Obama Sticks it to the US Peasants – Drive this …

The Fascist Imperial ruler of the United States, Barack Obama, has announced another in a weekly series of edicts from the Reichstag – formerly known as the White House. Today (May 19th) we’ve learned , the Imperial Leader has decided our cars are just too big, use too much gas, and produce oh so much CO2 emissions. In order to harmonize with our soon to be global partners in Europe, Obama has ordered his government car companies to meet strict new emissions guidelines – or else. Cars must achieve a standard 39 mpg and light trucks 30 mpg by 2016.

This will substantially increase the price of cars and trucks. And for all you pickup truck lovers out there – better buy one now. Because these new regulations will make pickup trucks so expensive, only businesses will be able to afford them. And that’s the idea. Obama has decided you’re not going to drive around in big vehicles anymore. Of course, he’s referring to the masses. If you’re a Senator, Congressperson, or Imperial Leader (once known as US President), you’ll continue to enjoy special privileges like burning tons of jet fuel promoting fake global warming. And you’ll have big vehicles because as government officials, you’re way too important to be driving around in the go karts you’ve forced on the peasants – I mean American people.

America will continue its engineered decline thanks to the brain dead politicians occupying space in Washington, DC. In the meantime, a cabal of globalists like Kissinger, Clinton, Rockefeller, and others work behind the scenes to create a new world order where America is nothing more than a province in a global world government.

In the first 120 days, the Imperial Leader has decided on the type of cars we’re going to drive and those we won’t have permission to drive – unless we’re part of the government or the ultra rich. We’re going to have government health care – whether we want it or not. But you won’t see Pelosi standing on the same lines we’ll be on. The government will have its own special health care program – just for them! Obama has decided to take away our right to bear and own firearms. But you won’t see the government, military, or police disarm. The same government slobs telling us to make do with less of everything – live like royalty and enjoy special privileges.

Obama and his stooges in Congress have unleashed a virtual flood of liberty killing executive orders and legislation. But if you’re gay, transgender, or want to kill your baby in the womb, then they’re all for liberty! If you were educated prior to the 70’s, you were taught about the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and the separation of powers in the various branches of government. Today’s children are clueless about any of this. This has been the goal of the educational establishment virtually since its inception 150 years ago. The students coming out of the government indoctrination centers have absolutely no clue that they’re being manipulated into turning over their rights to the Imperial Government of the US.

If this government is not stopped, I predict a full police state society within 2 decades or less. If you’re under 30, you need to ask yourself if this is how you wish to live.


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