Pelosi takes on the insurance companies – it’s like watching Championship Wrestling

Health Care Overhaul Deal(AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

Congressperson Pelosi “lashed out” today at insurance companies, calling them “immoral” and “villains”. According to a Reuters story released July 30, 2009, Pelosi claimed “they have been part of the problem in a major way.” Now when you call someone “immoral” and “villains”, that sort of suggests that you yourself are “moral” and “upstanding”. And since we’re referring to entities here – insurance companies and government – I think we have a little of the pot-calling-the-kettle-black, don’t you think?

Let’s talk about Pelosi and the federal government for a minute. Isn’t it just a little immoral to attempt to ram through in under a week, a health bill that will radically change America? At over 1000 pages, I seriously question how many of Mrs. Pelosi’s overpaid associates in Congress actually read the bill they’re trying to force down America’s throat. I fail to see the honesty, integrity, and morality of the US government here. Imagine passing a bill of this magnitude and not even reading it!

President Obama wants to ‘compete’ against those immoral insurance company villains you refer to, Mrs. Pelosi. But aside from the fact that competing against the federal government is so outside the realm of the US Founding Fathers it’s incredible it was even suggested, it’s impossible. The government is loaded with resources that make the idea of fair competition oxymoronic – or maybe I should leave it at moronic. The US government regulates, taxes, and changes the rules anytime it feels like it. Where’s the fair competition here?

In addition, history is replete with events where the US government screwed others who thought they were doing business with a trustworthy government. Let’s just go back to Vietnam, Hungary in the 50’s, China in the 40’s, the Phillipines in the late 1800’s and of course Hawaii. That’s a short list of many where America wasn’t quite so moral and trustworthy. When you look back on the actions of the US government – you really want to run in the opposite direction anytime the US government comes calling. Because they simply can’t be trusted to keep their side of the agreement.

Now the insurance companies can’t be trusted either. They’re like government agencies but without the official title. So you have 2 peas in the same pod. Listening to Pelosi rant on about insurance companies reminds me a little of Championship Wrestling. It’s the old ‘good’ guy against the ‘bad’ guy exhibition. Of course the outcome in Championship Wrestling matches are always worked out in a back room somewhere. One week the ‘good’ guy is getting pounded. The next week, the ‘bad’ guy is getting his just reward. The same holds true in Congress and the Senate. It’s like Championship Wrestling. It’s all a big act.

Who is immoral and a villain Mrs. Pelosi? Don’t lecture the people of the US. They already know.


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