Government “Health” Insurance – No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Ever hear the old expression; there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well somebody is certainly paying for the free lunches handed out daily to over 60% of the students in the public schools*. It’s no wonder that a growing number of people believe that government health care should somehow be ‘free’ for all. That in the Utopian world the US federal government is creating, all of the people should have access to health care services without worrying how to pay for it. But that’s how we got into this mess in the first place.

Private health insurers initiated the crisis by creating a disconnect between the patient and the providers of health services. Today, the actual customer and the entity paying the bill is the insurance company. Or in the case of government health insurance, the federal government. So the relationship removes the patient from much of the decision making process and replaces it with a panel of bureaucrats who really don’t care all that much about your health.

Government health insurance will not change the dynamics of cost for medical services anymore than private insurers. And that’s because it doesn’t address the fundamental flaw in our current health system and the way it’s provided. And that flaw is: the patient is not paying for it. Consider that most insured people do not know how much medical insurance costs, are largely unaware of what the charges are for many procedures, don’t know what the total bill is after treatment, and don’t have any incentive to moderate their use of medical services

With government health care; government Czars will force doctors, hospitals, and other health providers to do more for less money. Hey, if you’re a doctor, I’ll bet you’re looking forward to seeing more patients for less money. And if you’re a patient, you’re not worried about the level of care you’ll get when the government tells doctors to work for less – right? Politicians apply this economic theory because they themselves work in a fantasy land of ever increasing salaries and perks, while minimizing the struggles we less fortunate serfs have to overcome.

Oh I beg your pardon – I guess it does take a lot of work to come up with new ways to separate people from their hard earned money. Clever ideas such as the soda tax to help obese people lose weight and cost the future government health care system less. So if you’re obese, look out. A perfect storm of special taxes, regulations, and in-your-face government is coming your way.

Government bureaucrats will dictate your health treatments and you’ll accept it whether you like it or not. Ultimately, when the only choice is government health care and private insurance for the wealthy and well connected, most people will discover to their horror that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Human nature doesn’t change over time. If you’re writing a check out of your personal account for medical services, you’re going to be a lot more careful about how and where you spend that money then if someone else is paying for your medical treatments. The best solutions for lowering health care costs without substantially lowering the level of care, is medical savings accounts coupled with high deductible catastrophic medical insurance.

Medical savings accounts should be tax-free, portable, and available to be transferred to heirs upon your death. You should be permitted to accumulate a set amount every year so that within a few years, you have a nice nest-egg to cover your routine medical costs. Catastrophic medical insurance costs would drop dramatically with the advent of medical savings accounts coupled with high deductible medical insurance.

In the US though, this won’t happen because the government is filled with bureaucrats who firmly believe that they are much more capable of making your decisions than you are. Reducing choice is their trademark. Hamstringing private business is a regular tactic.

So, as you hand over your ability to make your health care decisions to the government, remember you are handing over your very life to a group of people who will have their own special health care program just for them. You won’t see Congresspersons, Senators, and the President waiting on line for health care. And of course they will have the very best medical care money can buy – with little or no deductible. No rationing for the 2,000,000+ employees of the federal government.

Government ‘health’ care is dumbed down medical care for the masses. It will further erode society in our once great nation and hasten our transition to a 3rd world country.

*In select Counties in the state of GA


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