Top 10 reasons you want socialized medicine

1. You love waiting on long lines for health care
2. You love the idea of the Government rationing your medical care
3. You want to let the Government tell you what’s best for you with your health
4. You like the idea of the Government telling you, you’ve lived long enough and you have cost the medical system enough. It’s time to let you die – Ted Kennedy or some other politician needs your organs
5. You like the idea of the Government telling you how many children you can have
6. You love abortion on demand and want to contribute your tax dollars to killing babies
7. You love paying big tax bills because you simply aren’t paying enough now
8. You’re not worried about the competency of Government doctors and the fact that many of them don’t speak english every well
9. You’re comfortable with politicians having their own special health care program which will be substantially better than the one the average American citizen will get.
10. You hate having to choose your own doctor, hospital, & medical plan. You believe the Government should choose it for you.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. When socialized medicine becomes a reality in America, you will pay in ways you never dreamed and your life will change forever.

Socialized medicine is another program designed by social engineers to create a socialist, planned society. More people will die- their plan is not to create a good health plan but to eliminate more people.


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