to federal/state relations. I have asked over and over. McBerry challenges the federal government on abortion. Then what? What is the rest of the plan? Do you think all America will say, ok what’s on TV tonight? It will end up in court, do you agree with that? If yes, cite the cases judges will use to find on McBerry’s behalf. Please, not the 1790 cases McBerry cited at the Tea Party. All I have said over and over is to change or re-establish a different relationship that states have with the federal government will either take a court case or a new constitutional amendment. Again, no one has explained a different way.

      I guess Oxendine is the only empty suit. That is your opinion and I am fine with that. Isn’t America great!

  30. Rick Wilson


    We know why “some” republican candidates and their supporters have resorted to less than admirable tactics. With the current anti-Obama wave growing taller every day, an already republican Georgia will of course never put a democrat in the governor’s chair. This means the election for governor of Georgia will take place in the republican primary.

    If the worst should happen, and Oxe is elected, we will all be anxiously awaiting your confirmation to the new John Oxendine administration!

    Rick Wilson

    • Kent Kingsley

      My confirmation? For what? I am a simple small businessperson trying to make ends meet. Thanks for the vote of confidence though.

  31. Rick Wilson


    I just found this and wanted to share:

    On April 28, 2009, John Oxendine said
    “If governor, I would support legislation which puts Georgia on record as affirming our sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States and which would serve as notice and demand the federal government, as our agent, cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.

    Additionally, I would support legislation which states all compulsory federal legislation that directs states to comply under threat of civil or criminal penalties or sanctions or that requires states to pass legislation or lose federal funding be prohibited or repealed.”

    It seems that according to you, your candidate is running on federal issues, not state issues. Knowing the way you feel about this, maybe you should find another candidate to endorse.

    • Kent Kingsley

      Nice try, it seems that you should be supporting Oxendine because with you you might have success based on the polls. Oxendine is about many issues that affect the state. Your candidate is about one issue. Thanks for making my point.

  32. Rick Wilson


    Are not these poll numbers you keep quoting put out by Strategic Vision, LLC? You know, the suspect polling company that has come under criticism for refusing to release info on their polling methods.

  33. Rick Wilson


    Regarding my comment about John Oxendine giving you an appointment in his new administration, I believe you missed my point.

    Career insiders like Oxe draw upon other government insiders for much of their political support. However, upon being elected, there will be many favors that must be handed out to these cronies to “pay them back” for their efforts in the campaign, whether ethical or not (bribes, inside deals, etc.).

    Ray McBerry will not owe such favors, because the vast majority of his support is coming from average folk like us, whose reward will be the installment of a governor who is truly “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, and beholding to none.

    How refreshing!

  34. Kent Kingsley

    Are you saying I’m a “crony”, an insider? Either you don’t know a thing about, which I believe is correct, or you are delutional, which I don’t think is correct. So I’m not regular folk? Interesting.

    Let’s see, I’m a socialist, centerest and a crony. Goodness, I wonder why my wife hasn’t left me and my kids haven’t disowned me. Thanks alot buddy, I was pretty content with my life until the light of truth was shone on me.

    Excuse while I just go and eat worms. But dog gone it I’ll defend to the death your right to define me!