Obama’s End-Run Around Government Health Care Opponents

Hammer and sickleIt’s starting to look like ObamaCare may not happen. The people have risen up and demanded that their elected officials put a stop to government health care. Some in the media have suggested that it’s all but over. Not so fast.

The socialists in control of the US government didn’t come all this way to give up at the brink of victory. They have been diligently working their plan for over a century and they can taste victory. Government take over of the nation’s health care system is crucial to their plans.

That’s why we will have a government take over of the nation’s health care system whether you like it or not. In fact, we have been incrementally moving into a government type system for decades. Much of it is due to the growing number of federal and state regulations on the industry. This has the effect of creating a government system by proxy through the private sector. Look at your own health care program if you have one. Aren’t you waiting longer for care? Isn’t it taking more time to get an appointment to see a ‘specialist’? Isn’t your doctor now called a ‘primary care provider’? Don’t the doctor’s offices look more like government clinics everyday?

And your level of care. Your health care decisions are already being made by groups of people – people that may see your treatment needs differently than you do. Treatment today often means shuttling from one clinic to another for visits with faceless medical staffers who look tired, overworked, and apathetic. Visits with the doctor are hurried – they just don’t have time to spend with you anymore.

But one thing is certain. The current medical system is paying for itself. Those who are paying into the system are keeping it solvent. You can’t say that for government administered programs like Medicaid and Medicare, or Social Security. They are all threatening to bankrupt the US. So let’s give health care to the government too. At an added cost of a trillion more dollars that the government will be forced to print, tax, or borrow from the Chinese.

Generations of Americans have been patiently indoctrinated into socialism in the government schools. They have no clue what is taking place today in the US. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when the average American believed in limited self-government, responsibility, liberty, and independence. Today, it’s just the opposite. Our carefully nurtured government schooled socialists truly believe that the government is the solution to all problems. They have been brainwashed to believe that you should hand over a greater and greater share of your earnings to the government. Why? Because they know better than you do how to spend it. For the good of society, of course.

Liberty is a vague concept today, one that seems to mean freedom to pierce your tongue and attend a socialist inspired ‘global warming’ rally. Liberty used to mean freedom to live your life without molestation by an intrusive and overbearing federal government. Today freedom is defined by the government permitting you to live on a piece of property as long as you pay them for it – every day you’re there.

With this massive government inspired shift in the thinking of the American people, it’s likely that the US will have a full blown government health care system within the next decade if not sooner. And since most people are content to spend their free time vegetating in front of ‘American Idol’ or some other inane tv show, the socialists have free rein to create the utopia they so desperately want.

After Congress and the Senate pretends to kill ObamaCare, one or more of these scenarios are likely to occur. Scenario one; the government plan is re-submitted in a scaled back version so everyone can slap each other’s backs and congratulate themselves on non-partisanship. Or the bill is tabled for a time and reintroduced again later after the government has had time to create a few health crisis’s followed by additional regulations. One template in use for decades is to use the unconstitutional agencies we’ve permitted the federal government to create. They can write up their own health care plan and shove it past clueless legislators without raising a peep from the press.

Voddie Baucham (www.voddiebaucham.org) has it right when he says, “If you’re really against government-run, socialized programs, yank your kid off the yellow prison bus and just say no.” In other words, if we continue to place our children in the government indoctrination centers, a/k/a the ‘public school system’, we must expect them to be 100% behind socialism and all its trappings. As long as we have a socialist school system, we are inevitably headed for an end to the American experiment in liberty and self-government. Government run health care is just one of the many plans the socialist slave masters have for us.


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