A beer with Obama

One of the few things I really like about Barack Obama is his oft repeated suggestion that adversaries drink a few beers together. When Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and police Sgt. James Crowley of Cambridge, Mass slung back cold ones with the President; I could just feel the love in that room. You saw the racial tension slipping away as the alcohol healed decades of racial injustice. OK- sitting right next to the most powerful man in the world helps. But a couple of Bass Ales under my belt always makes me see the good side of people – even people I don’t like.

The meeting amazed me. How about you? I mean, here we have 2 fairly unimportant men who got into a silly little dispute which led to an arrest, which led to a story that made national news. The mainstream mouthpiece puffpiece media loves useless stories like this one. God forbid they would write a useful and insightful news analysis about something – anything! The next thing these 2 knew, they were sitting in the Rose Garden with President Obama. Fantasies do happen in this presidency.

Here’s the big story: it’s about a Harvard Professor who obviously hadn’t taken his anger management medications. And then he broke into his rented house. When confronted by police, who simply asked for ID, he became belligerent and shouted racial epithets. I probably would have beaten the tar out of him before arresting him – that’s why I’d never make the police force. I’d be national news the first day on the job.

This all could have been avoided if they had applied Obama’s beer therapy early in the incident. Imagine this scenario: “Mr. Gates, I’m Jim, over here from the local police department. And I’ve got a 6 pack of ice cold Buds out in the car. What do you say we have a couple of beers together and visit a little?” After a few beers, some loose conversation, and maybe a trip to the restroom, Sgt. Crowley could pop the question: “Hey Prof, by the way, you’re going to think this is a really stupid question, but is this your house?” With all the good feelings going on, Professor Gates replies, “Check this out brother, here’s my driver license – make sure you admire my handsome young face!” The cop and the prof burst out laughing, and Sgt. Crowley says, “You didn’t need to show me that – I knew you lived here all along!” Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Peace and harmony. It all starts with a few beers and some people you don’t agree with. Maybe we can add this treatment strategy to the trillion dollar government health program the President is pushing. Just think, any time you’re feeling angry, just check into your local government clinic and pick up a 6 pack of beer – generic of course. And sit down with your spouse, son, neighbor, or even (egads) a Socialist – OK – maybe not a Socialist – and drink and talk your differences away. Mr. President, you’ve got something there.


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