Let’s Celebrate 200 Years of Darwin

Those of you who are believers in We Came Outta Nowhere , can celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin this year. Of course you’d better. Because if you don’t, you’re called stupid, superstitious, backward, etc. Just like in the days of the Earth Is Flat group, you cannot discuss any alternative theory as to how life began on earth. Tow the Party Line comrade or you’re blacklisted.

Evolution makes for great theology. According to the evolutionist, life began here on earth from nothing but some organic compounds mired in a primordial soup. Perhaps a lightning bolt struck some amino acids and the first one-celled living organism, was created. The odds of this happening are … let’s see now … something like a trillion to one – against it. But hey , that’s faith – though maybe not your kind.

The evolutionist says that over billions and billions of years, flowers, trees, insects, fish, animals, all ‘evolved’ from this one celled organism. Scientists report estimates of the number of species of life range from 5 to 100 million. Science however, has only identified 2 million. So, all this diversity you see around you just emerged from a single celled organism – billions of years ago. Or so says the evolutionary ‘scientist’.

Any time you question the fantastic theory of evolution, the evolutionary scientists and their groupies unleash a frantic and desperate barrage of criticism against the asker. So much for the objectivity of the scientist. Funny, evolutionary scientists sound more like politicians with an agenda than real scientists.

It’s no coincidence that many if not all evolutionary ‘scientists’ also support the Global Warming theory. You know, the one that claims the earth is heating up because of excess CO2 in the air? And that we’re all going to bake in an ever hotter earth. The only solution to this global crisis is to turn over all our rights to a central planning agency that will manage the earth through this calamitous crisis. Sure enough, the Federal Government is working on a far reaching plan called the Cap & Trade Bill.

The New American Magazine says,”Cap and trade schemes view CO2 as a “pollutant” rather than the beneficial, essential, naturally occurring gas that it is. The federal government would place a “cap” on the maximum allowable CO2 that may be emitted and then issue permits (by auction, sale, or giveaway) to emit a certain amount. Those who do not emit their allotted amount may trade or sell the remainder to others. Since all human activity (even merely breathing) involves production of CO2, the potential to expand the scope of government control under cap-and-trade goes beyond virtually anything else ever proposed.”

In other words, Cap and Trade will create a huge new power center in the government capable of controlling business and individuals to an extent unimaginable even by power crazed dictators in banana republics. The financial burden on business will be tremendous, meaning some will disappear taking jobs with them. Others will survive, passing on their huge tax burdens to their customers while reducing payrolls. Cap and Trade is the latest in a series of initiatives being foisted on an unsuspecting public.

This year, a large number of new bills are being introduced that if passed, will change America from a Republic with limited government, to a Soviet style state. Cap and trade is just one of them. If you love liberty, freedom, and the vision of our Founding Fathers, call your Senators and Congresspersons today and demand they fight the Cap and Trade Bill.


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